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Drumline Spirit! 
Woodinville High School 
September 3, 2021
Juniors & Sophomores Mark Your Calendars: 
PSAT/NMSQT October 13th
Freshmen Have the Opportunity to Opt In

In our continued commitment to our students’ college readiness and our ongoing improvement efforts, the annual PSAT/NMSQT exam will be administered to all juniors and sophomores at WHS on Wednesday, October 13th during the school day with results being available in mid-December. The PSAT measures critical reading, math problem solving, and writing skills that are important for success in college and in other post-secondary pursuits and is the qualifying test juniors must take to enter the National Merit Scholarship Corporation scholarship program. The exam will be administered on-site during the course of the school day. The $18.00 fee for all juniors and sophomores is due by Friday, September 10 payable online through TouchBase

The exam fee is $18.00 and has been populated to all junior and sophomore accounts and is due September 10. 

Freshmen will opt in by paying the $18.00 fee through the Total Registration portal at by September 10. 

Note: 10th and 11th graders do not need to register at the Freshmen Total Registration. 

School Photos & ID Cards
Picture Make-Up Day September 14

 School Photos & ID Cards - Picture Make-Up Day, Tuesday, September 14

All students must have a WHS ID card picture taken.  The WHS photo ID card is free of charge.  Students must carry photo ID at school and at extra-curricular activities at all times. 

If a student missed Falcon Days, picture make-up day is Tuesday, September 14 during both lunches in the Gym/Theatre Foyer. 
Retake day is Thursday, October 21 during both lunches in the Gym/Theatre Foyer. 
All photo packages will be mailed home.

Picture packages may be ordered online at and searching for Woodinville High School. 

Lost Cards

If a student loses an ID/ASB card, check at the Main Office as often they are turned in.  If the card cannot be found, lost ID/ASB cards can be replaced for $5.00 at the Cashier's Office.  ASB membership can be purchased for $60.
Misprinted Cards
If for some reason a student's ID card is missing the Woodinville logo, has a wrong student number, name or wrong image, please stop by the Cashier's Office, as well, for a reprint free of charge.

School Day Start and End Times: 2021-22
Bell schedules for the 2021-22 school year are available on the WHS website under Our School, Bell Schedules.  They are also posted in the middle of the website homepage under Quicklinks.
The Daily Bell/Block Schedule Calendar can be found under Our School, Bell Schedules, as well, for a full year snap shot of the WHS school-year schedule.
WHS Schedule
8:20 a.m. - 3:20 p.m.
Wed. Early Release 1:50 p.m.
Routine Weekly Bell Schedules 
Monday:        7-Period Schedule #2
Tuesday:       7-Period Schedule #2
Wednesday:  ERW Block 2/4/6/Advisory Schedule #3
Thursday:      Thursday Block 1/3/5/7/Advisory Schedule #4
Friday:           7-Period Schedule #2
Please note:
  • Block schedules begin the week of September 13.
  • Wednesday September 8 is the first Early Release Wednesday and WHS will be on ERW 7-Period Schedule #5.
Class Schedule Changes
Schedule changes are ONLY permitted for the following reasons:
Once a student has received his or her preliminary schedule, if the schedule meets one or more of the criteria above, the student should contact their counselor.
If a student has any other questions for their counselor, he or she should fill out a request form in the Counseling Office to arrange an appointment.
  • Seniors needing a graduation requirement
  • Missing a period in your schedule
  • Misplacement in a class (already taken or don't qualify)

Annually the District provides parents/guardians with notification of forms that must be acknowledged, including:

1) WA State Attendance Letter 
2) Rights and Responsibilities Handbook 
3) Weapons Letter 
4) Student Housing Questionnaire
5) Permission to Withhold Student Directory Information

We ask that you login to ParentVUE today to view these forms. If you have never logged into ParentVUE, you will find instructions on how to do at the link above. Please know that when you next login to ParentVUE, you will be prompted to download, read, and take action for each of the forms listed above. Additionally, secondary students will be prompted to download, read and acknowledge the Rights and Responsibilities Handbook when they login to StudentVUE. Families with elementary students are encouraged to review the handbook together in ParentVUE with their students. These forms must be completed no later than Oct. 15.  

