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This email is being sent to all Ph.D. students.
Dear Ph.D. students,
As previously announced, all active Ph.D. students will receive an additional, one-time $500 payment this fall as part of ongoing efforts to address the increased cost of living. The Graduate School has been working with departments and the university payroll office to develop a process for distributing that payment. Here are the details.
The $500 payment will be distributed in October. Students on the compensatory payroll will receive their payment on October 25, while students on non-compensatory payroll will receive their payment on October 31.
(This timeline is dictated by payroll logistics, financial compliance requirements, and the need to have a finalized list of active students for the fall, which will not be available until after the September 9 drop/add deadline.)
Please make sure your noncompensatory direct deposit information is up to date by going to DukeHub -> Financials -> Direct Deposit of Refunds. Compensatory direct deposit can be set up in Duke@Work. If you have questions about which payroll you are on or about setting up direct deposit, please contact your program’s DGSA.
In addition to the one-time $500 payment, The Graduate School continues to work with other schools, university leaders, campus partners, and Graduate and Professional Student Government representatives on plans for permanent stipend increases. We will provide an update on that front as soon as there is concrete information to share. As previously noted, The Graduate School has also increased the funding pool for its childcare subsidy and medical expense/financial hardship assistance program.

Payroll Deduction for Parking

We have also been working on student concerns about parking. One issue that has been raised is the desire to spread out the parking permit fee via monthly payroll deduction instead of having to pay it in one lump sum. We discussed this with the payroll office, and it is possible for students who are on monthly (paid on the 25th day of the month), monthly non-compensatory (paid on the last business day of the month), or bi-weekly payroll.
To request payroll deduction for a certain dollar amount each semester, go to https://finance.duke.edu/bursar/forms/payroll-deduction-request and fill out all the fields on the form. Be sure to select the correct pay type (it must match the pay type that payroll has on file for you, or a deduction will not be processed). Also note the deadlines for payroll deductions. For fall 2022, payroll deduction requests must be submitted between August 9 and September 5.

Efforts to address the rising cost of living are ongoing, and we will share more information as it becomes available.

Office of Graduate Student Financial Aid
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