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October 1, 2021

To the campus community,

Thanks to your efforts in following our COVID-19 safety protocols, we’re doing a good job keeping our campus community safe. Our infection rate remains low – much lower than that of the surrounding community. However, as we have shared with you before, the absolute best tool we have for combating COVID is vaccination. It’s essential that we get as many members of our community vaccinated as possible.

We’re pleased to announce the following incentives to encourage new vaccinations and to reward those who have already received their COVID-19 vaccinations.

$100 for New Vaccinations
From October 5 – 26, students, faculty and staff members who get vaccinated at CSU’s Health & Wellness Services will receive $100 in VISA gift cards. You’ll receive $50 for your first shot and will receive the remaining $50 when you get your second shot four weeks later. COVID-19 vaccines are available on campus for all members of our CSU community on Tuesdays from
9 a.m. - 4 p.m. at Health & Wellness Services in Room 205 at the Center for Innovation in Medical Professions (2112 Euclid Avenue). There is no cost and no appointment is needed.

Weekly $2,500 Drawings for Those Already Vaccinated
Members of the university community who are already vaccinated are eligible to enter weekly drawings for $2,500. The drawings will be held every Friday in October. There will be two drawings weekly – one for students and one for faculty/staff. Complete this form to enter. Winners of the drawings will be required to provide proof of vaccination.

As part of our “Knowledge is Contagious” education campaign, we’ll share the vaccination stories of students, faculty and staff on our social media channels and the university homepage. In addition, we're providing accurate information about the value and safety of vaccines across campus. Watch for more in the coming days, but see the first video below!

Don’t miss your shot to keep our community safe. Get vaccinated!


Your CSU Leadership Team

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