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Competition was stiff this year for the Pet Masquerade party.  People and their pooches lined up in very creative and fun costumes and the judges had a difficult time choosing the top 3 costumes.  Ultimately the audience chose the winner by voting with money for their favorite costume.
Charlie, pictured above, was the winner of the contest.  He is a rescued Greyhound and he was rescued one day before he was scheduled to be euthanized.  He is a sweet, gentle and surprisingly lazy dog who is loved by his adopters.
We would like to thank Lisa and Matt Gardi of the Bowery Station for hosting this event again this year.  Always a great time!  Debi Jordan for MCing, the band for stepping up to help  Debi out, Jenny Odom for offering to do a pet portrait of the winner, photographer Mandi Singer, all the people who donated goods and services to the the silent auction and of course all the volunteers for their time and energy. THANK YOU!
We were unexpectedly gifted hundreds of plants by Doug and Karen Jimerson this week.  They photograph and write articles for magazines such as Southern Living and Better Homes and Gardens.  It was after one of these shoots that we received an email asking if we would like the plants that were left over from the photo session.  We of course said YES!
We decided to have the sale at the Adoption Center and 2 days later, a fleet of volunteers in their trucks and SUV's met to transport the plants to the shelter. The plants were organized, priced and signs made by the end of the day.  We only had 2 days to get the word out and weren't sure if people would show up. Boy did they show up!
By 9:30 the driveway and roadway were lined with cars.  Plants were being bought and people were thrilled to have the opportunity to purchase such beautiful and healthy plants at such low prices.  We of course were thrilled because every penny spent went directly to the SECOND CHANCE FUND.
A huge thank you to Doug and Karen and to all the volunteers who helped organize the sale and who worked the sale!
We will again this year be offering pet portraits with Santa on Saturday, November 28th at Riverside Park in Apalachicola.  Santa will arrive at 1:00 p.m. atop a fire engine and you are invited to bring your pet for a pet portrait with Santa.
For a $5.00 donation to the Humane Society you may take a picture of your pet with Santa on your phone or traditional camera.  Following will be a holiday costume contest with prizes for the top 3 contestants. The contest will be at 3:00 pm. 
Be sure to mark your calendars.  You don't want to miss out on this holiday tradition! 
We know you have all been following Red's story.  He was brought to us in July in the condition you see above and as you know it took months before he was completely healthy and treated for all his ailments.  He was adopted the end of August to a wonderful family but unfortunately they had to move and Red was still being treated and not ready to leave our care.
He came back to the shelter in October and  we were able to finish his heartworm treatment and make him available for adoption again.  We have to say that although we hated to see Red have to come back to the shelter, we sure were glad to see him.  We were all very attached to this guy and this allowed us a few more weeks with this very special dog.
Red accompanied us to the Seafood Festival and he was without a doubt, the most popular dog we have ever taken anywhere.  That big, beautiful bay brought people from all over the park looking to see the dog whose voice they had heard. Although he had many admirers and several potential adopters, he wasn't adopted until the eleventh hour.
The picture below is of Red and his new family about to embark on his freedom ride.  He   now resides in a home on the St. Marks River with 2 Dachshund sisters and plenty of property to run and play.  We are so happy for our sweet boy and so thankful to the adopters for giving him the home he so deserves.
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