January 8, 2019
Edition Topics

  1. Message from Dr. Silvertooth
  2. 4-H In-Service
  3. Farm Bill and Hemp Production
  4. New Vendors & Marketing Resources
  5. Call for ALVSCE Appointed Personnel Award Nominations
  6. Call for Extension Awards Nominations

Message from the Associate Dean and Extension Director  

I hope that everyone was able to take advantage of the University of Arizona holiday closure period and spend quality time with friends and family.  Times like this are important for us all in our effort to maintain a sustainable balance in our working and personal lives.

I look forward to working with everyone in the Cooperative Extension System as we work together to advance and build our organization in 2019.

4-H In-Service -- from Jeremy Elliott-Engel

I am excited about the in-service coming up in February.  We have a very exciting line-up of speakers that will focus on the theoretical and practical elements of positive youth development and what makes a quality 4-H program. I have received questions from county administrative assistants in particular, but also County Extension Directors, about what parts are most relevant for them. My response has been as follows: 
This in-service will not be focused on technical skills (e.g. how to do 4-HOnline or enrollment information) rather it is focused on the WHY and HOW we do 4-H. Each population that has been invited, I feel, is vital for program implementation. It is important that every County Administrative Assistant, 4-H program delivery staff, and County Director gain an understanding of the underpinnings of positive youth development that influences the 4-H program so that we all may have a shared language. I believe it is vital that everyone in the Arizona Cooperative Extension system that is supporting the 4-H program receives this training is because: our administrative assistants are the front-line contacts for our 4-H families and those individuals are the first ones to explain 4-H to our families; our County Directors are communicating with advisory boards, legislatures, and community stakeholders about the value of 4-H, they are also providing guidance on how 4-H programs are delivered; and, of course, all 4-H delivery staff (Assistants, Program Coordinators, and Agents (NCEA or CEA)) are implementing or designing programs. Together, each of these individuals are essential for communicating the how and why of 4-H to our community and funders, our 4-H families, our 4-H volunteers, and our 4-H youth. 
I know that this in-service is a commitment of time for you, and it is very much a commitment of financial resources from the State 4-H Office. In recognition of the commitments being made, I have added additional learning opportunities around the main event (e.g. 4-HOnline support and market) to maximize the effort. The bottom-line is if you are a CED or County Administrative Assistant and there is one day that you are able to attend, I would strongly encourage you to attend Tuesday evening (Marketing workshop and/or Welcome dinner) and Wednesday day (The 4-H Thrive Model by Mary Arnold, Ph.D.).  

Farm Bill and Hemp Production

Read the attached memo from Shane Burgess and Jeff Silvertooth regarding the Farm Bill and hemp production.

New Vendors & Marketing Resources

There are *new* University of Arizona-approved vendors, when you want to order marketing supplies, like water bottles, bags, and t-shirts for programs.

Head here to check out a full list of approved vendors, and use the easy fill-in form through UA BookStores Direct to Campus.
Keep watching Tuesday Morning Notes for more information about this new process.

Have other marketing resource needs?
Check out Cooperative Extension’s Marketing Resource page:
(Located on the Cooperative Extension "intranet".  You’ll need your net id to log in.)

Nominate a Colleague! Seeking Nominations: ALVSCE Appointed Professional Award for Excellence 

The ALVSCE Year-to-Year Appointed Professional Award for Excellence was created to recognize and honor outstanding achievements and contributions by an individual in a year-to-year appointed professional position. Nominations for this award may be made by any employee or student in the Division of Agriculture, Life & Veterinary Sciences & Cooperative Extension, and are due to Jeffrey Ratje in Division Business Services, Forbes 322, no later than Friday, March 15, 2019.

Nomination procedures and guidelines for the award can be found here, as well as in the link below. 

Please note that the Arizona Board of Regents has created two distinct types of year-to-year appointed professionals: 1) Academic Professionals, and 2) Service Professionals. Both types of employees are eligible for nomination and reception of the award. The awardee will receive a check for $1,000 and a plaque, and will be recognized at the upcoming Spring 2019 ALVSCE Faculty/Staff Luncheon on April 30, 2019. 

For additional information or questions, please contact Brian Berrellez or Mary Carroll.  Brian can be reached by email bberrell@email.arizona.edu or by phone 520-626-9132.  Mary can be reached by email marymcarroll@email.arizona.edu or by phone 520-621-7195.

For more information: http://cals.arizona.edu/about/workplace/employee-awards/ap

Call for Nominations

Each year we recognize our faculty, staff and strong contributors to Cooperative Extension with the Extension Faculty of the Year Award, the Outstanding Staff in Cooperative Extension Award, and the Extensionist of the Year Award. 

The Cooperative Extension Faculty of the Year award recipient will receive $1,000 and an award.  Click here for Extension Faculty of the Year Award criteria and nomination form.   – Submission deadline – February 4, 2019

The Outstanding Staff in Cooperative Extension award recipient will receive $500 and an award.  Click here for award nomination criteria.  – Submission deadline – February 4, 2019

The Extensionist of the Year award recognizes and honors a resident of the State of Arizona who has demonstrated extraordinary contributions, through UACE, to improving the lives of people in their community and state.  The award will be presented at an appropriate division-wide event.  Letters of nomination from UACE or non-UACE faculty and staff and/or peers should focus on the following criteria:  1) the nature and extent of the contribution provided by the individual (35%), 2) how this contribution has benefitted people in the community (15%) and the state (15%), 3) leadership qualities (25%), and 4) support for UACE (10%).  – Submission deadline – February 4

All awards will be presented at an appropriate Extension or ALVSCE event.  Please read the criteria carefully, submitting only the materials noted.  Submit your nominations and support letters c/o Kristie Gallardo, University of Arizona Cooperative Extension, PO Box 210036, Tucson, AZ, 85721 or gallardo@cals.arizona.edu.  If you have any questions, contact Kristie (520.621.7145).

TMN Submittal Process

Please submit your news by 4:00pm Monday to TMN [tmn@cals.arizona.edu].

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