Book bagging opens today.
Book bagging opens today.
Duke Graduate School
Dear graduate students,
Book bagging for the fall 2020 semester opens in DukeHub today, July 27, and all updated courses on the schedule will be visible to you by 12:00 p.m. EDT. You will be able to transfer courses from your book bag to your active fall registration starting next Monday, August 3.
Key things to keep in mind as you build your fall course schedule:
There are four possible modes of instruction for courses offered in fall 2020: in-person, hybrid (online and on campus), online, and asynchronous online.
  • A course’s mode of instruction is clearly identified in its listing. Please visit for detailed descriptions of these instructional modes.

  • Enrollment in a hybrid course will require at least one in-person meeting or component.

  • Please pay careful attention to text included in the “Class Notes” section of each course listing, as additional details about course meeting patterns and other expectations appear there.

  • Time conflicts will block registration, regardless of instruction mode.

  • Room assignments for most in-person and hybrid courses will be listed as TBD until meeting locations are finalized the week of August 3.

International students matriculating to Duke for fall 2020 and arriving in the U.S. must enroll in at least one in-person or hybrid class to comply with F-1 visa regulations. Further, these students must show proof of in-person or hybrid registration to enter the U.S.
  • Please consult with your department/program for guidance on in-person and hybrid course offerings.

  • TGS has changed the mode of instruction for Research 1-01 to hybrid, so enrollment in this research course will allow you to meet the requirements for in-person course participation.

    -- To find Research 1-01 in DukeHub, select “R” in the alphabetical course offering list in the “Class Search” option, or conduct an “Advanced Search” and enter Class Number 12178 in the final box in the “Additional Search Criteria” section.

    -- Detailed registration guides (with helpful screenshots) are available at

    -- Students enrolled in Research 1-01 are expected to be conducting research related to their dissertations/theses or other required projects. In-person meetings between you and advisors/faculty must be scheduled by the department regularly throughout the semester, and optional online meetings may be scheduled at the discretion of the department.

    -- Research 1-01 remains a 1.0 – 12.0 variable credit course, with a default credit value of 1.0. If you require more than 1.0 unit, you must enter the appropriate credit value when adding the course.

    -- If you register for Research 1-01, you are not required to also enroll in CTN 1-01 to maintain active student status.

Documentation for special registration requests, including registration in courses below the 500-level, interinstitutional courses, and course overloads, may be submitted to beginning Monday, August 3.
  • Most special registration request forms are available on the Graduate School website at

  • Note that special registration requests approved before July 1 were canceled when the University Registrar deleted existing fall registration to build the new fall schedule. Revised special registration request forms reflecting your new fall schedule must be submitted to for approval.

Fuqua has not yet released to the Graduate School the list of fall courses for which non-Fuqua students will be eligible to request seats. Once this information is available, your department/program will receive instructions to share with you about the Fuqua course registration process.

If you have any questions about course registration, please first contact your director of graduate studies. If there are questions your DGS cannot resolve, you can email

Academic Affairs team
The Graduate School
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