December 15, 2020
Edition Topics

  1. Message from Dr. Silvertooth
  2. Congratulations Award Winners
  3. AZ/UT Invasive Weeds Virtual Update
  4. Pest Management and Pesticide Safety Seminar
  5. Leadership Fellows Program for Staff and Appointed Professionals
  6. Opportunities and Barriers for Arizona to Supply Wood Fiber to South Korean Renewable Energy Markets Webinar

Message from the Associate Dean and Extension Director

All Cooperative Extension System (CES) personnel and community members among all 15 counties in Arizona have experienced tremendous strains and hardships over the past nine months.  We understand that everyone is working to maintain our lives while undergoing a constant series of challenges and adjustments on every level, personally and professionally.

As we approach the end of the year, we need to establish the parameters for CES operations.  In so doing, we recognize the fact that COVID-19 case numbers are rapidly increasing in every sector of the state.  In fact, Arizona now has the highest rate of COVID-19 transmission in the nation.  Viruses do not have legs and they depend on people to transfer infections.  Transmission of this disease takes place when people insist on mixing in face-to-face conditions.

As of this week, the entire CES organization is moving to Phase 0 for the next several weeks through the holidays.  We will review pandemic conditions across the state in early January 2021 and make decisions on CES phase transition management at that time.

Please work with the CEDs that are associated with your area of operation to work out the logistics and specifics associated with managing through this process.

Please continue to adhere to best public health practices, take care of yourselves, your family, and the people in your community.

Your cooperation is greatly appreciated.


2020 ALVSCE Outstanding Team Award went to the Cooperative Extension Sensory & Developmental Screening Team of Esther Turner, Jennie Treadway, Tammy McCarville, Karin Larimore, Shevonda Joyner, and Flo Bargo. They are a model for the ways in which they work together to support one another, meet the needs for developmental and sensory education in Pinal County, blend education and advocacy with the screenings they conduct.

2020 Shirley O'Brien Diversity & Inclusion Award - Legacy Diversity & Inclusion Champion went Joanie Contreras, Pima County Cooperative Extension. This award is presented to an individual who has demonstrated exemplary diverse and inclusion leadership for five or more years. Joanie delivers nutritional education programming to families with limited resources.   These families and children represent the strong racial, ethnic, religious, and social diversity of our communities in and around Tucson. Joanie serves to provide unconditional love and positive regard without judgment, bias, or discrimination. She leads by example and  her dedication and commitment to assisting families of all backgrounds is inspiring.

2020 ALVSCE Administrator of the Year went to Jeff Schalau, Yavapai County Cooperative Extension. Jeff Schalau has worked in Extension since 1997 as County Extension Director and Agriculture and Natural Resources Area Agent. Jeff has managed three counties at one time during his Director role. Jeff is an exceptional administrator and a true asset to Cooperative Extension, ALVSCE and the UA.

And again congratulations to our previous well deserved award winners:
   Outstanding Staff in Cooperative Extension Award  -  Marco Pena
   Extension Faculty of the Year Award - Kerry Schwartz
   Outstanding Staff Award - 2019 Fourth Quarter - Sandra Saad

Heart of Extension Winners
Juan Arias, Assistant Agent, FRTEP Tribal Extension Programs, Gila County Cooperative Extension
Kelly Arizmendi, Senior Information Services Coordinator, Extension Administration
Cassie Burruel, Community Outreach Professional, Pima County Cooperative Extension - Green Valley
Jamie Campbell
, Program Coordinator, Mohave County Cooperative Extension
Alexendra Carlisle
, Assistant in Extension, FRTEP Tribal Extension Programs, Navajo Nation Shiprock
Renee Carstens
, County Extension Director/4H Assistant Agent, Gila County Cooperative Extension
Mary Conner, Program Coordinator, Senior, Maricopa County Cooperative Extension
Tamara Floyd, Community Outreach Professional, Maricopa County Cooperative Extension
Pamela Justice, Program Coordinator, AZ Project WET/Maricopa County Cooperative Extension
Cathy Munger, IT Manager, Maricopa County Cooperative Extension
Martha Salcedo, Administrative Assistant, Santa Cruz County Cooperative Extension
Paul “Paco” Ollerton, owner of Tierra Verde Farms, was awarded the Friend of Extension Award.

AZ/UT Invasive Weeds Virtual Update

Tuesday & Wednesday, December 15 & 16, 2020
6:00 pm - 9:30 pm
6 AZ CEUs Available

Please join us for this two-day virtual invasive weeds program. A variety of speakers will present updated information about pesticide law, safety, and IPM strategies amongst other topics.