The forms are available in English, Spanish, Chinese Simplified, Chinese Traditional, Russian, Portuguese, Vietnamese, Korean, Hindi, Tamil and Telugu. If you would like to access a paper copy of these forms, please contact your school’s main office.

If you have any questions about these forms, please contact Student Services at (425) 408-7725 or by email at

If you are unable to login to ParentVue, please email for you login information. You will also need your contact information updated on ParentVue to receive important school and District messages.
Thank you!
Technology: Schoology, StudentVUE/ParentVUE & School2Home Computing Device Program

Students and staff will continue with the use of Schoology for distribution of class assignments and learning materials, along with StudentVUE and ParentVUE for grading and access to near real-time information on attendance, class schedules, report cards, course history, graduation status, and more.

Device distribution strated September 3, during English class periods. Families will not have to request a device for the upcoming school year - one will be made available to each student in grades 2-12 and provided in the classroom for students in grades K-1 (

Questions regarding devices can be directed to   
Yearbooks are sold on a pre-sale basis ONLY for $55 each during September 1-17, and, finally, December 1-17. 
  • Yearbooks can be purchased during the above sales window online through Touchbase or at the Cashier's Office before school, during options, lunch, or after school.
  • Please plan accordingly as many students who believe they do not want a yearbook during the sale windows at the start of the year feel differently as the school year comes to a close and they are unable to purchase one!
  • Please be reminded that if during the course of the year more than one yearbook is purchased – there will be NO REFUNDS. If you purchase two yearbooks, you will be given two books, not one book and a refund for the other.

Class of 2022 Senior Yearbook Photos:
Due Thurs, Oct 28

Provided size and other requirements are met, seniors can submit a photograph for the yearbook from whichever professional photographer a family chooses; OR a photograph taken by an amateur; OR seniors can choose to have the free Dorian photo (taken for their required ID card during Falcon Days or on make-up day September 14) published in the yearbook.  Learn more about specific requirements on the Yearbook website at

Class of 2022 Yearbook Questions
Should you have any questions, please email Ms. Alder at
*Details regarding the upload of senior yearbook photos will follow after school starts, well before the October 28 deadline. Once the information becomes available, most professional photographers can upload the image for the senior or can provide the senior with a .jpeg image digitally for the senior to upload themselves.

Online payments through TouchBase are still highly encouraged to reduce COVID exposure.
Online payments at TouchBase are accepted 24-hours a day.
Need your TouchBase username and password?

