SEPTEMBER 21, 2017
Study: Georgia would see big gains under GOP bill, but not long term
Georgia Health News
Georgia and several other Southern states initially would gain in federal health care funding under a Republican bill speeding through the U.S. Senate, a new analysis finds. READ MORE
Key federal health funds may not get OK in time
Georgia Health News
Tens of millions of dollars in government funding for Georgia health care faces a dangerous deadline in less than two weeks. | READ MORE
[ACA] insurers’ 2018 rate increases to rise even more
Customers of the Obamacare exchange markets in Georgia got bad news this summer when insurers first disclosed the rates they want to charge next year. Not only were double-digit increases on the table — well over 50 percent for some plans — but some insurers flat-out said they might rise even more. | READ MORE
States expand investigation of opioid makers, distributors
Associated Press
Attorneys general from most states are broadening their investigation into the opioid industry as a nationwide overdose crisis continues to claim thousands of lives. | READ MORE
An inside look at the hunt for fentanyl, the deadly opioid driving the overdose crisis
USA Today
The central battleground in America’s war on super-potent synthetic opioids is a concrete and corrugated steel mail facility at one of the country's busiest airports. | READ MORE
Filling the pipeline (features the Physicians Foundation)  
Florida Medical Association
In successful physician leadership training programs, doctors learn some of the most valuable lessons from each other. | READ MORE
Employer survey shows wide variation in consumer benefits costs [related to health insurance]
Georgia Health News
A new survey of employer benefits underscores a central fact about health insurance: Where you get coverage can make a huge financial difference. | READ MORE
Health benefit offers from small businesses keep vanishing
U.S. News
Only half of America's smallest businesses now offer health coverage to their workers because many say steady cost hikes have made it too expensive to afford a benefit that nearly all large employers still provide. | READ MORE
Don't Yelp your doctor. Study finds ratings are all wrong.
If you’re looking for the best doctor, online ratings are unlikely to be much help. | READ MORE
More doctors are practicing past age 70. Is that safe for patients?
For nearly 50 years, pediatrician William Sharrar has been evaluating how his young patients are changing — mentally and physically — as they get older. | READ MORE
Emory opening more primary care locations
Georgia Health News
Emory Healthcare is expanding its primary care portfolio by adding nine new clinics in metro Atlanta. | READ MORE
Major expansion on the way for John B. Amos Cancer Center
It already handles about 90,000 patient visits each year, with demand only expected to grow. Thus, Columbus Regional Health is moving forward with a major expansion of the John B. Amos Cancer Center. | READ MORE
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