April Email Newsletter 2019

From the Camp Director,

I get asked all the time about our volunteer opportunities for the summer. We have many opportunities for you to volunteer.
Faculty - If you want to work directly with campers we have volunteer faculty. All faculty members go through our Event Coordinators. You would need to contact the Event Coordinator for the camp session you want to volunteer. You will then have to fill out a volunteer form and background check. Once that is clear you then will be notified by the Event Coordinator of your assignments while at Hanging Rock. Each Event Coordinator is listed online under the camp sesison. Let us know if you need the contact information. 
Kitchen - If you love being in the kitchen and preparing meals, then you will enjoy helping out our food service manager and cooks.  Volunteers are needed throughout the summer to assist with simple food preparation, serving meals, and cleaning up after meals. If you're interested in helping in the kitchen fill out the volunteer form and let us know what dates work for you.
Grounds/Maintenance - For those who do not mind getting somewhat dirty, then grounds/maintenance could use your help.  Volunteers are needed to help with building maintenance, landscaping, painting, and general up-keep.  Mowing grass is one of the biggeast areas to volunteer in for the summer season. Just fill out the volunteer form and let us know what days you would like to come and help and we will pass that information on to Tom Lloyd. 
We want you to know that all volunteers have to go through a background check in order to be on site during our camp sessions. That is to protect our campers and Hanging Rock. 
Looking forward to serving with you this summer,
Gary Baker - Executive Director
Hanging Rock Christian Camp

Pool Update:

WOW!!! What a month it has been. The Board of Hanging Rock has been working really hard at trying to figure out how to come up with the funds to make the pool functional. At the outset we thought it was going to take $43,000. But, after looking things over the board has decided that it will save the camp money if we are able to buy the material for the fence and install it ourselves. So, as of right now, we have $33,800.00 on hand that will pay for the pool liner, replace the concrete that was taken out and buy materials for the fence that we will install. PRAISE THE LORD! So, the liner should be put back in during the month of April and also the concrete. We are going to get the material for the fence and hope for a great turnout to put the fence up during our work day on May 4th. This will make the pool functional. We want to thank the more than 40 churches and individuals who have made this possible. This would not have happened without all of you! 

Scholarship Fund:

We have given 17 scholarships away at the present time. We know there will be more requests as we get closer to summer.If you would like to help provide funds to help kids go to camp you can donate online or send check and put in the memo-scholarship fund. 


We have new comforters, pillows, pillow protectors, and mattress pads in The Hanging Rock Hilton! It has been a lot of laundry to get everything washed, dried, and ready to go, but I am glad to be doing it. All of the items came from Target, and look great! Thanks to the churches who sponsor a room and the apartments for their generosity and help to make this happen. Without them, we wouldn’t have been able to do it. With the addition of the new sheets the camp purchased last summer, and all of these new items The Hilton and The Apartments are looking great! Next time you’re at camp stop in and check them out! Here is a picture of what they look like.

Todd Blair 
Wilderness/Facilities Director
Hanging Rock Christian Camp

Ladies Spring Fling

April 11, 2019t Speaker Kendra Smiley
 Speaker and author, Kendra draws from her mosaic background as an educator, wife, mother, and entrepreneur. Professionally honing her skills as a member of Advanced Writers and Speakers Association, Kendra capably connects to diverse audiences. Today, Kendra reaches women as a speaker, host of the daily radio program Live Life Intentionally, TV program, or via her blog. 
Whimsical. Witty. Wise. Intentional. These four words describe Kendra, a woman who connects with other women. 
Come prepared to enjoy great worship, a wonderful speaker and some delicious food. Get excited now and get the ladies of your church excited to come to this fun filled night. 
This is also the Spring Bring! Be sure to load up on and bring with you: laundry detergent, dryer sheets, paper towels, Clorox wipes, dusting spray, windex, etc.

Men's Event:

May 20, 2019
Meal starts at 5:30 p.m. and we will have the ZIPLINE open from 5:30-6:30 p.m. 

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