Newsletter  February, Issue 2019-1 
Warmest greetings!
Temperatures are warming this month in Morocco as the end of winter approaches. As the girls at Dar Taliba work diligently in their gardens, we take a moment to look back to 2002 when we first launched our school gardens rehabilitation project. As the years passed, the project matured and we strengthened connections and cooperation with local partners. We eventually set up a model ethnobotanical garden at Dar Taliba, creating a space to help students learn about Amazigh indigenous plant knowledge from their communities, located in the High Atlas mountains. With this space, in 2017 we turned our focus on preserving local cultural heritage through capacity building for girls and started training the girls on traditional plant uses, plant conservation and permaculture techniques.
During a recent interview with Jamila, ex-student and current Dar Taliba director, Jamila shared her experience with the project at Dar Taliba, and its impacts of the garden and the weekly trainings on the girls in residence. “The training we did on producing organic fertilisers is a good example of providing valuable skills and knowledge that is relevant for our students as well as their communities”, Jamila said. Read the full interview.
Through the Dar Taliba garden project, we are supporting locals' efforts to maintain the traditional, sustainable practices that have shaped the High Atlas landscapes and ecosystems. This is at the core of the newly-launched biodiversity conservation campaign Rooted Everydaywhich takes action against the loss of biodiversity that occurs when Mediterranean cultural practices that have existed for generations stop.
Rooted Everyday is saying ‘YES’ to caring for the earth and being fair to those whose direct livelihoods depend on it. By supporting #RootedEveryday, you’ll be part of a global ethical community who celebrate different cultures and supports biodiversity by showing the true value of reconnecting to the lands that sustain us.
By learning about Amazigh indigenous plant knowledge from their communities in the High Atlas mountains and taking concrete steps to explore and practice sustainable livelihood options, the girls at Dar Taliba are fast becoming #RootedEveryday.
Will you join us and be #RootedEveryday?
Thank you.
Emily Caruso, Director of GDF UK
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