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Everyday Epiphanies, Revival with Bishop Michael Curry
Everyday Epiphanies, Revival with Bishop Michael Curry

Everyday Epiphanies

Ever since we told the world that we were expecting a baby we have received a tremendous outpouring of support from you, and we cannot be more thankful. We have received countless well wishes, and tidbits of advice and insight into parenthood. I have found that most of these interactions follow a similar format. First, the person asks when the baby is due, and one of us replies with, “February 27th”. The next reaction is threefold. First, the questioner gives a short gasp or comment and their eyes get very large. The second step is to tell us what we should dread. This usually is sleep or fecal related. “Get sleep while you can, but once he’s here you’re done with getting eight hours a night!” and “I hope you know how to change a diaper!” (I don’t) are common second step responses. The third step is a cryptic message of hope such as, “But, oh man, it is worth it… Once you see them start to grow… well you’ll see. It’s the best thing in the world.”
Fr. Nick

Alfred Lord Tennyson

This poem, by Alfred Lord Tennyson, perfectly describes the passing of the old year into the new.  It has been set to music by a number of different composers.  The choir rehearses on Thursdays at 6:30, come sing with us!
Lynn Gardner, Organist/Choirmaster

Episcopalian Revival!

Bishop Michael Curry, speaker at the Royal Wedding, will lead a revival at the Berglund Center in Roanoke on Sunday, January 27 beginning at 10 AM.  Ride with us, we are chartering a bus, click here for details and to sign up for the bus.

New Sunday School and Chapel Programs, Book Club Selections, Loaves and Fishes!

Our Sunday School program is evolving to match the needs and schedules of participants.  Young children through 5th grade can now participate in chapel during the 10:30 service.  They will have a program of music, lessons, and crafts.  They will process to chapel during the Gloria and will come to the sanctuary for Peace and Communion with their families.  The Youth Group will meet at 3:30 each Sunday.  This program is for 6th graders through high school.  Adults will continue to meet in the Parish House Library at 9:30 each Sunday.  They are beginning the study of Revlation with Fr. Nick.
The book club has made new selections for the next six months.  They meet on the first Wednesday of each month at 6:00 in the Parish House Library.  Click here to see the interesting selections.
Loaves and Fishes will be served on Wednesday, January 30 from 5:30 to 6:15PM.  Each month a free community meal is prepared for our guests under the skillful direction of David Cole.  Your help is needed and appreciated in all aspects of meal preparation from cooking to serving to washing dishes.  Come enjoy a delicious meal while serving others.

Check our Calendar for all Services and Programs during the month of January.

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