...Good News, Good News...
...Good News, Good News...
Lost Church Bulletin
Creating, Sustaining, and Defending Spaces for Live Performance
TLC SR Reopens September 2021
We are beyond delighted to announce that The Lost Church Santa Rosa is Reopening this September 2021!
Tickets to see the big, beautiful mix of talented performers who will grace our Sonoma County stage this fall are begining to populate our Santa Rosa Calendar page here.
We're carefully monitoring state, city, and county guidelines on reopening safely and will keep you informed of our policies at the time of our return to live performances, since things change so quickly. The health and safety of our artists, our staff, and of you, dear reader, are always foremost in our minds.
Can't wait to see you in September!!!
Love, ♥
Michele & The Lost Church
Dawn Mermer reports from Prague
Searching for “The Lost Churches” of Europe

A New 5-part Series Direct from The Continent
by Dawn Mermer

Part Two: Prague

"Can you believe we're at a concert?!?" my friend exclaimed, high-fives all around. We're at the Jazz Dock in Prague watching Chuck Wansley & the Motherfunkers tear up the stage with all the funky hits people know and love all over the world. All around the 70 capacity barge venue, everyone is so excited to finally be dancing and singing full voice to live music with other people. During this show, another friend showed me a notice she just received from her co-worker, the city's Minister of Health Adam Vojtech, stating you can easily and safely go to concerts now because we tested it at Jazz Dock tonight. Well, yay, but safely?

I was told that just a week ago, no dancing or singing was allowed at indoor venues, only standing with a mask on, nodding your head. My how things have changed. I've been in 5 establishments where live music is taking place and they are packed full, no one is wearing masks (even in the bathroom), and none have asked for vaccination or negative covid-test proof, even though each venue explicitly states on their websites that there are strict Covid rules to follow. Don't get me wrong, it's been extremely fun to be able to carry on like this again, but I am a bit concerned. After all, this is the city that declared Covid over last July then held a dinner on the Charles Bridge and surrounding streets attended by thousands to celebrate. At that point, only about 350 had died of the disease in the entire Czech Republic of about 10 million people. A year later, that number is over 30,000. Only about 37% are fully vaccinated here and the tourists haven't even arrived yet.  

Who knows what may happen here next. But what I do know is that of the numerous Pragers  I've told about and shown pictures of The Lost Church, they said sadly they've got nothing like it here.

Hmmmmmm TLC San Francisco, TLC Santa Rosa, TLC Prague…

Next week...Part Three: Brno, Czech Republic


Looking Back, Moving Forward

Deborah Crooks and friends do The Wiggle

Thank you to everyone who has been writing to send us their memories of our 1st theater at 65 Capp Street in San Francisco.

As we prepare to relocate we'll be sharing these fond moments with you.

Wiggling in Church 

I squirmed through many church services while growing up the daughter of a devout Catholic. The only thing that got me through all those Sundays was a live band that the fairly progressive priest hired to arrange the hymns. There's nothing like tapping your feet to the beat to channel restlessness. Better yet is to wiggle with full abandon, especially if it's in one of your favorite venues with some of your favorite people. Which is why I decided to close out my 2017 birthday show at The Lost Church with the "Bay Station Wiggle." 

I love the wiggle/just the right amount of jiggle/shake, shake, shake/shake and wiggle!

— Deborah Crooks

The above photo of Deborah performing with Kwame Copeland and Michael McNevin is from their fun show on February 17th, 2017. They brought the crowd to their feet to shake it good!
Below is a fascinating video of poster artist Nemo creating the art for that show. 
Deborah Crooks and Michael McNevin post art by NEMO from February 2017
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