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CHOPR Panel Study receives NIH funding and launches this month.
The four-year $3.3m research project "Multilevel Panel Study of Effects of Changes in Nursing on Health Equity and Patient Outcomes," will significantly expand the work which began nearly 30 years ago. In this competitive continuation, we will conduct surveys twice in seven states. Our aim is to not just understand the benefits of organizational change for patient outcomes, but to understand how to target organizational change via interventions that can have a transformative impact on health equity, nurse wellbeing, and patient outcomes.

CHOPR Influencers impact 2022 AcademyHealth Annual Research Meeting.

CHOPR Faculty member, Dr. Margo Brooks Carthon with CHOPR Alumnus/Senior Fellow, Dr. Robert Lucero upon his receiving the IRGNI Mentorship Award.
Drs. Linda Aiken and Matthew McHugh with Dr. Shannon Zenk. The new NINR Director delivered the IRGNI Keynote and is the recipient of the 2022 Scholars Award.
Dr. Karen Lasater presents "Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic on Hospital Nurse Job Outcomes, Care Quality, and Patient Safety," at Best of the ARM..
Dr. Rebecca Clark with Drs. Eileen Lake and Matthew McHugh immediately following her presentation "Hospital Variation in Cesarean Rates for Low-Risk Black and White Women." 
Magnet4Europe Consortium partners assemble for the first face-to-face international meeting.
CHOPR is honored to co-lead the EU-funded Magnet4Europe initiative to transform hospital work environments in 64 European hospitals in 6 countries twinned with 67 US Magnet hospitals. The May Learning Collaborative in Cork, Ireland highlighted the project's findings thus far and twinning partners presented best practices in improving clinical work environments based on the Magnet Model®. Participating CHOPR Senior Fellows included Profs. Walter Sermeus, Martin McKee, Reinhard Busse, Anne Marie Rafferty James Buchan, Herb Smith, and Jonathan Drennan. Magnet hospital leaders and their EU partners submitted abstracts for inclusion on day 2 and the top six were presented orally. The hospital partners are now beginning their first in-person site visits to each other’s hospitals to implement strategic plans for improving clinician wellbeing. 
Dr. Margo Brooks Carthon is Co-Editor of a Special Issue in RINAH.
The issue on "Health Equity and Social Determinants of Health (SDOH)" brings together studies that illuminate avoidable differences in health between different groups of people. These widespread differences are the result of unfair systems that negatively affect people’s living conditions, access to healthcare, and overall health status. Co-editors Drs. Bridget Brawner, Margo Brooks Carthon and Adriana Perez; and journal editor Dr. Eileen Lake hope that readers will be inspired to integrate the information presented into their own clinical practices and research. More
CHOPR Publishes four major papers on Sepsis in 18 months.
The papers all show that better sepsis outcomes would have been achieved by hospitals employing more nurses and by states passing minimum required nurse staffing than policies requiring implementation of a bundle of services which often were not delivered because there weren’t enough nurses. BMJ OpenPLoS ONEAmerican Journal of Infection Control, and JAMA Health Forum
International Day of Women and Girls in Science celebrates Linda Aiken with a mural in Barcelona.
The outdoor wall painting in Barcelona’s Hospital Vall d’Hebron features nine "pioneers" in health sciences whose work throughout history has been exceptional. Dr. Aiken was chosen to represent the importance of nursing within health sciences. More 
Penn Nursing undergrads honor CHOPR Faculty Member with Teaching Award.
Dr. Karen Lasater teaches Statistics for Research and Measurement, a course that all BSN nursing students must take during their time at Penn. Students cited her "expert-level knowledge of statistical concepts," and "innovative teaching styles that break the barrier remote teaching often creates." More
thenation.com...Despite a wave of strikes spurred by the pandemic, they are still working in unsustainable conditions..
Senior Fellows' Honors, Awards and Other Things

Congratulations to CHOPR Senior Fellows/Alumni
Elected to the Sigma Theta Tau International Researcher Hall of Fame

Dr. Stimpfel presented "The mixed methods study of individual and work factors associated with psychosocial health of RNs during COVID19" at #AHIRGNI22.
Dr. Amy Witkoski Stimpfel has received the Excellence in Nursing Research Award from the Alpha Nu Chapter of Sigma Theta Tau International. She also has two new papers in American Journal of Nursing and Journal of Occupational & Environmental Medicine and discussed nurses' sleep disorders during COVID-19 in Healthleaders and Forbes.
Dr. Frances Hughes has received the 2022 New Zealand Risk Excellence Award for her work in covid management in aged care. She was awarded Risk Professional of the Year and is the first nurse to have achieved this distinction. The award celebrates the gold standard in leadership, innovation, and resilience in situations of risk or challenge.
Dame Anne Marie Rafferty discusses her academic studies and stresses the importance of leadership and mentorship for a new Nursing Times podcast focusing on careers, leadership and education, and featuring a series of interviews to inspire listeners. More
Professor James Buchan is a new Trustee of the Florence Nightingale Foundation, London
New Research Projects
Office of Nursing Research, University of Pennsylvania School of Nursing, “Investigating Disparities in Hospital Nurse Outcomes: An Examination of Social Justice during COVID-19,” Co-PI's, Drs. Eileen T. Lake and Connie Ulrich.
Agency for Health Research Quality, "Modeling How Moral Distress & Ethical Confidence Impact Nurses' Emotional & Physical Health and Safety Culture," PI: Dr. Connie Urlich; Co-I's Drs. Mathew McHugh and Ann Kutney-Lee.
More CHOPR Publications
Brom H, Anusiewicz CV, (...) Brooks Carthon JM. Access to post‐acute care services reduces emergency department utilisation among individuals insured by Medicaid: An observational study. Journal of Clinical Nursing
Carthon JMB, Brom H, McHugh M, et al. Racial disparities in stroke readmissions reduced in hospitals with better nurse staffing. Nursing Research
Dierkes AM, Aiken LH, Sloane DM, et al. Hospital nurse staffing and sepsis protocol compliance and outcomes among patients with sepsis in the USA: a multistate cross-sectional analysis. BMJ Open
Kutney‐Lee A, Bellamy SL, (...), Brooks Carthon JM. Care processes and racial/ethnic differences in family reports of end‐of‐life care among Veterans: A mediation analysis. Journal of the American Geriatrics Society
Lake ET, Riman KA, Lee CS. The association between hospital nursing resource profiles and nurse and patient outcomes. Journal of Nurse Management

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June 22, 2022
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