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Weekly Coach Newsletter - March 24, 2020
Weekly Coach Newsletter - March 24, 2020

Check out new free resources this week, Coach!

NEW Virtual Scrimmage Board and Judge Board

We recently launched our Scrimmage Board, a tool designed to help coaches connect with other teams for virtual scrimmages. If you're interested, please complete the match form to share your info and then peruse the list for other teams available to scrimmage. We've also created a Virtual Judge Board where you can identify people willing to donate some time. Please share this opportunity with alumni from your program and encourage them to sign up if they have the time! Together, we can continue to provide opportunities for students. 
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District Tournament Status Update

Your elected District Committees received notice last week from the national office that in-person district tournaments may not be conducted this year in accordance with CDC recommendations that there be no gatherings of 50+ people in the next 8 weeks. By April 1, the District Committee will choose an alternative way to determine the remainder of your district's qualifiers, either by conducting a virtual tournament or by using an application process with NSDA-approved criteria. This process will not impact results obtained from already completed portions of your tournament. We encourage you to reach out to your district chair, if you haven't already heard from them, on their process. We appreciate your understanding as we all navigate creating the best qualification process possible while prioritizing the health and safety of our students. While the 2020 National Tournament remains in flux, naming national qualifying students and recognizing them for that achievement is still a priority for us.

Resource Package Open Access

As you navigate online practices and virtual classrooms, we want to put as many tools at your disposal as possible. We have given all current member schools access to the Resource Package through the end of our fiscal year in July 2020. Active coaches and students on your roster can also access any Resource Package resource. For an overview of what you can access, click here or scan the Resource Table based on Access Level

Virtual Classroom Lesson Plan: Understanding the Coronavirus

Check out a virtual lesson plan on coronavirus and corresponding student worksheets that can be adapted for your class from NSDA member coach Tara Tate.
Objective: Debate is a constant drive for understanding current events and public policy, even those that may not be directly linked to the topic at hand. This set of activities is designed for you to understand the coronavirus, the policies surrounding it, and for you to critically think how the spread of coronavirus may be used in a hypothetical debate round.
Do you have a virtual classroom lesson plan to share with the community? Please email Educator and Recognition Coordinator Lauren McCool at or share on our Digital Coaching & Teaching Forum

Press Play for a Pick-Me-Up

Brighten your day with these final round performances!
  • A Dose of Positivity » Watch Halima Badri perform the Original Oratory "Won't You Be My Neighbor" and reflect on the value of love, acceptance, and understanding. 

  • A Dose of Laughter » Laugh along with Evan Eiglarsh's hilarious 2017 National Tournament Humorous Interp performance, "Tammy: A Coming of Age Story About a Girl Who is Part T-rex." 

Your Guide to Virtual Tournament Basics

Following school closures and CDC guidelines, we know many end of season tournaments have been canceled. If you're considering moving your tournament online, you can read an overview of virtual tournament logistics, potential challenges and solutions, and check out a sample tournament schedule in this article from the November/December issue of Rostrum

Download the Advanced PF Evidence Brief

Members can access the advanced evidence brief on the March PF topic, Resolved: The United States should increase its use of nuclear energy for commercial energy production.

Celebrate Your Students with the Academic All American Award

Now in its 20th year, the prestigious Academic All American award celebrates the academic excellence and competitive success of high school students. It is designed to reward achievement, celebrate progress, and serve as a great resume addition for students. If a student is eligible, you will see a yellow box with “AAA?” under the Awards column on your Student Roster. If you determine a student meets all of the criteria, start the free nomination process today!
“The Academic All American award provides students with a feeling of accomplishment and a benchmark for an individual to realize the true extent of their skills and commitment through an achievable yet prestigious honor.” Sanjit Berwal, AAA recipient. Only 2% of NSDA member students receive the Academic All American award. 1,373 Academic All American Awards. 35% increase in AAA awards in 2018-19 to 1,021. “I believe that the Academic All American award is important because it is a measure of the hard work and effort that a student puts into the activity. This recognition has shown me the progress I have made as a result of my commitment to the speech and debate program.” Katherine Gao, AAA Recipient.
Show Your Achievement. Celebrate All of Your Students' Accomplishments with Honor Society Insignia!
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