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The annual Mardi Gras Barkus Parade hosted by The Mystic Krewe of Salty Barkers was an enormonus success.  This annual parade has been a favorite for years but the Krewe took it to the next level this year. In addition to golf carts, floats, boats, and dogs in coats, there was a marching band, mermaids and dancers.  There were vendors, live music, traditional cajun food and plenty of fun.  
The Humane Society adopted 6 puppies and one cat during the event and people from all over came by to talk with us and express their support for our mission. It was a day of celebration for our 4 legged friends and the Franklin County Humane Society.
We would like to extend our sincere appreciation to the Krewe for their time, talent and creativity.  It takes months of hard work to put together an event like this and we are honored that you have chosen the Humane Society to be one of the beneficiaries of this fantastic event.  The $3200.00 that you raised on our behalf will be put to good use caring for the many homeless pets at the Adoption Center.
Thank you Mystic Krewe of Salty Barkers.  You all are amazing!
Vera was left in the drop pen in October.  She was a middle aged gal with a sweet nature and gentle ways.  Unfortunately it became obvious that she was pregnant after being here only a couple weeks.  We tried to find foster care for her during her pregnancy and while the pups were young but to no avail.  Vera had her 5 puppies while in the shelter and the pups were here until old enough to be adopted at 8 weeks.
Have you ever thought about fostering but haven't taken the leap because you're concerned you won't be able to give the pet back for adoption when it's time or that it's too long a commitment?  Don't let these worries keep you from one of the most gratifying experiences you'll ever have.
Once you realize how many you can help save by fostering rather than adopting, you'll be able to relinquish your charge when it's time. You'll understand there is someone else waiting in the wings who needs your special kind of love and attention.  Once you have met the adopter of your foster and witness the happiness you have made possible, you can walk away knowing your efforts made it happen.
Time constraints shouldn't keep you from fostering either.  We know many of you travel during the year and we're not asking you to change your plans.  You can foster for a week, a month or several months.  Whatever you can do is beneficial for our pets.  You have the option of fostering dogs, cats, adults or babies.  Whatever type of fostering you prefer, you can have.
After Vera's puppies were adopted she went into foster care.  Her foster  mom introduced her to her many dogs and Vera lived in a home with a yard full of other dogs to  run and play with.  She was socialized by going to the dog park and interacting with all kinds of people and animals.  She was such an outstanding example of the kinds of dogs to be found at the Humane Society that she was elected Queen of the Barkus Parade.
A couple weeks after her triumphant reign, Vera was adopted by a lovely couple who fell in love with her sweet face and gentle nature.  Her foster mom, Bonnie Stewart, has gone on to volunteer to be the Humane Society's volunteer/foster coordinator.
If Vera's story has inspired you to try fostering, please call the Adoption Center for more information on how you can help.  850-670-8417
I'd like to introduce you to two very special dogs.  Marsha and Noel.  These two didn't arrive together but they have become best of friends.  Marsha was left on our property a year ago.  She was so fearful it took us 3 days to capture her.  You can see the fear in her eyes in the picture above.
Noel was brought to us a couple weeks before Christmas in the condition you see.  In addition, she had 2, two week old pups she was trying to care for alone in the woods.  She too was fearful but neither Marsha nor Noel have ever shown an ounce of aggression.
Due to their fearful nature, they don't "show" well at the shelter.  Adopters pass them by because our girls won't approach strangers.  Marsha has had the good fortune to be in foster care the past 5 months and the changes in her are remarkable.  She  has bonded with her fosters, loves going to the dog park and playing with the other dogs and loves road trips.  She is still fearful of people she doesn't know and loud noises but she isn't paralyzed with fear any longer.
Noel, being Marsha's best friend, is invited along most days to go to the dog park, drive around town or to the foster's home.  She is making great strides but has a ways to go.
We are looking for a home for both these sweet girls, together or separate.  They need to go to a quiet home without children.  There must be a fence and the adopters must be patient, loving and kind.  They must be willing and able to spend the time necessary to help these girls gain confidence and trust.
These ladies may never be super outgoing and social but they will be a devoted and loving addition to the right family.  With time, patience, and love, someones life will be better with Marsha and/or Noel.
We ask that you please forward this newsletter in the hope that someone will read this story and be moved to adopt.  Thank you.
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