Plus, Better Schools for Girls, Expanding Koobi Fora Research, and More
Plus, Better Schools for Girls, Expanding Koobi Fora Research, and More
Columbian College

November 2019

Illustration of the first Thanksgiving
In his new book, History’s David J. Silverman takes a close look at the traditional Thanksgiving story and the distortion of facts surrounding its legacy for Native Americans.
Sally Nuamah
From her efforts in Ghana to her work to reform American schools, Sally A. Nuamah, BA ’11, has been a fierce advocate for helping girls obtain equal education around the world.
Nemata Blyden
History’s Nemata Blyden discussed the complex relationship between African Americans and the African continent, from slavery to the present, during a recent lecture about her new book.
Kelly Hooper
Senior journalism major Kelly Hooper (above) was among four students who reported on the opioid crisis in West Virginia for an SMPA project. Their work was featured in The Washington Post.
CCAS Koobi Fora students
National Science Foundation grants totaling $1.2 million will broaden the research and learning experience for CCAS students participating in the Kenya field school.
Fruit fly sperm
Male fruit flies who produce the longest sperm see greater longevity in future generations, notes a study by Biology’s Mollie Manier. The female flies may choose mates for their genetic benefit.
Robert G. Perry, Albert H. Small, Michael Caplin and President Thomas LeBlanc with a portrait unveiled at the symposium in honor of World War II veteran Mortimer M. Caplin.
CCAS is the new home for the Albert H. Small Normandy Institute, which sends high school students and history professors to Normandy, France, to study and eulogize fallen D-Day heroes.
Inter | Sectionality: Diaspora from the Creole City
Miami-based artists showcase works that include luminescent sand and towering sculpture in a Corcoran exhibition on the role of “Creole City” in challenging social justice and bridging communities.


Bill Briscoe (Physics) was reappointed to the Virginia Nuclear Energy Consortium Authority by Governor Ralph Northam.
Yahia Lababidi, BA ’96, (English) authored the book Signposts to Elsewhere – A Book of Aphorisms.
Daniele S. Podini (Forensic Sciences) was awarded a $192,764 grant from the U.S. Department of Justice to develop probabilistic genotyping for the forensic DNA marker known as microhaplotypes.

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