TOUCHBASE: Access to Make Online Payments, View Account Balance & Payment History
TouchBase is a web-based application that allows parents/guardians with the ability to make payments online and view their student’s account balance and payment history. Although cash, checks, and debt/credit cards are accepted at the Cashier’s Office and Main Office at WHS, making payments online through TouchBase is a constant 24/7 method of payment available for our families.
The link to make online payments at TouchBase can be found on the WHS homepage at under “Resources>Payments”. Like ParentVUE, where parents/guardians check student grades, usernames and passwords for Leota Middle School and Timbercrest Middle School students remain the same and carry forward to WHS and if a parent/guardian has more than one student, the TouchBase login information will provide access to all of their students’ accounts.
Parents/Guardians in need of their assigned TouchBase username and password should email whsattendance at We are unable to provide the information over the phone. 
Access ParentVUE to View Grades/Attendance/Student Details
ParentVUE is a web-based application that provide parents and guardians with information regarding their student via a secure website.
  • ParentVUE allows parents and guardians to view grades including grades for specific assignments. Please consult with your students’ teacher(s) for more information on the specific reports they post.
  • Students access their information via StudentVUE, a separate web-based application, and are provided with their own username and password. Parents/Guardians must not share their login information to their ParentVue account with their student, as ParentVUE accounts afford parents/guardians with the ability to change their demographic and contact information.
The link to ParentVUE can be found on the WHS homepage at under “Resources”. Parents and guardians are provided with an Activation Key to then establish their username and password. If a parent/guardian has more than one student, this login information will provide access to all of their students throughout NSD. Usernames and passwords for Leota Middle School and Timbercrest Middle School students remain the same and carry forward to Woodinville High School.
Where do parents/guardians new to WHS obtain their ParentVUE Activation Key?
If you are a parent/guardian who is new to WHS and need an Activation Key to establish a username and password to access ParentVUE there are two options:
  1. Appear in person at the WHS Attendance Office, show ID, and pick up the Activation Key or
  2. Send an email request with your student’s name to requesting the information.  The email address will be confirmed and the information will then be emailed to the parent/guardian.
We apologize for the inconvenience; however, Activation Keys cannot be provided verbally over the phone due to the sensitivity of the information involved.
Forgot your ParentVUE username and password?
Once a parent/guardian establishes a username and password, WHS does not have access to it.  If lost, parents/guardians should follow the prompts on the ParentVUE site to recover it.
Questions? Contact Attendance Secretary and WHS Online Parent Resource Coordinator Kim Benedict at
Tuesday ~ September 14th
Live, Virtual Event
6:30 - 9:00 p.m.

Woodinville High School’s Fall Open House & Curriculum Night will be live and virtual on Thursday, September 14th. This is a great opportunity to see your student's teachers at WHS and to learn about the school and courses your student is taking. Additional details will be forthcoming.

Students Celebrations

WHS AP Scholars-Spring 2021!

Each August, the College Board releases AP Scholar Award results for students who tested in May of the preceding school year.
WHS is pleased to announce 180 Falcons who tested in May of 2021 earned AP Scholar Awards from the College Board! These are exceptional accomplishments and congratulations are extended to our current and former students and their families from the classes of 2021, 2022, 2023, and 2024!
-     86 AP Scholars: Granted to students who receive scores of 3 or higher on three or more AP Exams
-      35 AP Scholars with Honor: Granted to students who receive an average score of at least 3.25 on all AP Exams taken, and scores of 3 or higher on four or more of these exams
-       59 AP Scholars with Distinction: Granted to students who receive an average score of at least 3.5 on all AP Exams taken, and scores of 3 or higher on five or more of these exams
-        3 AP International Diplomas: The AP International Diploma (APID) is a globally recognized certificate awarded to students who display exceptional achievement across a variety of disciplines. Available to U.S. high school students applying to universities outside the country, the APID certifies outstanding academic excellence with a global perspective. (But it's not a substitute for a high school diploma.) Students must score a 3 or higher on 5 or more AP Exams.

Alumni News! NSD Wall of Honor Inducts Woodinville High School Class of 1993 Alum Melissa Sparks Arias

WHS 1993 graduate Melissa Sparks Arias was recognized as a NSD Wall of Honor Inductee in August. Melissa is known to be a passionate advocate for vulnerable children and a community activist for the underserved. Since she was a small child, the heart of her passion has been equitable access to a healthy environment and home, higher education and prosperity for all. Arias earned her bachelor's degree from the University of Washington, and after graduating from the Seattle University School of Law in 2001, she practiced law for three years. In 2004 she was appointed to a regional task force on homelessness. Since domestic violence is a cause of housing instability for children, she left private practice to work on the issue full-time for the Domestic Abuse Women's Network (DAWN). During her time at DAWN, in partnership with the University of Washington, she launched Kid's Club, an intervention for children five and up who experienced trauma in the home. Her desire to support access to education led Arias to join the University of Washington, Bothell in 2009 where she played a vital role in the school's fundraising to directly support students and advance the success of the campus. She championed the great work of the students and faculty with the Bothell community. Additionally, Arias and her husband started an endowment to help students in the School of Educational Studies complete their degrees. In September 2018, she became President and CEO of Make-a-Wish Alaska and Washington, supporting the most vulnerable children to live their best and fullest lives – the core of her personal passion. Her advocacy extends to the Scholarship Foundation of Northshore, where she has been a trustee since 2015. Arias has worked tirelessly in direct service to underserved and vulnerable populations. She is a great leader with a big heart.


