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 Volume 1      February 2013
Message from the Director:
Welcome to the inaugural VACCINE newletter! We hope you find our communication an informative, interesting contribution to your inbox. As we send out our monthly newsletters to outline Center events and activities please feel free to provide us with your feedback.
As we begin 2013, VACCINE is going full steam. Many of our engagements are really starting to pay off with potential new collaborations with several DHS agencies as well as Georgia Tech Police, Atlanta PD, the Cook County Sheriff's office, and others. We are moving foward with transitioning our technologies, and our projects are progressing at a rapid pace.
Finally, I am pleased to introduce Kaethe Beck as the new VACCINE Managing Director. She has been on the job for two months now and brings great ideas, energy, organization, and vision to our team. I am sure you will have great interactions with her.

VALET and iVALET--New Tools for CTC Analysis
The local police department is working to curb local burglaries and illegal drug sales.  The department wants to identify where and when such incidents are most likely to occur, so that it can schedule partols to areas with the highest probability of such activity.  It has years of CTC (criminal, traffic and civil) data that it can use for the analyis but lacks the manpower to manually scrutinze and correlate that data.  So what should the department do?
VACCINE has developed a solution for this kind of situation called VALET, the Visual Analytics Toolkit for Law Enforcement, and its mobile version, iVALET. These are tools that speed up and simplify the analytical process through visually modeling CTC incidents through heat maps, graphs and charts.  A law enforcement analyst can gather data from multiple sources and, using VALET/iVALET, can identify trends, patterns, and anomolies while display the results in maps and graphs.
iVALET has had several recent enhancements which improve the interface and selection and filtering capabilities.  Future plans include incorporating additional data sets such as call for service and EMS records.
FIU Partnering with Community, Industry to Ease Disaster Impact
With each catasrophic disaster event such as hurricanes, earthquakes and wildfires, our nation suffers unacceptable levels of human and economic losses. The need to effectively deal with these recurring natural hazards, given the financial position of our nation, has led to increased interest by government, businesses and disaster management professionals to seek solutions that leverage each other's capabilities, resources and information to effectively prepare, respond to and recover from such extreme events.
- VALET, a VACCINE tool has been featured in the First Responders  R-Tech Newsletter.
- A VACCINE developed tool, cgSARVA, will be the first tool from a COE to be officially Validated, Verified, and Accredited.
- Our Public Safety Consortium Meeting was held Feb. 20, 2013.  First responders learned about updates in VACCINE technologies and provided input - guest speaker, Dr. John Stasko
- VACCINE and Purdue University will be hosting the 2013 Maritime Risk Symposium this November.
Mike Young, Senior Federal Security Director for the Department of Homeland Security, Transportation Security Administration (TSA) for Ohio, presented David Ebert and VACCINE with an award on December 5, 2012, in recognition of VACCINE's research and innovation in the development of data enterprise solutions and visualization in support of TSA and Ohio Homeland Security.  TSA is currently working with VACCINE on several projects involving visual analytics technologies.
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