The latest from the Christian education community.
The latest from the Christian education community.

At CACE, our desire is that you will not feel alone during this time of transition out of the school year and into an uncertain future. So, here are a few things to keep you connected and help you do bold work:
  • CACE's COVID-19 Resources page: We will continue to add resources that might be helpful as you do your current work and plan for the future.
  • Digical Education Podcast: I finished a series about a week ago entitled "What's Next" where I asked educational thought leaders and innovators what they think will happen when this pandemic is over. Now, I am doing a series entitled "Get Ready" where I am asking school leaders what they are contemplating as they prepare for the fall. Two episodes that stand out to me are the conclusion of the first series, "Personalized within Community" with Justin Cook, and "Manageable Innovation" with Chad Dirkse, an episode in the current series.
Lastly, I found this article on re-opening schools by Paul Vallas to be quite helpful. Paul was a Christian school parent and a leader in some of the largest school district turnarounds in the past 25 years.
We'll continue to add content to Twitter and on the website.
Holding God's hand, we step forward in faith.
Erik Ellefsen
"It has been fascinating to note the complexity of decisions at every level as the coronavirus has spread across the world. How decisions are made matters. How we press the occasional pause button to reflect on our decisions matters as well."
How can conflict increase creativity among teams? Teams are tasked with solving a problem, and creativity can provide the team with more options, and more viable options can solve problems. Research literature discusses the impact that conflict has on creativity and whether a conflict is positive or negative. So, the real question isn't "is there a relationship?" But rather, "what is the relationship?"
Just as a pilot needs to consider the physics of lift and drag while flying a plane, school leaders have to consider how they can create lift while leading their institutions. This can be a challenge because it involves change and willingness to evaluate the current state, while also looking to the future.
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