Details are subject to changes in guidance from the Northshore School District, King County Department of Health, and/or the State of Washington.

9/1-17        Yearbook Sales Window 
9/6:            Labor Day - No School

9/10:          Optional PSAT registration due for 9th-grade students
9/10:          PSAT Fee due through TouchBase for juniors & sophomores
9/13:          Parking Hangers Required to Park on Campus
9/13-17:     NHS School Supplies Drive
9/14:          Picture Make Ups @ Lunches - Order from Dorian in advance
9/14:          Virtual Open House & Curriculum Night 6:30-9 p.m.
9/15:          NHS Student FAQ Welcome Meeting
9/16:          Class Fees posted to TouchBase accounts
9/20:          Class Fees due through TouchBase
9/21:          Falcon GridIron “FunRaiser”
9/20-9/24:  Homecoming Spirit Week
9/24:          Homecoming Assembly
9/24:          Homecoming Football Game vs. Eastlake @ Pop Keeney, 7pm
9/25:          Homecoming Dance, Commons, 8pm
10/13:        PSAT/Class Meeting Bell Schedule
10/13:        PSAT - ALL 10th & 11th Graders
10/13:        PSAT - 9th Graders who register and pay $18 by 9/10
10/13:        Senior Class Meeting & Class Photo 
10/13:        Freshmen Class Meeting (for 9th graders not taking PSAT)
10/15:        NSD Required Forms due in ParentVUE & StudentVUE

10/21:        Picture Retake Day
10/22:        Pink Out for Breast Cancer Awareness
10/25-29:   Class of 2022 Senior Week Jostens Cap, Gown, & Annc Sales
10/26:        Theatre Boosters Goodwill Fundraiser #1

10/28:        Fall Choir Concert
05/14:        Senior Prom, Pacific Science Center
06/10:        Class of 2022 Commencement Rehearsal, MANDATORY, 9-11am
06/14:        Class of 2022 Commencement Ceremony

From the Health Room

This is an exciting time and we have enjoyed seeing our students back on campus! Here are some reminders that everyone needs to follow:

First and foremost, if your student is not feeling well on any school day, please keep them home. Please monitor for 24 hours. If they have no symptoms, then we look forward to having them at school. Some signs that your student should stay home include sore throat, headache, cough, or fever.

Second, if your student is well, make a reminder about wearing a mask and observing a 3-foot distance from all others while on campus.

Go Falcons!
Bus Routes 2021-2022
Bus route information is now available for families with bus riders. Find your bus route information.

New! "MY STOP" App!

The District will launch a new application, called My Stop, which will allow you to find updated arrival time for your student’s bus. This will be available beginning Sept. 1, but you can download the app now.

The free My Stop application will improve communication with families about student’s bus schedules. Students should still arrive at their bus stop at least five minutes early. The My Stop application provides parents/guardians and students information about a student’s assigned bus. The application gives an estimated time of arrival at your assigned bus stop. My Stop lets families know if another bus is taking the route on a given day because the assigned bus is being serviced. Note that My Stop will only provide bus route data to users with the correct username and password information to log into the system. Once provided, My Stop will transmit useful information securely. Without providing appropriate credentials, My Stop won’t provide any information.

We are using the new My Stop feature on Wednesday afternoon routes. We anticipate that it will work as expected, but if you experience any issues please contact us at (425) 408-7981 or by email at

Please know that the My Stop application is a new tool to help provide information about your student’s assigned bus, but it should not be solely relied on. It is important that your student is always at their assigned bus stop at least five minutes prior to the scheduled pick-up time.

If you have any questions, please contact Transportation at (425) 408-7981 or by emailing Thank you for your patience as we implement this new tool. 


