Summer Staff 2021

We are missing a few from this picture, but this is the team that served our churches this summer. They cooked, did dishes, mowed, weedeated, cleaned, did reacreation, RA for dorms,taking pictures, lead our horse camps, helped wilderness camps, helped with paintball, served as faculty, nurse and made sure the camp was ready for each new camp session that came to Hanging Rock. They started at 7:30 am and most days did not stop until 7-8 pm. If they were Dorm RA's they watched over the kids at night in the dorms. They served 12 weeks of camp and over 30 different camp sessions! Praise the Lord for this Group! They were behind the scenes with very little thank you's, but they served the Lord in this way and we are grateful for them! Thank you also to a great Hanging Rock Intern this year with Daniel Orahood! He did a great Job! Here are a few pictures of Daniel in action. LOL Thanks Daniel!
Executive Director

From the Camp Director,

As camp is winding down, I begin to reflect on what a great summer we have had here at Hanging Rock. It looks like we  have served 1,706 campers and we have a few camps left, but even though we are still about 200 campers short of where we were in 2019 the Lord has blessed Hanging Rock in so many ways this summer. All of the donations we have recieved from cereal to recreation equipment to kitchen supplies to finances that help offset the cost of camp were just amazing! So, THANK YOU to our supporting churches and indivduals for stepping up in so many ways! 
I do want to bring up a concern that I have, and I'm hoping it is because we are just coming out of Covid. But, every week of camp this year struggled to get faculty. Hanging Rock has always been a volunteer based camp that relied on our churches for faculty for camp. This summer we ran into shortages for every camp session we had and had to use our summer staff for faculty. That meant summer staff had to clean, do recreation and serve as faculty, which really became a problem as we are finishing up camp, because they are exhausted. I'm afraid we might have burnt these young people out and they will never want to serve at camp again. I pray that this was just a problem for this summer, but over my 14 summers here at Hanging Rock I have seen faculty from our churches decline each year. We are either going to have to have more faculty to run camp or we are going to have to have more paid staff. If we have more paid staff that means raising camp fees. I wanted to share my concern with you so you can be in prayer over this matter. I hope maybe next year we will have an abundance of people wanting to serve as faculty. 
We have a few camps left before we wrap up our summer season. Please keep the staff in your prayers as we finish serving strong. 
Thanks again for providing the rescources for camp.
Gary Baker, Executive Director
Hanging Rock Christian Camp

Family Camp - September 3-6, 2021

We are very excited about family camp this year, with Harold Keck bringing the messages and we have two sisters that are coming to lead us in Worship and do a concert one night. We are planning for outdoor worship again this year so bring your lawn chairs and be ready to worship and learn. Come and be a part of this years family camp and enjoy the company of many Christians. Harold's theme for his messages are:
Curveball -- When Life Throws the Unexpected - A Study of Ruth  
You might read this book before you come to camp. 

It is easy to get into a groove with life and become comfortable until it seems, out of nowhere, life throws us a curveball. How do we react to the unexpected? Do we allow it to make us bitter or better? Join us as we study the book of Ruth and see how we can adjust to the unexpected and become better disciples of Jesus.

 Dealing with Disappointment             Ruth 1 - Saturday Morning

Make the Most of Opportunity            Ruth 2 - Saturday Night

Respond with Integrity                        Ruth 3 - Sunday Morning

Receive a Blessing                             Ruth 4 - Sunday Night 

Ladies Night Out - September 9, 2021

We were not able to run a Ladies event last year due to Covid-19, so we are very excited to be having a Ladies Event this year. Make sure you get registered and come and have a great Ladies Night Out! 

