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I am so appreciative of your ongoing support, especially during the challenging times in which we currently live and operate. I am proud of our industry bouncing back from the nadir of the pandemic in April when transaction volumes were at their lowest. The multi-year Next Gen ATM project is nearing fruition at just the right time, with its potential to transform our industry, creating richer customer experiences, quickening transaction times and time-to-market for ATM products and services, adding new functionality at the ATM and driving down the Total Cost of Ownership for ATMs. At the same time, solid progress is being made in the ATM Hygiene and Safety Committee to write best practices for a global ATM hygiene protocol, to showcase technologies emerging in our industry for cleansing the ATM fascia and cash before it’s dispensed. You will notice below a link to our Advocacy Plan for COVID-19 and Beyond which amounts to an ATM and Cash Revival Plan. Please join us in relaunching awesome ATM technology in a way that will excite consumers and provide win-win-win scenarios for stakeholders across our industry, blowing away the cobwebs of this interminable lockdown!

Stay well, stay strong and keep pressing onwards towards further progress and success. 

Warmest regards,

Mike Lee
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Twitter: @ATMIAEurope

ATMIA Launches an ATM and Cash Revival Plan for COVID-19 and Beyond

ATMIA announced the launch of an ATM and Cash Revival Plan for an ATM industry hit hard by the COVID-19 pandemic.

“We have listened to our members who told us all their COVID-19 pain points in our recent survey and we are now committed to a series of actions aimed at starting an industry revival,” explained Mike Lee, CEO of ATMIA and Chairperson of the Consortium for Next Gen ATMs.

The advocacy plan has two prongs, a Cash Revival Plan and an ATM Revival Plan.

ATMIA Celebrates Industry Response to Keeping Access to Cash Safe During COVID-19 Crisis

The ATM Industry Association (ATMIA) has released a new slideshow celebrating the steps taken by the industry to raise awareness of cash access and safety throughout the COVID-19 crisis. The slideshow highlights some of the champions who keep frontline services going during the pandemic.

The slideshow highlights a wide range of activities which manufacturers, ATM deployers and others have taken, including a helpful graphic provided by James Shepherd-Barron, son of the inventor of the ATM and graphics supplied by Grant Victor Companies. Actions featured range from good deeds in support of first responders, blog posts and factual messages to help promote cash and ATM safety, as well as the introduction of industry sanitizing solutions.

Read full article.

Next Gen ATMs

Despite COVID-19 Pandemic, ATMIA Reaches Bold Milestone of 350 Companies Participating in Next Gen ATM Future-Proofing

Despite the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic, ATMIA announced the 350th company worldwide to join the association’s Consortium for Next Gen ATMs, a global future-proofing project to link millions of ATMs to billions of mobile phones and integrate ATM systems into the mobile-digital world.

“We’re overjoyed to reach this bold milestone of 350 companies joining hands to co-create a brand new mobile-digital ecosystem for ATMs and access to cash and a growing range of services and functionalities,” Mike Lee, CEO of ATMIA and Chairperson of the Consortium for Next Gen ATMs, said. ”The project, which began in 2017, is now a few months away from achieving the first certified Next Gen ATM in the world, so it’s great to have such an unprecedented level of consensus across all sectors of our industry to carry us over the line.”

GET INVOLVED - GET NOTICED: Become a Next Gen Champion!

Today, we invite your company to become an official ATM Next Gen Champion.  Your company will not only be supporting the future of the ATM industry but be noted as one of those leading the way!  The details and benefits of the Champion package are at this link for you to consider. Our packages start at $1200 per year – that is only $100 per month.  If everyone contributes a little we can achieve a lot!

For questions or get signed up contact Dana Benson.

Next Gen ATMs Newsletter

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This section covers only the most up to date news on Europe’s Advocacy. For further background, see the Europe page of the ATMIA website here and previous issues of this Newsletter on the website here.

Recognising the need to represent the general interests of the ATM industry in Europe, ATMIA Europe has created a European Advocacy Fund. This Fund is called upon to support advocacy and legal work carried out by the ATMIA in the interests of members. This work can be serving the needs of members in one national market or across Europe.

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News From ATMIA Members Worldwide 

ING Germany to offer business loans
to SMEs trading on Amazon

ING is the first bank in Germany to cooperate with Amazon in offering loans to eligible sellers – mainly small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) – through Amazon’s seller portal.

The cooperation with Amazon opens up a new digital sales channel for ING in Germany. Amazon acts as a broker and presents loan proposals on the lending page of its selling portal to eligible business who sell their goods via the platform. Sellers are directed to ING’s website where they can submit a credit application to ING.

Read full article. 
BNP Paribas: Covid-19 prompts rise in social considerations in investment decision-making

BNP Paribas Asset Management (‘BNPP AM’) reveals key findings of its study on the importance of ESG criteria for investors in the Covid-19 environment.

“The Covid-19 crisis has clearly prompted a shift in investor perception of social factors, which are now widely seen as having a critical and positive impact on long-term value creation and risk mitigation. It has also highlighted the interconnection between the way in which companies approach social issues such as treatment of employees or addressing inequalities in their long-term sustainability strategy. At BNPP AM, we engage with the companies in which we invest with regard to social issues and all aspects of ESG. We encourage companies to evolve and improve their social behaviour, thereby reducing risk and enhancing the sustainable returns that we can deliver to our clients.“

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Coronavirus and ATMs: Updates and Messages

ATMIA has created a webpage for fact-based messages about how the coronavirus pandemic affects us and our industry. ATMIA is here for you and for all ATMs throughout the world. You are constantly in our thoughts. Please stay safe.
Featured Reports

ATMIA recently published premium reports on a wide variety of topics from security to the future of the industry – to provide you with a competitive edge in growing your ATM business in the ever-changing ATM marketplace.

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White Paper on Dual Migration to Windows 10 and Next Gen ATM Architecture
Offenses Involving ATMs: Insights into How Offenders See ATMs as Targets

Back by Popular Demand: ATMIA Members Can Post White Papers, Case Studies FREE in September

It’s been a tough year and the ATM Industry Association (ATMIA) understands that. To provide extra support for the membership, ATMIA is again offering members ‒ no matter their level of membership ‒ the added benefit of being able to post white papers, case studies and infographics to the site for FREE in September.

“Typically, we only extend this offer once a year,” said ATMIA Global Director of Member Services Sharon Lane. “But this is certainly not shaping up to be a ‘typical’ year and we wanted to do something to provide extra support to members.”


'Back to Work' promotion extended through the end of July!

We understand that Hiring Managers are looking for more than a simple job board, when it comes to finding and recruiting new ATM channel talent.  The ATM Industry Career Center is a robust recruiting resource that you will want to check out – and offering a “Back to Work” promotion for the month of July.

For more information, contact U.S executive director, David Tente, or global director of finance and member services, Sharon Lane


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