Please be advised that bus passes are not approved for the first month and a half of school (near the end of October). Transportation needs time to properly assess available seats.
Attendance News & Changes for Early Dismissals
Our student day is from 8:20 a.m. to 3:20 p.m. and WHS expects all students to attend school every day.  Below are a few highlights of our attendance policy and procedures:
  • Absences must be excused within two (2) school days of the absence or students will be assigned progressive discipline.
  • Ten hours of excused and/or unexcused absences in a semester in a given class may result in going through the Attendance Validation process.
  • When a student accumulates three (3) or more days of unexcused absences it will result in a conference with administration.
  • If a student misses more than 15 minutes of class, it is considered an absence
  • If a student requires an early dismissal, the student needs to come to the Attendance Office before school or during Options with a parent/guardian signed request. We are no longer accepting phone calls or emails for early dismissal to limit classroom interuptions.
  • Students who arrive late to school (both excused and unexcused) must check in at the Attendance Office for a pass before proceeding to class.
Please refer to the WHS Website’s Attendance Page and/or the WHS Student Handbook for more details or contact the Attendance Office at 425.408.7410 or
Meal prices  for the 2021-2022
School year

For the 2021-22 school year, NSD will offer breakfast and lunch each school day at no charge to all students. Milk is included with breakfast and lunch or can be purchased separately. Ala Carte items will need to be purchased. Students also have a nutrition break during “Options”.

There are two methods available for parents to make prepayments into their student’s lunch accounts:

1) By delivering cash or a check payable to NSD or WHS to the WHS Kitchen in the commons;

2) Online through TITAN School Solutions at

Please note:

Cash or checks received at the WHS Kitchen right up until lunch begins and throughout both lunches will be applied at that time

Fees are not charged when a family pays by cash or check at WHS

The student's ID number should be included with all payments

The school district does not accept credit card payments via the food service phone number or at WHS

Add money to multiple students during the same session and only pay one convenience fee of $2.60.

You can view your student’s meal account balance with TITAN at

If you need an application for Free & Reduced Meals, it can be found here:


Beginning Monday, September 13, students must have a valid WHS 2021-2022 parking hanger in their car to park on the WHS campus. Students are strongly encouraged to ride the school bus or carpool for space and environmental reasons.

Parking hanger applications for the 2021-2022 school year were accepted at the end of last school year. Payment for students pre-approved to purchase a WHS parking pass can be made online through TouchBase. All fines must be paid before a parking hanger can be issued. Students who pay online should bring in their receipt of payment when picking up their parking hanger from the campus supservisor window at the main office. Parking is limited and will close once all available hangers have been issued. Please contact Mr. Dillman regarding parking availability if an application was not made at the end of last school year.

Students who do not have a parking hanger on September 13 must park on the street until it is purchased. The cost of parking hangers is $50 per year/$20 per seasonal sport/activity. The purchase of a parking hanger does not guarantee students a parking space every day. All parking is on a first-come, first-served basis in designated student parking areas. Parking on the WHS campus is limited. Please see the priority parking plan below. 

The parking priority plan is as follows:  

Seniors with WANIC/Health Science/Running Start class where there is no district shuttle offered. 

Juniors with WANIC/Health Science/Running Start class where there is no district shuttle offered. 

Seniors who participate in after school sanctioned sports and pre-approved after school activities. 

Juniors who participate in after school sanctioned sports and pre-approved after school activities. 

Seniors who have waivers or work after school. 

Remaining seniors in the lottery. 

If you have questions, contact Campus Supervisor Alan Dillman at
School Supply List
To assist with back-to-school planning for the 2021-2022 school year, view and/or download the WHS School Supply List on the WHS website under Resources> School Supplies.
Additionally, the WHS Fee List can be viewed on the Payments/Cashier webpage.

