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New sponsored ‘Top Docs’ show addresses Georgia Drug Card
The latest edition of the Medical Association of Georgia’s (MAG) ‘Top Docs’ show addresses the Georgia Drug Card, which helps patients who have a high-deductible health insurance plan or who don’t have prescription drug coverage or who take prescription drugs that aren’t covered by their health insurance plan obtain savings of up to 75 percent off the retail price for brand and generic FDA-approved medications at most retail pharmacies – including every major pharmacy chain.
The guests include Joy McAdams, who is Georgia Drug Card’s vice president for regional relations, and John Hudson, who is a regional representative for the Georgia Drug Card. They discuss…
– How the Georgia Drug Card works  
– Who is eligible to use the Georgia Drug Card 
– If people who have health insurance can use the Georgia Drug Card
– How people can obtain and use the Georgia Drug Card
– Which pharmacies accept the Georgia Drug Card
– Whether people can use their Georgia Drug Card in other states
– Which prescription drugs people can get with a Georgia Drug Card
– The typical Georgia Drug Card discounts
– How the Georgia Drug Card supports the Children’s Miracle Network
The Georgia Drug Card is “completely confidential, there are no membership restrictions or income requirements or age limitations, and there are no applications to complete.” The Georgia Drug Card is funded by pharmacy companies.
Georgians can get the Georgia Drug Card for free by…
1. Printing a card at or
2. Using the Georgia Drug Card app, which is available in the Apple or Google Play stores, or
3. Requesting a hard card from McAdams at or
4. Simply requesting the Georgia Drug Card savings at any major pharmacy chain
The Georgia Drug Card also now offers discounts on prescription eyeglasses and contacts. Click here for details on the Georgia Drug Card ‘Optical Savings Coupon Card.’  
MAG has endorsed the Georgia Drug Card since 2010.
Contact McAdams at 678.448.6630 or with questions.
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