Plant a seed on Giving Tuesday!
Plant a seed on Giving Tuesday!
CFI Newsletter, November 2021  
Growing Gratitude

Dear friends,
As we near the end of 2021, we are so filled with gratitude!  Here's why:   
  • We've distributed more than 72,000 pounds of nourishing local food to those facing food insecurity;
  • We've invested $10,000 in our local food economy, supporting the people who grow our food;
  • Almost 2000 volunteer hours have been served with CFI;
  • We hosted 7 brilliant AmeriCorps volunteers and 7 brilliant student interns;
  • We're back in classrooms sharing the joy of gardening and our beautiful outdoor world with kids as young as preschool;
  • We expanded Veggie Van to serve three communities weekly, reaching a total of 1,600 customers and sharing over 17,000 pounds of food. 
These are just a few of the many things on our gratitude list this year -- a snapshot from a single year.  Next year we will celebrate our 30th anniversary at CFI, which means work like this has been happening for three decades, and it is all possible because of YOU.
We’re facing global crises on a level that threatens to make despair its own pandemic, but YOU are creating hope for the future; YOU make long-term, positive change possible. 
Today is Giving Tuesday, and you can increase your impact if you donate through GlobalGiving, thanks to their special Giving Tuesday Incentive Fund.  Click here to donate today! 
When you plant an oak tree, you create the potential for exponential expansion of a nourishing ecosystem.  Every year, each new acorn holds the potential to grow into another nourishing habitat that, in turn, produces its own acorns and trees.  Thank you for nourishing our tree at its roots.  
We hope you had a truly wonderful holiday weekend. 


The CFI team

Nourishing Networks Projects Update
During 2020 and 2021, CFI held Nourishing Networks workshops in Glouster, Nelsonville, and Coolville.  It has been so fun and rewarding to see these local food access projects take shape!  These projects are truly community-led; participants propose their own ideas based on needs and resources that they identify in their own community.  We’re thrilled to be participating in such food justice work and as we wrap up 2021, wanted to send a shout out to the organizers who made their ideas come to life:
In Glouster, Rachel Gratz coordinated an amazing build-a-box project, providing materials for community members to build their own raised bed gardens, even including seeds and plant starts.  Rachel coordinated one of the workshop days with our Veggie Van market day and also our plant-start giveaway, creating a fun food-access Friday at Glouster Memorial Park.
In Coolville, Mike Kubisek and Teena Stambaugh coordinated a series of community events including a food preservation workshop.  Mike and Teena borrowed CFI canning equipment and participants learned about preserving their own produce for future use.  If we know how to preserve produce when it’s in abundance, we reduce our food waste and also ensure that we have access to healthy food when the local produce supply drops during winter months.  The canning equipment remains available as a resource for Coolville residents.       
In Nelsonville, Dottie Fromal and 2020-2021 AmeriCorps member Ashley Grace organized installation of beehives and a bee colony at The Nelsonville Presbyterian Farm.  Dottie, Ashley (who split her AmeriCorps time between helping the Farm and helping with the Nelsonville Thursday Night Dinner), and other volunteers learned about beekeeping and have been visiting the hives weekly to care for the bees.  The Farm provides a wonderful haven for Nelsonville and area youth to experience nature in a safe setting, and we’re thrilled to know it’s nurturing pollinators on literal and metaphorical levels.  
Remember to head over to GlobalGiving and donate today for their Giving Tuesday event! 
We are so grateful for you all.  Together we can build a food system that is equitable and just, is good for our planet, and strengthens local businesses.
What Else?
Have end-of-season garden produce?  Don't let it go to waste!  Donation Station is at the Athens Farmers Market  every Saturday all winter long, and we'll happily find a good home for your extras.  We also accept produce purchased at market -- just buy something to share when you're picking up your own supplies and bring it to the Donation Station tent!  We'll even help you track the pounds you donate. 
There's always more happening at CFI than we have room to share here.  Be sure to follow us on social media: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter
Looking for different ways to help the CFI garden grow? Visit our website for information about our programming and to see how you can help. Thank you! 
Plant a seed on Giving Tuesday!
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