Council Member Alondra Cano engages the community members and organizers of the annual Phillips Clean Sweep. Neighbors, neighborhood organizations, faith communities, and government partners came together and collected more than 32,000 pounds of trash along with 10,000 pounds of metal and dozens of TVs, appliances, and tires. Great job, Phillips!
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Dear Neighbors,
Chief Harteau presented her proposed budget for 2017 to the City Council this week. Included in her request are:
  • $1.3 Million for fifteen new sworn officers, twelve focused on community policing and three for a police/mental health co-responder program

  • $500,000 for violence prevention in Phillips and West Broadway

  • $1 Million annually ongoing for a new Community Service Officer Class which helps our police force reflect the communities that they serve

  • An additional civilian case investigator at the Office of Police Conduct Review, and improvements to the process of filing misconduct cases
You can watch the entire presentation here for more details and to learn about 21st century policing and the philosophy of the department. I was pleased to hear that as of this week all Minneapolis patrol officers are wearing body cameras. 
I am proud to have been digging deeper to reduce criminal activity in some of the hot spots along East Lake Street, our partnership with the Minneapolis Police Department, Hennepin County, and our community and residents is making progress. We remain active in the other parts of our neighborhood that report unwanted activities. We will continue to target our directed patrols, beat cops, and mobile cameras in response to any increased activity we see in other parts of the Ninth Ward, even as we continue to address root causes of crime.
My office and MPD have also been proactively analyzing lighting outages in high crime areas, which can make a huge difference. If you notice a street light that is out please call 311 or contact my office.
There has been an increase in robberies of homes and garages in our area as well as car break-ins. The Crime Prevention Specialists inform me that most of these are occurring when homes, garages, and cars are left unlocked. Just a reminder to lock up! Don't make yourself an easy target for criminals. Read MPD's "Home Security Habits Checklist" for tips and strategies on how to keep your home secure. Please also check out MPD's crime prevention resources webpage for additional information on preventative crime measures.
This month we feature a guest column from Amanda Koonjbeharry, the Administrative Manger of the Hennepin County No Wrong Door Initiative, a program that identifies and serves children and youth who are victims of sex trafficking.
As always, please stay in touch with my office about crime and safety issues or anything else we can be helpful with. My staff and I are at your service.
Call 911 to report any criminal activity or if you see or knnow of a child who is being hurt or exploited.
Call Dawn at Minnesota Indian Women's Resource Center 612-728-2000 to get help for American Indian women experiencing commercial sexual exploitation, chemical dependency, and domestic violence. The MIWRC is also able to serve GLBTQ victims of commercial sexual exploitation.
Call PRIDE 24 hour crisis line 612-728-2062 to get help for people experiencing commercial sexual exploitation or substance abuse issues. PRIDE is also equipped to serve GLBTQ victims of commercial sexual exploitation.
Make a child protection report at 612-348-3552 or online if you encounter a child who you think is being sexually exploited. 
Call St. Stephen's Street Outreach Workers 612-874-0311 to get immediate help for people who are experiencing homelessness.
Call Day One Services 24 hour crisis line 1-866-223-1111 to get help for people experiencing commercial sexual exploitation, sexual violence, or domestic abuse.
The Phillips Neighborhood Clinic is open for walk-in patients Mondays and Thursdays 6:00 - 9:00 p.m. at St Paul's Lutheran Church, 2742 15th Avenue South. No insurance needed- all medical care provided for free
Walk-in Counseling Center provides free, anonymous mental health counseling and referrals five days a week right in the neighborhood. 2421 Chicago Avenue South
By Amanda Koonjbeharry, Administrative Manager, Hennepin County No Wrong Door Initiative.
With the 2011 passage of the Safe Harbor Law in Minnesota, Hennepin County recognized its dual responsibilities: to ensure that all children who have been or are at risk of being sexually exploited receive the services and support that they need, and to hold traffickers and commercial sex abusers or purchasers accountable for their actions.
In order to fulfill these responsibilities, Hennepin County implemented the Hennepin County No Wrong Door plan in 2014. This plan aligns with the state’s No Wrong Door plan. It creates response within County government and in collaboration with our partners. This plan provides guidelines to combat juvenile sex trafficking and provide comprehensive services that are geared toward helping victims of exploitation. The plan is divided into six goals, including prevention, training and education, identification, treatment, shelter and prosecution.
Current initiatives within the Hennepin County No Wrong Door plan include:
  • Developing an e-learning training for Hennepin County employees to educate them about the issue of youth sexual exploitation.
  • Supporting two social workers to work specifically with youth who have been sexually exploited.  
  • Conducting national research to add additional programs and services that serve youth of color and youth who identify as LGBT.  
  • Securing resources in Hennepin County Sheriff’s Office and Hennepin County Attorney’s Office to increase law enforcement and prosecution responses to traffickers and commercial sex abusers.
  • Conducting in-person trainings about child sexual exploitation for Hennepin County staff and community providers.
What can you do?
If a child or youth is in immediate danger, call 911.
If you encounter a child or youth who you think is being sexually exploited make a child protection report at 612-348-3552 or online.
To connect with Amanda or find out more about Hennepin County's No Wrong Door Initiative, please email
Alondra Cano represents the Ninth Ward on the Minneapolis City Council. The Ninth Ward consists of the Central, Corcoran, East Phillips, Midtown Phillips, and Powderhorn Park neighborhoods along with a sliver of Longfellow. Our diverse and vibrant communities boast beautiful parks, a number of thriving small business corridors, the Midtown Exchange, world class hospitals, and an informed and engaged community of changemakers, artists, and activists.
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911 for all emergencies.
612-348-2345 for non-emergencies.
If you suspect drug dealing but have not actually seen it call 612-673-5706.
If you are in doubt call 911 and they will route your call properly.
Contact Crime Prevention Specialist Karen Notsch 612-673-2856 for issues South of Lake Street.
Contact Crime Prevention Specialist John Baumann 612-825-6138 for issues North of Lake Street.
Read more about the ways Crime Prevention Specialists can help.
Check out MPD's Third Precinct website for additional information and resources.
My office has continued to build on the efforts of our Council predecessor Gary Schiff to address nuisance properties by meeting monthly to identify and monitor problem properties in our neighborhoods. Each month representatives from the City of Minneapolis' Police Department, Attorney's Office, Housing Inspections, Business Licensing, Parking Enforcement and the County's Hennepin County prosecutor's and probation office meet to coordinate and discuss commercial, residential rental and owner occupied buildings that are causing problems related to public safety.
Problem properties should be reported to your area's Crime Prevention Specialist or to the Ninth Ward office at 612-673-2209. Please note that MPD needs to receive two reports on the same problem property in order to prevent the program from being mis-used.
East Lake Street-Chicago Avenue commercial node meeting, Nov. 8 (repeats every second Tuesday of the month)
9:30 a.m. Division of Indian Work, 1001 East Lake Street
Midtown Phillips Crime Meeting, Nov. 14 (repeats every second Monday of the month)
6:30 p.m. St. Paul's Church, 2742 15th Avenue South
East Lake Street-Bloomington Avenue commercial node meeting, Nov. 15 (repeats every third Tuesday of the month)
6:00 p.m. Las Mojarras, 1507 East Lake Street, 2nd Floor
Little Earth & Franklin Avenue Court Watch, Nov. 18 
10:30 a.m. Village at Franklin Station, 2100 Bloomington Avenue South
3rd Precinct Advisory Council, Nov. 28
6:30 p.m. Third Precinct Community Room, 3000 Minnehaha Avenue South
Call (612) 673-2209
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