LSU College of Human Sciences & Education Dean Roland Mitchell shares his statement addressing the death of George Floyd with University Laboratory School, a department of LSU CHSE. 
Stronger together!
The leadership team of University Laboratory School offers their own message of reflection, definitive change and hope to our Cub community. 
Dear Cub Family,
Movement is a noun that begins with an action. 
The recent tragic deaths of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and Ahmaud Arbery have opened our nation’s eyes and reenergized a movement.
To our University Laboratory School community, we want you to know that our eyes are open as well. We are stronger together, and most importantly, we pledge to move forward with you to make change happen.  As we watched the events of the past few weeks unfold, we knew when we messaged you, our Cub family, that it would be imperative to reflect on what we’ve done or not done and have action and movement ready to back up our commitment to improve. We do pledge to improve, and here is how we will begin.
First, we recognize that collectively our Cub community, led by our school’s motto of “total effort in every endeavor,” is a formidable force. We invite you to, and sincerely hope that all of you will, partner with us to advance progress on diversity and inclusion efforts that benefit all of our students. As an administrative team, we recognize that open dialogue is imperative to our community’s continued healing and growth. To that end, we want to hear from you, and we will respond.
Second, since assuming the leadership role of the LSU College of Human Sciences & Education (CHSE), Dean Roland Mitchell has prioritized diversity, advocacy, and retention as areas of focus. With his  recent appointment of Renee Boutte Myer to Assistant Dean of Diversity, Advocacy, and Civic Engagement, the College has begun working on programs aimed at achieving definitive change by implementing concrete steps to address issues for under-represented populations. ULS is a part of CHSE, and our school counselors have begun close collaboration to incorporate similar efforts, which are age-appropriate to elementary and secondary students, within our school.
That collaboration has also identified ULS’s current No Place for Hate initiative as one for expansion. A national program of the Anti-Defamation League, No Place for Hate’s focus is anti-bias education, interfaith and intergroup relations, and bullying and cyberbullying prevention. A working group of administrators, faculty, staff, students, and parents will be organized this summer to set formal goals and objectives for the ULS chapter and establish strategies for its relaunch in the 2020-2021 academic year. Those interested in participating in the working group, are asked to contact Lauren Eglin (K-5 grade counselor) at, Angela Murray (6-9 grade counselor) at or Kristy Gremillion (10-12 grade counselor) at prior to June 16, 2020.
Additionally, we recognize that relevant, meaningful, and constructive conversations regarding societal issues are an important part of the classroom and overall school experience. Entering the upcoming academic year, there will be a renewed focus on encouraging dialogue through critical conversations as well as a review of curriculum standards and associated activities.
We commend honor student, elite athlete, and rising senior, Colleen Temple, who is among those in the greater Baton Rouge area setting a constructive example by co-organizing peaceful demonstrations aimed at creating a just and fair society for everyone. We hope to share her experience and what she has learned from it with our students to further our progress at ULS.
Maya Angelou once said,
“…in diversity there is beauty and there is strength.”
Truer words could not be spoken. Our Cub community is made up of every shade of humanity, and we are blessed, stronger, and better for it.
As we look forward to next year, let us join together, as a family – students, faculty, staff, parents and alumni - to move forward, have critical conversations and take necessary steps to make a difference in our own school and community. 
We know the steps outlined here are a beginning to improvement. We are hopeful that through collaborative partnerships, all of our students will have a positive experience at U-High. We will continue our commitment to ensure that every student is treated with justice, kindness and fairness so that they will one day become the changemakers who create a world where everyone can be appreciated and respected.


Amy B. Westbrook, Ph.D., Interim Superintendent
Christa Leon, Interim Elementary Principal
Matt Picou, Dean of Students

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