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Greetings from the Global Diversity Foundation!
We began 2018 with major changes within our team. After 17 years at the helm of GDF, I handed over the reins to Susannah McCandless and Emily Caruso, who are now responsible in overseeing the administration, programmes and strategic planning of GDF in their roles as Director for GDF-US and GDF-UK, respectively. They have been active in their new roles. Over the past few months, GDF launched a new project promoting respect for human rights and personal dignity of migrants stranded in Morocco, carried out ongoing research, capacity building and outreach in the Mediterranean, and set the wheels in motion for three Global Environments Network events: our 6th instalment of the Global Environments Summer Academy and regional academies in the Mediterranean (Morocco) and Latin America (Peru).
There is much work to be done, and we feel fortunate to have your support and collaboration as we undertake it. With an updated vision and mission in hand to guide GDF for the next 15 years, we look forward with anticipation as we aspire to achieve dignity, justice and respect for all beings.
Happy reading!
Gary Martin, GDF Founder and Mediterranean Programme Lead Consultant
2017: A snapshot
Through our North America regional programme, we organised our third regional GEN community exchange in Mexico and our first GEN regional academy in the Okanagan region in Canada’s British Columbia. Across the Atlantic Ocean, in the Moroccan High Atlas, we launched our integrated High Atlas Cultural Landscapes Programme and doubled the size of our Moroccan team. We also held our first GEN community exchange in Europe on the topic of seed diversity and access.
Read all about our achievements in the GDF 2017 Annual Report.
Global Migrants Project
After the February launch, the first order of the day for project leaders Edward Martin and Cécile Michiardi was to meet with local migrant communities in neighbourhoods across Marrakech to introduce the project and listen to their needs and experiences. Over the past three months, the team has also actively met with local organisations that can increase access to basic necessities (healthcare, legal advice, nutritious food and warm clothing) and create intercultural activities that build bridges between migrant and local communities. Read about the first intercultural activity held in March: a lunch and tour of the Museum of Contemporary African Art of Marrakech, and the project’s long term plan to work across migratory corridors in the region.
We did it!
As part of our commitment in the Mediterranean to support community livelihoods and wellbeing, we resolved to bring annual health caravans to vulnerable communities in the High Atlas. In February, with local partners Moroccan Biodiversity and Livelihoods Association (MBLA) and l’Association des Amis du CHU Mohammed VI, over 1800 men, women and children in Ait M’hamed received free medical exams. Some were subsequently treated for ailments they have suffered from for many years. Read more about it here.
Also in the Mediterranean...
During the months of December and January, together with our partner MBLA, almost 15,000 plants were distributed to communities throughout the Imegdale rural commune in the Moroccan High Atlas. Read more here.
Dar Taliba students improved their skills and knowledge of plant conservation, plant uses, permaculture techniques and indigenous practices through a series of interactive trainings. At a permaculture training by Radiant Design in February, students learned about the negative impacts of chemicals on the soil.
Since the beginning of February, the Dar Taliba students have successfully cultivated over 3,100 seeds in the greenhouse! The girls took such good care of their seeds that everyone was able to take vegetable seedlings, such as tomatoes, cucumbers and green beans, home to their families for Ramadan. Read more here.
Upcoming Global Environments Network events:
Global Environments Summer Academy 2018 (25 July - 11 August)
The sixth summer academy – GESA 2018 – will be held in Oxford (UK), in collaboration with the University of Oxford’s Environmental Change Institute and Interdisciplinary Centre for Conservation Science.
Mediterranean Environments Regional Academy 2018 (2 - 12 November)
The first regional academy in the Mediterranean will be held in Morocco to share new methodologies and knowledge to advance socio-environmental research and action. Deadline for application: 30 May
Latin-American School for Food Systems Resilience 2019 (April)
The second regional academy in Latin America will be held in Cusco, Peru to promote innovative processes for the sustainability and resilience of local food systems. Read the blog post by lead organiser, Merelyn Valdivia Díaz.
To end, we give you a sneak peek at the recent gathering at the Moussem Festival in Ait M’hamed, a seasonal celebration for all. During the festival we organised several workshops with local community members and enjoyed the fantasia (horse race) spectacle where groups of riders in traditional clothes showed off their deft horsemanship.
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