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February 22, 2022

  1. Message from Interim Director Ed Martin
  2. Congratulations Andrew Brischke
  3. The EFNEP Bite Newsletter
  4. ALVSCE Staff Council Conversation with Vice President Burgess
  5. SRER Discovery Friday's
  6. America Saves Week
  7. Spring Artificial Insemination Clinic, March 25-27, 2022
  8. New Extension Publications


Message from the Interim Director of Extension

It has never been more important to remember the personal touch in these days of Zoom calls and virtual conferences, and field days. This doesn’t mean one-on-one visits, although those are very effective. But also remember to take time during these virtual experiences to add a bit of the personal touch that Extension is so very well known for. We collaborate with communities, local governments, industry, NGOs, etc. But in the end, we work with people. Take a minute or two in your next virtual experience to make that connection. The resulting smiles will let you know when you hit the mark.

Congratulations Andrew Brischke

Andrew Brischke, ANR Agent in Mohave and Coconino counties, received the Outstanding Young Range Professional Award at the Society for Range Management Annual Meeting in Albuquerque, NM on February 9, 2022. Andrew was cited for his excellent work in rangeland management and livestock production programs, and his service to local, state, and national organizations. Congratulations Andrew!

EFNEP Bite Newsletter

Happy Heart and Nutrition Months - Did you know that UA Community Nutrition-EFNEP is crazy about the months of February and March? February is Heart Month and March is National Nutrition Month, so we are delighted to bring you helpful and enjoyable information on both topics during our February and March EFNEP Bite newsletter.

ALVSCE Staff Council Conversation with Vice President Burgess

The ALVSCE staff council would like to invite all staff to join our upcoming conversation with Vice President Burgess, where we will be discussing various topics of concern to the staff of ALVSCE.  Staff Council is taking feedback via a Qualtrics Survey through Wednesday, February 23 to develop the agenda of the March 1 event.

Staff Council Conversation with Shane
When:  March 1, 2022 at 2:30 PM
Where: ZOOM- https://arizona.zoom.us/j/82075356001

We hope to see you all there!

SRER Discovery Friday's

Discovery Friday’s Developing Regional Partnerships: Science, Conservation and Culture
University of Arizona Santa Rita Experimental Range

Lecture 2:  February 25, 2022, 10:00-11:00AM

Altar Valley Conservation Alliance
Please join Conservation & Science Director Julia Sittig for a presentation about the Altar Valley Conservation Alliance.  The Altar Valley Conservation Alliance is a watershed based collaborative conservation organization founded in 1995 by ranchers in the Altar Valley, which is located southwest of Tucson, Arizona.  The AVCA works to conserve the Altar Valley for future generations through a strongly collaborative, science-based, community driven and integrated approach.  Join this webinar to learn more about AVCA’s recent activities, successes, and how AVCA is planning for the next 25 years of collaborative conservation in the Altar Valley.

Please use the link below to register for the free webinar:
Registering once with your name and email will send the links and reminders to the four lectures.

SRER Discovery Friday’s 2022 Webinar Calendar
28 January- Abe Karam: The National Ecological Observatory Network
25 February- Julia Sittig: Altar Valley Conservation Alliance
25 March- Vanessa Prileson: Pima County Department of Natural Resources
29 April- Tyler Miller: Santa Cruz Valley National Heritage Alliance

America Saves Week: February 21—25, 2022

Join us for America Saves Week Activities:

Tuesday, February 22 at 11:00 AM: Save for the Unexpected—30-minute educational session on tips, tricks, and activities for saving money! https://arizona.zoom.us/j/83933485109

Wednesday, February 23 at 3:30 PM: The Psychology of Saving—30-minute Title: This half-hour workshop will introduce participants to the psychology of saving and the behaviors associated with saving. Participants will learn about the Take Charge Cats financial education program for middle, high school, and college students. https://arizona.zoom.us/j/84321980135

Wednesday, February 23 at 5:00 PM: Pay for College—Come and learn all the ways you can save and pay for college. This webinar is for parents looking to save for their children, high school students, and those already attending college who want to learn more.  https://arizona.zoom.us/j/86260552613  Password: Save 

Thursday, February 24 ANYTIME: Take the America Saves Pledge: Connect to a Campaign | Local Campaign | America Saves Make a pledge to yourself and create a simple savings plan that works. Complete the Pledge and America Saves will send you short email and text reminders, resources, and tips to keep you on track toward your savings goal. Become part of an entire community of savers. Get started now!

Friday, February 25 at 1:30 PM: Early Financial Literacy Building Blocks Taught through Mobile Children’s Library—This half-hour workshop will introduce participants to a financial literacy mobile library for children three to five years old. Parents and care providers will learn about developmental building blocks that children need to understand numeracy and the foundational skills associated with financial behaviors in adulthood. https://arizona.zoom.us/j/83712629341

Check out https://extension.arizona.edu/financial-literacy-classes for most up-to-date class schedules.

Spring Artificial Insemination Clinic, March 25-27, 2022

Artificial Insemination (AI) has been shown to improve the genetic quality of a herd, increase consistency and value to a calf crop, eliminate the need to purchase, house, and feed a full bull battery, shorten breeding and calving season, and generally improve the profitability of a livestock production operation.

If you are interested in adding an AI program into your livestock operation, please join us for our 2.5-day AI Clinic at our UA Experimental Ranch, V Bar V, near Camp Verde March 25-27th, 2022. Our experienced staff will guide you through the entire AI process and will include hands-on practice including live animals. Cost is $750, first-come basis, non-refundable, and includes a take-home AI kit ($350 value), AI Manual, flash drive with all the presentations, and lunch on Sat. and Sunday. Registration is limited to 12 participants.

Registration will open Monday, February 28, 2022. Please contact Lydia Watts at the Yavapai County Cooperative Extension Office, (928) 445-6590. For further questions, please contact Andrew Brischke (928) 753-3788 or brischke@cals.arizona.edu 

New Extension Publications

The AR Floating Farm Project Student Guide
Andie Rodriguez and Gerardo Lopez

In the process of creating this AR (Augmented Reality) S.T.E.M. (Science. Technology. Engineering. Mathematics) project we wanted to merge this new technology with an agricultural perspective (farm). When you create a farm using AR software it portrays the farm as “floating”, thus the name AR Floating Farm.

Recycled (or reclaimed) water is municipal wastewater treated to a sufficient quality for its intended purpose—a concept known as ‘fit-for-purpose’ reuse. In any region with impaired or scarce water resources, recycled water can be used to replace or augment existing water supplies. Potential applications range from power plant cooling to drinking water augmentation to agricultural irrigation. While the U.S. is considered a leader in potable reuse—the use of advanced treated recycled water as a drinking water supply—Israel has established itself as a leader in agricultural reuse. In fact, Israel now recycles 75% of its wastewater for use in agricultural applications (CONSERVE, 2019). This dramatically reduces the country’s reliance on scarce freshwater resources or costly water supply alternatives such as desalination. With global food demand expected to increase 70% by 2050 (UNESCO, 2012) and climate change expected to put further strain on freshwater supplies, agricultural reuse is slated for further expansion in the future.

Jeremy Elliott-Engel, Amy Parrott, Michael Hauser, and Elizabeth W. Sparks

  New 4-H Employee Orientation University of Arizona Cooperative Extension Acronyms
  Who do I need to call?

TEN Submittal Process

Please submit your news by 4:00pm Monday to TMN [tmn@cals.arizona.edu].

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