FMCA's June Monthly E-Newsletter
FMCA's June Monthly E-Newsletter
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Outside Is Calling
June is Great Outdoors Month, and after the past year, we’ll take any excuse we can find to ditch the city and head outside into nature. Whether that means mountains, forests, beaches, or deserts, it’s up to you. Regardless of what type of climate and scenery you prefer, the great outdoors can improve your mental and physical well-being and provide inspiration, emotional clarity, and boost your overall mood.
The pandemic has led to an influx of new nature enthusiasts discovering the benefits of the great outdoors, but that shouldn’t stop you from visiting popular destinations also. If crowds are not your thing, though, we encourage you to look beyond the frequently visited spots in a region and seek out lesser-known destinations. 
We also encourage you to set a goal for yourself this month based on the theme of “The Great Outdoors.” If that means spending extra time working in your yard, great! If you’d rather push yourself to take 20 hikes in the month of June, that’s great, too! Whatever it is that gets you excited about the outdoors, lean into it. Get in touch with the outside world and embrace your nature self.
The FMCA Team
FMCA Campground
It was a nice treat again! We stayed at the FMCA Campground several months ago for two nights, and we just completed another two nights there. The campground is excellent and the 1.4-mile walking path around the nearby lake provides exercise as well as enjoyable bird-watching. Units of all sizes and degrees of fanciness seemed right at home there. THANK YOU, FMCA!!!


FMCA members stay two free nights per month at FMCA’s member-only campground in Cincinnati. Join FMCA today and make reservations for your first stay. You're in luck! We're currently running a 30% off special for new members. Click here to learn more. 
How Do I?
Celebrate The Great Outdoors . . . Volunteer
Now that you know June is Great Outdoors Month, and being outdoors can greatly improve your mental and physical well-being, may we suggest you try adding in some volunteer work as well. Why, you ask? Volunteering is another great way to boost your mental, emotional, and physical health. Current research suggests that those who volunteer have lower blood pressure and a longer life span.
As you brainstorm how to volunteer outdoors, while possibly on the road full-time or part-time, consider some insights from Helmut Albrecht, a guest blogger on the FMCAdventure blog. He tells his story about Volunteering in Big Bend National Park — the treasures he discovered while working as a campground host.
The National Park Service offers many different volunteer opportunities throughout the United States that you can do solo or with family and friends. Some simply require a desire to volunteer; others are specialized positions that may involve a background check. Plus, all ages are welcome and encouraged.
So, get out there and enjoy your Great Outdoors Month of June while improving your well-being!
FMCA Adventure
A River Runs Through It
In December 2020, New River Gorge National Park and Preserve was designated the United States’ newest national park. But this scenic wonderland is anything but new.
More than 70,000 acres of parkland stretch along about 53 miles of the New River in southern West Virginia. The white-water river took its time carving out the gorge. Geologists estimate that the steady, gradual erosion lasted anywhere from 3 million to 320 million years and continues today.
A great spot to survey nature’s handiwork is from the Canyon Rim Visitor Center. From its overlook, view the steep canyon walls and lush vegetation. Then, go explore!
White-water rafters relish the challenging rapids in the Lower Gorge area, which range from Class III to Class V in difficulty; commercial outfitters lead trips through there from April to October. The upper part of the river attracts canoers and rafters who prefer slower-churning water. The park also accommodates boating and fishing. Experience firsthand the deepest, longest river gorge in the Appalachian Mountains.
And there’s much more to do on land: hiking and biking; climbing sandstone cliffs; bird-watching (be on the lookout for bald eagles and peregrine falcons). Set out on an auto tour, searching for buildings and historic remnants that recall the area’s coal mining, railroad, and agricultural activity. Anywhere you go, drink in the beauty.
Primitive, no-hookup camping is available within the park on a first-come, first-served basis. State parks and private campgrounds throughout the area offer developed facilities and make great base camps.

Conti Coach HA3 from Continental Hershey, PA - RV Show Mail Forwarding from FMCA
FMCA Clubhouse
KOA Campground Rewards
Did you know that new FMCA members receive the gift of a complimentary first year* in the KOA Rewards program? The program provides 10% off the daily registration rate at any of KOA’s 500+ campgrounds in North America. Plus, earn points that are redeemable toward discounted future stays, and have access to exclusive KOA loyalty program offers!  Click here to learn more.
*Free year of KOA Rewards is only available for those who have not been enrolled in the KOA Rewards program in the past.

Experience "The Spirit of Wyoming"
Join FMCA, July 7-10, at our 103rd International Convention & RV Expo in Gillette, Wyoming. You can tour the newest RVs on the market, spend an afternoon in one of countless seminars learning or crafting, shop the afternoon away while visiting the exhibit hall, or indulge in our many different social activities to fill your daytime hours. But we didn’t stop there! We also have great evening entertainment that will be provided by legendary music icons Three Dog Night and Colorado's top-rated country-rock band Narrow Gauge, and laughter till your heart is content with humorist Jim Pelley, a former SNL writer and current FMCA member. Register here:
Campground of the Month
Camp With The FMCA Family
Hundreds of campgrounds are commercial members of FMCA! Many offer discounted rates to FMCA member families. Visit the FMCA RV Marketplace to locate the camping facilities that might fit into your travel itinerary. 

Things We Like
Show Your Colors
There is nothing worse than being stuck in your RV during bad weather while a beautiful landscape is calling your name just beyond the walls. While you’re waiting on the rain to stop, find your inner zen with this national parks coloring book. We all know and love the famous national parks posters. Now you can color them all yourself!
Gifts For Dad
If you have men in your life who have always been difficult to shop for, consider these gift ideas for Father’s Day. Fresh Off The Grid has assembled this great list with various price points, ranging from $25-$100. Many of them will be useful at home and at the campground. Here is another great list from The Dyrt.
What's An FMCA Convention Really Like?
Have you ever thought about attending an FMCA convention? This great video from YouTubers “Our Journey in Myles” gives an inside look at life during an FMCA convention. If you’ve never been to one, you’re missing out! You can still register for FMCA’s 103rd International Convention & RV Expo in Gillette, Wyoming, July 7-10. Click here to learn more. 
Picnic Tips - Ideas to make your next outing a success:
  • Transport food and beverages in lightweight, insulated tote bags.
  • Avoid spills and have ready-made eats by layering salads and sides in lidded Mason jars.
  • Carry chocolate-covered strawberries or other hand-held treats in egg cartons.
  • Insert a straw through an inverted cupcake liner to keep bugs out of drinks.
  • Freeze grapes for “ice cubes” or a refreshing snack.
  • Place a waterproof liner under a blanket to prevent soggy food — and bottoms.
  • Remember the RVer motto: Leave a place cleaner than you found it.
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