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STS Wire 11/14/2017

In this Issue
  • AI, Automation, and Society
  • Ethics and Research with Adolescents in Vulnerable Settings: Lessons from the Field
  • Social robots interacting and helping people: Key capability, legal, and ethical challenges
  • Alternative Pathways to Careers in Tech
  • World: Type Design in Global Perspective
AI, Automation, and Society
The consequences of contemporary technological innovations for the lives and values of future generations are enormous. The wide range of expected – and unexpected – applications require rethinking governance arrangements, legal regimes, economic structures, and social relations. Exploration of such topics is the subject of the 2017-18 symposium series at the Center for Advanced Study in the Behavioral Sciences (CASBS) at Stanford University. 
In this symposium, CASBS presents a panel discussion among three 2017-18 CASBS fellows: technology journalist John Markoff, applied engineer and defense researcher Arati Prabhakar, and philosopher-ethicist and Buddhist monk Tenzin Priyadarshi. They will explore vital issues including the pace of adoption of automation and artificial intelligence (AI); the ethical responsibilities of scientists, engineers, and technology firms; and the implications for jobs and societal disruption. How we frame and contextualize these and related issues and questions will influence how we as a society address the challenges and opportunities of automation and AI. Read more.
Tuesday, November 14th, 2017 | 5:30PM-6:45PM | Center for Advanced Study in the Behavioral Sciences
Ethics and Research with Adolescents in Vulnerable Settings: Lessons from the Field

 The vast majority of research and prevention efforts across both mental and physical health do not include adolescents. Nonetheless, adolescents face unique health and social problems, and programs and approaches that work with adults are often not easily adaptable to adolescents. Adolescents living in high-risk settings such as informal settlements (“slums”) or conflict zones face particular challenges to research and programming, yet also have many pressing needs. Drawing particularly on examples from work in Kenya, DRC, and the Pacific Islands, Dr. Sarnquist will discuss the ethics of field research with adolescents across a variety of vulnerable settings.

Dr Sarnquist has done applied research on health challenges with marginalized populations in the U.S. and globally for over 15 years, with a focus on adolescents and children in highly vulnerable environments. Her current research focuses on gender based violence prevention, primarily among adolescents. Previously she focused on HIV prevention and family planning access. Most of her current and recent focus has been on sub-Saharan Africa, including the Democratic Republic of Congo, Kenya, and Zimbabwe. Dr. Sarnquist holds a Doctorate in Public Health (DrPH) as well as a Master’s in Public Health (MPH), both from UC Berkeley. Read more.

Tuesday, November 14th, 2017 | 12:00PM-1:30PM | Reuben Hills Conference Room, Encina Hall
Social robots interacting and helping people: Key capability, legal, and ethical challenges

Autonomous social robots are poised and ready to disrupt our lives. They are being mass produced and are slowly infiltrating our homes, workplaces, roads, and public places. This talk will describe state-of-the-art social robot technology and social robot market opportunities, as well as highlight recent results from real-world experiments at an airport and a shopping center. We will discuss some key legal and ethical challenges that arise, including privacy, security, and safety. Read more.

Tuesday, November 14th, 2017 | 12:45PM-2:00PM | Stanford Law School, Room 290
Alternative Pathways to Careers in Tech

 Students will meet with Stanford alumni who studied humanities and international studies and now work at technology companies. These three professionals will discuss how their academic backgrounds are relevant to their current work and provide tips on how to pursue a career in the field. This workshop is part of a series of career development workshops hosted by Stanford Global Studies. For more information on the event, visit sgs.stanford.edu/events/alternative-pathways-careers-tech. To RSVP for the event, visit web.stanford.edu/~kwelsh/CareersinTech.fb

Wednesday, November 15th, 2017 | 5:00PM-7:00PM | BEAM, First Floor Conference Room
World: Type Design in Global Perspective
Facing the World: Type Design in Global Perspective is a guided tour to more than five centuries of type design beyond the Latin alphabet. On display are rare books and manuscripts drawn from the Stanford Libraries collections, along with rare items on loan from participating institutions and private collections. From the earliest specimens of Greek movable type to an exquisite 16th-century polyglot Bible, and from Arabic lithography and a Hebrew typewriter to some of the earliest Chinese computer fonts, this exhibition speaks to the linguist, designer, technologist, and world traveler in us all. Read more.

Ongoing every day from November 9, 2017 through March 16, 2018 | Green Library Bing Wing
Forum for Undergraduate Environmental Leadership (FUEL) program
The Stanford Woods Institute for the Environment is pleased to announce the Forum for Undergraduate Environmental Leadership (FUEL) program is now accepting applications for its 2018 cohort. 
FUEL seeks to advance environmental leadership among Stanford undergraduates by providing a forum in which selected students can meet and network with emerging leaders and seasoned professionals in both the private and public sectors. FUEL will allow students to investigate environmental career opportunities, learn more about the advances that environmental leaders are making today at both the state and national levels, and improve their leadership and networking skills.
Applications are being accepted through Friday, December 1st and more information about the program is available here.
Design Intership at Everlaw
Everlaw is changing legal technology by combining serious computer science
 with an intuitive user experience. We compete through better technology 
and a deeper understanding of our users’ needs. Our company culture is open and democratic. If you’re looking for
 a place that values passion, integrity, thinking big, and a desire
 to learn, we want to hear from you!   You will be paired with an experienced UI/UX designer to work on varied projects, from user research and testing to the execution of a consistent site-wide design language and style guide.  You will collaborate with teams across the company to conceptualize, design, and build platform experiences. Read more.
BEAM Job Postings
Creative Design Intern - Pivotal Software Inc
Analyst (IT & Tech Emphasis) - DayBlink Consulting
Patent Strategy Intern -
Fernandez & Associates, LLP
Research Assistant - California Department of Public Health, Indoor Air Quality Program
Environmental Education Intern- Shelby Farm Parks Conservatory

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