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2022-2023 Housing Process
Hi there,
Yesterday we shared details about two, simultaneous periods of the 2022-2023 Housing Process that begin today:
  • Room Renewal Application Period (read yesterday’s email here)
  • Students with Approved DSS Housing Accommodations Application Period (read yesterday’s email here)
Both applications are now open. At this time you are welcome to enter your Campus Living eServices Portal to complete any relevant applications that pertain to you. Please know that there is no advantage to completing an application today or quicker than your peers do, as we don't not make housing assignments on a "first come, first serve" basis.
Enter Your Campus Living eServices Portal
📆 You have until Thursday, Feb. 24 at 10 am EST, to complete applications for Room Renewal or the Housing Accommodation for Students With Approved DSS Accommodations (if you wish to pursue either option). Please Note: we will not accept late applications after the deadline.  
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Campus Living & Residential Education
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