Parent and Student Resources
Bell & Lunch Schedules:
Routine bell schedules, lunch schedules, and altered bell schedules will be available to view by the end of August on the WHS website under “Our School” > “Bell Schedules Daily bell schedules and events will be posted on the Calendar found on the WHS homepage, as well. This is a great resource to utilize and will help keep you up-to-date on what is occurring at Woodinville High School.
Staff Directory:
Are you trying to obtain contact information for your student’s teachers or counselors? Visit the WHS Staff Directory under “Our School” > “School Staff Directory” from the website homepage.
Weather & Emergency Information:
Emergencies and weather-related problems can alter school schedules and affect bus transportation for students. Families will receive a telephone message from the district if there is a change to the school schedule. If no schedule change information is posted, schools and buses are on their regular schedules. Please visit the NSD Closures & Delays website to learn more.
AP Exam Registration takes place in September 2021 for May 2022 AP Exams
For the 2021-22 school year, the AP® Program is again offering new resources and processes designed to help students earn college credit and placement. Here’s what you and your student need to know:
  • Students will be asked to register for AP Exams in the fall. Keep an eye out for more registration information later in September.
  • AP Exams will continue to be given in May.
  • Students will get personalized feedback through new digital tools that provide daily support for every AP classroom. AP teachers will be able to track student performance throughout the year using monthly personal progress checks.
To get ready for the coming school year, please encourage your student to sign up for a College Board account. All College Board programs are connected through one account, so if your student created one for the PSAT/NMSQT®, SAT®, a previous AP test, or College Board Opportunity Scholarships, they’re all set. Students will need to have their username and password available during the first week of school.
Learn more at 
Fee Waivers for Students

Pursuant to House Bill 1660, students who are qualified for free/reduced meals may have extra-curricular/activity fees waived by completing a fee waiver consent form located on the NSD website under the heading of Reduced or Waived School Fees at:  Qualified families are encouraged to complete the waiver form. Information about House Bill 1660 can be found on the WHS website under Resources, Payments/TouchBase. Questions regarding the extra-curricular/activity fee waiver process can be directed to Account Specialist Besty Black at

Financial Assistance for Internet Access

Families who are eligible for free or reduced-price meals may also receive financial assistance for internet access. Learn more about the Emergency Broadband Benefit Program at

Northshore Schools Foundation: Request for Removing Barriers Support

Basic Needs Aid
When a family is in crisis and normal household activities are disrupted, students experience distress that affects their attendance, coursework and classroom behavior. NSF's Basic Needs Aid Fund allows families to stock up on groceries or fill the car with fuel so that they can direct their energy where it is most needed: finding a permanent solution to the situation at hand (

Apply for Funds

For WHS students, contact Counselor and CARE Team member Sarah Brenner at and/or your student’s school counselor or grade-level administrator to describe the temporary challenge or circumstance and request support. All NSF funding requests must come from an approved school staff member.

The NSD staff member will then submit your request.

Foundation leadership will review the request within 5 days and contact the NSD staff that submitted the request with details.

WHS E-News from the Principal
"One Falcon, One Family"

September 3, 2021
Volume 11, Issue 2
Office Hours
Monday – Friday 7:50 A.M. – 3:50 P.M.
September 6th - Labor Day

425-408-7400 /

Our Office Team is here to help you!
Carolyn Moriarty, Office Manager, Ext. 7401
Main Office Secretary, Ext. 7403
Denise Schwans, ASB/Assessments/Graduation Coordination, Ext. 7515
Jenn Diaz, Student Info Specialist/Registrar, Ext. 7512
Kim Benedict, Attendance Secretary, Ext. 7410
Roberta Porter, Counseling Office Manager, Ext. 7418
Nicki Kongkarat, ASB/Bookkeeping, Fine/Fee Payment, Ext. 7504
Renae Hector, Athletics Secretary, Ext. 7491

The mission of Woodinville High School is to become a community of learners, providing a safe and encouraging environment for developing the mind, body, and spirit.
GO Falcons!

19819 136th Avenue NE | Woodinville, WA 98072 US

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