Important Dates

  • August 3rd - First Week of Team for Climb Nashville (Rec. & Select)
  • August 17th - First Week of Team for Climb Nashville (Competition)
  • October 5th - Fall Break NO PRACTICE
  • November 23rd - Last Week of Practice (Rec & Select)

COVID Protocols

The following are the steps we’re taking across all facilities to keep our Youth Team climbers safe, while still giving them the opportunity to climb, during this time. Please make sure your climber is ready to follow these instructions from their first day of team onwards.
  • Any climber or coach exhibiting any symptoms or a heightened temperature will be required to stay home
  • Any who are capable are required to wear a facemask, including coaches and climbers
  • Climbers will move in smaller groups and these groups will not mix. Each group is set for the foreseeable future.
  • Climbers and coaches will be asked to maintain a distance of 6ft. from one another as much as possible.

Team Dues and Credit Allocation

As you will recall from last season, our returning Climb Nashville team members are due 3 weeks of credits from last season. We will be applying these credits towards any regular scheduled dues. As with past seasons, the first month of team will be charged in full. If a team starts later than the first week of the month they will practice an additional week in December at no additional cost (see Crucial Upcoming Dates).

Youth Team Spots Still Available!

Youth Team still has openings across all Recreation Teams and, if you're a returning Select Climber, we have spots on those teams as well. Feel free to reach out to Coach Sam with any questions at
As we start back after a long break I wanted to share a video I've shared with many before. Never forget that our mission isn't getting to the top, it is a continued pursuit of excellence in the face of adversity.
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