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It’s great to be part of an industry which has taken the time and trouble to future-proof its technology so that we can adapt to the changing behaviours and expectations of consumers and maintain our relevance to society. Certified Next Gen ATM products and services are starting to roll off the production line in a reinvention of our whole industry ecosystem. At the same time, ATMIA and the ATM Security Association (ASA) have joined forces to launch and manage a Crisis and Crime Management Intelligence System (CCMIS) to track crime and fraud trends, which will enable us to stay one step ahead of evolving crime. Together, the forces of innovation, through Next Gen, and protection, through the CCMIS, will stand us in good stead going forward.

Even as the world gradually returns to normal and aims for the post-pandemic phase, the ATM industry is already ready for growth and expansion in order to ensure that the ATM remains the preeminent self-service channel for a new generation of users.

Thanks, as always, for your continued support of ATMIA and the ASA. Wishing you safety and success!

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Mike Lee
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Member of the Month
Our Member of the Month for June and July is UmojaSwitch Company Limited.
UmojaSwitch was established in the year 2006 by six banks with the main purpose being able to establish a joint shared infrastructure for financial services and enjoying the economies of scale. This was after the challenges which faced the small banks in establishing this kind of infrastructure individually. The founding members of UmojaSwitch Company Limited are:

Akiba Commercial Bank Plc
Azania Bank Limited
Bank Of Africa Tanzania Limited
TIB Development Bank (formerly Tanzania Investment Bank Limited)
Twiga Bancorp Limited
DCB Commercial Bank Plc (formerly Dar es Salaam Community Bank Limited)

Eventually, the number of members joining the UmojaSwitch network continued to increase. In the year 2010, the members passed a resolution to transform the consortium into a private company limited by shares. Thus, a new company was incorporated by 2011 by the name UmojaSwitch Company Limited.  After these establishments, the following are the other members who joined after the establishment of UmojaSwitch consortium:

Access Bank Tanzania Limited
Advans Bank Limited
Amana Bank Limited
China Commercial Bank
Commercial Bank of Africa (Tanzania) Limited
Efatha Bank Limited
Kagera Farmers Cooperative Bank Limited
Kilimanjaro Cooperative Bank Limited
Maendeleo Bank Limited
Mbinga Community Bank Limited
Meru Community Bank
Mkombozi Commercial Bank Limited
Mufindi Community Bank Limited
Mwanga Community Bank Limited
Njombe Community Bank Limited
NIC Bank Limited
Peoples Bank of Zanzibar
Tanzania Postal Bank
Tanzania Women’s Bank Plc
Uchumi Commercial Bank Limited
United Bank Limited

The aim of establishment was to create a shared platform where financial institutions can integrate and interpolate through a shared switch. Not only that, but also to create a shared based brand that financial institutions will be recognized as a leader in provision of financial services which are convenient, reliable, secured, accessible and affordable to our customers


To become the largest provider of electronic payment services in the country by providing services which are reliable, affordable and accessible for the benefit and convenience of its members and their customers.

They have been a very loyal member since 2017. 


ATMIA Certifies World's First Next Gen ATM Product

ATMIA certified the world's first Next Gen ATM product, following a multi-year global project, involving over 400 companies in 56 countries, to create a new global API App model for ATMs.

"This is a milestone in the actual reinvention of the ATM to integrate ATMs into the mobile-digital world and to set up a new wave of innovation and investment in our industry through this dynamic ecosystem," commented Mike Lee, CEO of ATMIA, President of the ATM Security Association and Chairperson of the Consortium for Next Gen ATMs.

KLEAR Technologies, Inc., founded in 2013, and headquartered in Las Vegas, has become the first company in the world to attain official Next Gen ATM certification. The certification was awarded for its patented product, SecurPair, which provides for secure authentication of financial transactions by validating device-to-terminal pairing, for example, in cardless ATM transactions, using a QR code. ATM vendors can deploy downloadable software to accommodate acquiring of the transactions, while issuers will have a software development kit (SDK) to add to their mobile app to effect the authentication.

Read more here.

ATM Security Association Launches World’s First Crisis and Crime Management Intelligence System for the ATM Industry

The ATM Security Association (ASA) is proud to announce the launch of its new global Crisis and Crime Management Intelligence System (CCMIS).

The world’s first global crime intelligence database for the ATM industry, CCMIS is a centralized, searchable database of ATM incidents that will help every stakeholder in the industry from ATM deployers to security specialists and manufacturers understand current crime trends, methods of attack, crime migration patterns and emerging forms of attack. The database allows members to report an incident, search by location and type, and to pull reports, graphs and stats.

Read more here.

ATMIA CEO Mike Lee Congratulates ATMIA Academy Graduates on their Certification as International ATM Operators

The ATM Industry Association (ATMIA) is pleased to congratulate three recent graduates of the ATMIA Academy.
- Edgar Cruz, a software engineer with ESQ Business Services, Inc
- Jessica Bartley, a ATM maintenance technician with DuPont Community Credit Union
- Kathy Nolte, automated delivery systems coordinator at Virginia Credit Union
They have all successfully completed the Academy’s International ATM Operators training and are now certified.
New ATMIA Position Paper on Universal Cash Deposits at ATMs

ATMIA published a public position paper recommending the widespread adoption of Universal Cash Deposit systems and standards for ATM networks worldwide.

The paper, which will be posted in the public domain and sent to regulators, promotes the position that Universal Cash Deposit for ATMs will assist communities and businesses in dealing with the decline in bank branches, while making cash itself more competitive in order to protect on-going access to cash for all demographic groups.

Read more here.

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News From ATMIA Members Worldwide 

South African Reserve Bank commences CBDC feasibility study

The South African Reserve Bank is to conduct a feasibility study for a general-purpose retail central bank digital currency (CBDC)

Like other central banks around the world, the Sarb says it wants to investigate the "feasibility, desirability and appropriateness" of a CBDC as electronic legal tender, complementary to cash.

The feasibility study will include practical experimentation across different emerging technology platforms, taking into account a variety of factors, including policy, regulatory, security and risk management implications.

Read full article. 
Better together: Kaspersky iHub launches new program for companies working in fintech, gaming, and smart home B2C projects

Kaspersky Innovation Hub (iHub) announces the fifth Open Innovation Program for tech startups and mature companies developing consumer projects in the areas of fintech, gaming, and future household. Its participants can get an expert evaluation of their business ideas, access to Kaspersky clients and sales channels, and create a long-term partnership with the global cybersecurity and digital privacy company. Entry applications will be accepted throughout 2021, all details of the program are available on   

Read full article. 

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Help Us Celebrate the Birthday of the ATM!

We invite your company to share our excitement about the 54th birthday of the very 1st ATM in the world, which went live on June 27th, 1967.
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Announcing 'World ATM Day'

On 27th June 1967, the world’s first semi-automated cash dispenser – later to be known as the Automated Teller Machine – was unveiled by Barclays Bank at its North London Branch in Enfield.

Fifty-four years later, this humble machine can now be found at over 3.2 million locations around the world, with many having transformed into sophisticated deposit-taking, cash recycling, currency converting, video-linked financial services hubs capable of replacing bank branches. Despite recent closures, the overall number is growing.

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ATM Security Association


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ATMIA has created a webpage for fact-based messages about how the coronavirus pandemic affects us and our industry. ATMIA is here for you and for all ATMs throughout the world. You are constantly in our thoughts. Please stay safe.
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