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"Fall" Into a Car-Free State of Mind!

When I think of Autumn, I think of new school supplies (Who else loves that? Just me? Okay!), new shoes, and the satisfying sound of leaves crunching beneath my feet. 
What I don't like to think about is a return to regular traffic patterns as everyone races to drop the kids at school and get to work. So...why do we do it each year? Why not try something different? And why not have fun while you're trying a new commute?

Walk & Ride Registration - Now Open!

You've heard of March Madness? Around here, we have Walk & Ride Madness during the Walk & Ride Challenge!
Each year, people all around Bethesda team up with their co-workers to see who can walk the most during a three-week period. This year's dates are October 8-26, 2018.
You can walk to transit, to your office, or outside to wait for your carpool pick up! Use a pedometer or other device to keep track of your steps, and then log them into our custom-made website!
Prizes are awarded weekly via random drawing, and at the end of the Challenge to the three teams with the highest average step counts! 
The registration fee is $40 per team for team registering by Friday, September 7. After that, the fee increases to $50 per team.

Visualize the Future of Transit

The National Capital Region Transportation Planning Board will be hosting a series of open houses around the region to discuss their long-range transportation plan, Visualize 2045. The Montgomery County Meeting will be held on Wednesday, September 12 from 4:00-7:00 p.m. at the Upcounty Government Services Center in Germantown. Click here for more information

Park(ing) Day!

Join us for Park(ing) Day! On Friday, September 21, on-street parking spaces around Downtown Bethesda will be transformed into pocket parks for the day by local businesses and community groups. The goal is to re-imagine our urban landscape and to get to know one another at a pocket park! 

Car Free Day!

On Friday, September 21, BTS will be participating in Car-Free Day. BTS staff will be gathered at the Bethesda Metro Plaza with our friends from Silver, giving away prizes, coffee, and transit information. Stop by from 6:30-8:30 a.m. and say hello. You may recall that the official date for Car-Free Day is September 22, so this year, you have two days to pledge to go car free: September 21 and/or September 22! Go to and take the pledge!

Don't forget: September is National Preparedness Month

Many of us wait until there's an actual emergency before we start thinking about an emergency. And guess what? That's really poor planning.September is the perfect time to think about how your life and business would be impacted by an emergency.
Is there a telework plan in place in the event of weather emergencies or traffic event?
What is your "Plan B" for getting home from work if a transit system is impacted by an emergency? 
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