From the Associate Director 

Whew!! What a crazy summer it has been. I have officially survived my first summer overseeing the kitchen as the Food Service guy! People often ask me if I like my new role better than my last one. That is a difficult question to answer, because they are two totally different animals. Overseeing the back property has different stresses than the kitchen does. They both have their challenges, but different types. They both have their rewards, just different types. So, I can't really answer that question fairly. What I can answer is, "How are you liking your new role?" I love it! While it has been a challenge this summer trying to figure things out, having things break, balance employee's schedules, ordering food, making sure we meet dietary restrictions, and just the event of cooking for 150-240 people a week, it has been a great summer! My team has stepped up and helped big time. I would like to take this time to personally thank my staff. To my cooks Kristin and Amber: Thank you for all your hard work in leading your respective meals and the hours you put in this summer! Knowing you were leading the way put my mind at ease. To my kitchen assistant Tina: Thank you for manning the salad bar and taking pride in making sure it was fully stocked and for leading the way on making desserts. Your willingness to help in other areas were always a blessing. To my dishwashers Sully, Eli, Lauren, Sarah  and Abbie: Thank you for the countless trays, cups, silverware, pots and pans, knives, cutting boards, and all the other dishes you washed this summer. You guys did all of that in a hot, stuffy dish room and didn't complain too much about the heat. 🙂

The one thing that is the most different from my previous role and one I knew would be one of the biggest challenges for me is, I miss the camper interactions. I still found ways to have a chance to talk to the campers and have some fun with them and hopefully had an impact on them. This summer stretched me, challenged me and made me really appreciate all the hard work everyone puts in to making each week a success around here. It had its challenges, that is for sure, but one thing I know: Jesus was taught, Jesus was preached, Jesus was the center of each week and Jesus changed lives here this summer. I am just glad my team and I were able to help play a small role in that.

I wanted to close out with a few numbers and thanking a few more people. First the numbers: each week I would add how many total people we were cooking for and give that to my team. Some weeks it was 120, but other weeks it was 240+! Each week we stepped up and made sure everyone was fed and allergies were accommodated. This summer alone we served well over 17,000 meals in the months of June and July! That is a lot of food and a lot of cooking! I had some volunteers this summer who were a huge blessing! Thanks to Diana Mahoy, Kathleen Dugard, Bev Hall, Sharyn Adams, and Samantha Guilliams for helping cook, clean and serve meals this summer. We wouldn't have been able to make things happen without your help! I would also like to thank the summer staff and Gary and Jennifer for their willingness to step in and help when needed! You guys ROCK!!

Todd Blair, Associate Director
Hanging Rock Christian Camp
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New Maintenance Director,

We are so excited to have Drew Follmer join us here at Hanging Rock. We are not just getting Drew, but a great family that loves camp ministry. With 21 years in camping they understand the importance and impact that camp makes, they also understand the amount of work that goes into making camps and retreats great! Drew's wife Diana will also be joining our staff as a part-time facilities coordinator and serving as one of our cooks for retreats and camps.  As you can see with the picture below their son, Seth, is already wearing Hanging Rock staff shirts. Seth is heading to Manahaton Christian College in the fall, but we hope he will join us next summer on our summer staff team.  The Follmer family will arrive at camp with their moving truck on Monday, August 2nd and we will help them unload Tuesday morning at 10am if you want to help. 
Welcome Follmer family to Hanging Rock! 

Great is Thy Faithfulness Update:

As we kick off our new campaign to help continue to improve activities and facilities here at Hanging Rock, our first challenge was to raise money to remodel the girl's bathrooms. We needed to raise $40,000 to do all 4 bathrooms in the girl's dorm. We have raised all $40,000!! Praise the Lord!!  We plan to begin the remodel in November. The second project we are raising money for is to rebuild our zipline. We need $50,000 to make that happen. We have had a generous donor challenge our churches and individuals to help make this happen by offering a $25,000 matching donation through December. If we can raise $25,000 by December they match dollar for dollar up to $25,000 to help re-build the zipline! We are hoping we can have that raised by December. Then we will focus on the Hanging Rock Hilton Remodel.   We are hoping several of our churches will partner with us to make this happen as well. When you give just let us know it is for the Great is Thy Faithfulness Campaign. 
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