Registration is required and more information/agenda can be found at:

Pest Management and Pesticide Safety Seminar

The annual Pest Management and Pesticide Safety Seminar is a virtual online series of presentations available until Friday, December 18 (absolute deadline).  Six (6) CEU’s have been approved from the AZ Dept of Ag and PMD.

The topics presented include turfgrass weeds and their control, insects and gopher control, and pesticide safety.  Guest presenters will be from the Universities of California and Tennessee. Details of the program can be found in the attached.

Registration can be completed by clicking here  There is a $40 registration fee + transaction fees that can be paid using a credit card.

Details for accessing the online web site will be provided after registration.  The webinar provides multiple access to break up the 6 hours of presentations. A followup quiz will be required to obtain the CEU’s.

Leadership Fellows Program for Staff and Appointed Professionals

**Final Call – Deadline is 12/18/20**

Now Accepting Nominations: 2020/2021 Leadership Fellows Program for Staff and Appointed Professionals

The Vice President for Agriculture, Life and Veterinary Sciences, and Cooperative Extension is pleased to announce that applications are now being accepted for the fourth annual distinguished leadership development program for exceptional university staff and classified staff.  Given that two-thirds of the employees in CALS are non-faculty, it is conspicuous that, until its induction in 2017, there had been no formal program to support the transformational leadership and professional development of rising star staff.  

This program requires a significant commitment from both the nominee and the mentor to develop future higher education leaders through stretch experiences, transformational professional development, and tailored mentoring.

Eligibility and submission packet materials can be found here.  Completed applications are due December 18, 2020.  Incomplete submissions will not be reviewed.  Nominees and mentors will be notified in writing in early February 2020.

Example Scenario: Wilma Wildcat desires to be a vital student advisor and leader in CALS and at the UA.  She identifies a mentor in Nancy Rodriguez-Lorta.  Together, they develop a detailed development plan including stretch projects where Wilma leads change efforts in advising within CALS.  The plan also identifies the need for Wilma to become a certified advisor, which requires $2,000 in course work and testing.  Nancy actively mentors Wilma in the achievement of her goal.  As an alumna of this program, Wilma will be expected to continue to give back to CALS through service on future Fellowship selection committees, leading future initiatives, consultation with senior leaders of the division, etc.

Opportunities and Barriers for Arizona to Supply Wood Fiber to South Korean Renewable Energy Markets Webinar

Join us for this interesting presentation on Thursday December 17 11:00am AZ to learn about a potential market for small diameter forest wood and debris that can be used for bio-energy, and in turn help lessen forest wildfire risk. 

Opportunities and Barriers for Arizona to Supply Wood Fiber to South Korean Renewable Energy Markets Webinar

Event Date: December 17, 2020 11:00am to 12:00pm (AZ/MST)

Featured Speaker: Jim DiPasquale is a graduate student studying forestry at Northern Arizona University  pursuing a master’s degree in forestry, with a focus on biomass utilization. He intends to leverage his professional financial experience in the forest products industry. Jim earned a bachelor’s degree in business administration from Bucknell University in Lewisburg, Pennsylvania and has worked for both the U.S. Forest Service and NAU’s Ecological Restoration Institute in the past year.

Webinar Overview: Restoration treatment projects in northern Arizona can reduce wildfire risk and restore forest health. But markets for biomass wood fiber from restoration activities in Arizona are highly limited, and finding utilization outlets for the by-products of forest restoration activities are increasingly important. With economically efficient transportation options and strong stable partners, Arizona could supply wood fiber to Asian markets in an economically efficient and sustainable manner. This study evaluated business potential for exporting wood fiber from Arizona to renewable energy markets in South Korea by performing a strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats (SWOT) analysis. The South Korean renewable energy market is immature but expanding and showing potential for future growth. The market size, government policy support and potential make shipping Arizona wood fiber to South Korea an attractive option. Per ton wood chip prices in South Korea can be double the price in the U.S. Industry analysts project consumption of six million metric tons of biomass in 2021. Our study shows that logistical hurdles exist with current business infrastructure in northern Arizona. Additionally, the instability of the market and insecurity of South Korean policy are risks that may require mitigation before significant investment in this market.

Zoom Link:
Please log in up to 10 minutes prior to the webinar.
Cost: Free 
Registration: Not required

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