Plus, History's Dark Chapter, Fins-and-Limbs and More
Plus, History's Dark Chapter, Fins-and-Limbs and More
Columbian College

January 2020

Cup of coffee, pen and notebook with words reading "New Year's Resolutions" and blank list on table
Kavita Daiya, director of Columbian College’s Women's, Gender and Sexuality Studies Program, urges people to reframe negative messages about eating and weight loss.
Illustration of John and Abigail adams
English major and GW benefactor David Bruce Smith, BA ’79,  launched the Grateful American Book Series to offer young readers insights into presidential marriages that influenced American history.
Comunicadores for the Future inaugral class
A first-generation American, alumna and Vanguard Communications co-founder Maria Rodriguez is helping Latino students forge communications careers through the Comunicadores for the Future, a summer program housed within Columbian College’s Cisneros Hispanic Leadership Institute.
Zoeann Murphy headshot
Photographer and video journalist Zoeann Murphy, MA ’14, was recently honored with The Washington Post’s “Courage in Journalism” award.
Holocaust identification cards of two women
History PhD student Ashley Valanzola is researching the stories of six extraordinary Jewish women—Holocaust survivors who worked to honor the memory of lives lost.
salamanders on rock
How did our earliest ancestors take their first small steps from water to land? Biology’s Sandy Kawano studies the transformation from fins to limbs as she follows the trail of “walking fish” on their giant leaps for humankind.
immigrant ledger
History’s Tyler Anbinder is producing the largest longitudinal research database of immigrants who fled the Irish Potato Famine for New York City. Compiling bank records and archival data, he’s tracking the stories of thousands who flocked to America, illuminating the connections that allowed some to thrive financially while others did not.
Lisa Lesch Palmer
Environmental and science journalist Lisa Lesch Palmer is SMPA's inaugural National Geographic Visiting Professor of Science Communication.


Gabriela Rosenblau (Psychological & Brain Sciences) was awarded a $1.6 million grant from the National Institutes of Health for modeling social and non-social learning in autism.

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