Plus, the Columbian Distinguished Fellows, Tracking Hate Content and More
Plus, the Columbian Distinguished Fellows, Tracking Hate Content and More
Columbian College

July 2021

Andolyn Medina
Clinical psychology doctoral candidate Andolyn Medina, MA ’17, MA ’20, excels in her studies and on pageant stages. Now the newly-crowned Miss D.C. is competing for the Miss America title.
Malicious Content Graph
A new study led by Physics’ Neil Johnson and a team of GW researchers demonstrates how harmful content spreads through the online “hate multiverse” across popular platforms.
Research Lab Group
Whether promoting HIV prevention or charting global ecosystem changes from the Arctic to Africa, major research grants help Columbian College scholars across the disciplines open doors to discoveries.
International Interior Design Association headquarters
Designer Stephen Ramos, MFA ’10, brings an eye for open spaces to his architectural projects like the new International Interior Design Association headquarters (above).
Samoni Nag
Across disciplines and research fields, CCAS PhD fellows like cognitive neuroscience student Samoni Nag (in photo) are leading scholarly studies and making real-world impacts.
Steven Livingston
Steven Livingston, professor of media and public affairs, received the Fulbright Seeking Solutions for Global Challenges Award to study the institutional legitimacy crisis.
Maley W. Hunt
Maley Hunt, BA ’13, MHA ’16, is among the newest members of the George Washington Alumni Association Executive Committee. She is the chief operating officer for LiveWell, a nonprofit focused on caring for people with Alzheimer’s disease.
Josephine Lukito
Josephine Lukito, a new research fellow with the CCAS Institute for Data, Democracy and Politics, links state-sponsored disinformation on social media to political violence.


James M. Clark (Biology) co-authored the study “Growth and miniaturization among alvarezsauroid dinosaurs” in the journal Current Biology.
Ana Maria del Rio Gonzalez (Psychology) received a $1,049,087 grant from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention for Juntas Adelante, a peer-coaching intervention program to promote the HIV-prevention drug chemoprophylaxis among Latina transgender women in the Washington. D.C.-area.
The Pen/Faulkner Foundation created the Lisa Page Writing Workshop Fellowship in honor of Lisa Page, director of the CCAS Writing Program. 
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