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Science Olympiad Team  Places Second in Arkansas State Tournament 

Saturday, April 7, a team of 15 Central Arkansas Christian high school students placed 2nd in the Arkansas State Science Olympiad Tournament held at the University of Arkansas Little Rock.
According to Erik Schramm, CAC Science Olympiad sponsor, 18 schools from around the state competed in this year’s tournament, including local schools like Central High, Little Rock Christian and LISA Academy.
The tournament is structured similarly to a track meet, with 21 events happening throughout the day in three categories: testing, lab and building. Individual medals are awarded for each event, and the total team placement is based on the sum of the scores. CAC competed in all 21 events and received a medal in seven.
Seniors Jonathan Hobby and Colby Quattlebaum competed in the Towers building event, Mousetrap Car building event, and the Hovercraft building event, placing 2nd in both the Mousetrap and Hovercraft events. Mr. Schramm spoke to the process of building the hovercraft.
“It’s essentially a piece of Styrofoam with a trash bag glued underneath that can be inflated by a fan. He stuck a fan down through a hole in the Styrofoam to inflate the bag, and he added a fan on the back that propels it forward” Mr. Schramm said. “It was working beautifully by the time we went to competition, but it was a rough road getting there. He did really well and ended up getting second place.”
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George and Laura Jones 

Q&A with the recipients of the 2018 Randy & Donna Dennis Volunteers of the Year Award

George and Laura, thank you for all you've done for CAC and its families. We're thrilled to have the chance to learn your story.
Tell us a little about your family and your connection with CAC.
George graduated from CAC in 1983, and we met at Harding University and got married in 1988. We have two children, Jordan (2011 CAC graduate) and Sydnie (2015 CAC graduate). 
Over the years, we opened our home to other children, some of which also graduated from CAC. We’re currently raising our two young nephews ages six and four.
CAC and CAC sports have always been a big part of our lives and our children’s lives. Many of the people we went to CAC and/or Harding with have children that have gone through the elementary basketball program, which has made it that much more special to be a part of.
You've been running CAC's elementary basketball program for over 15 years. What made you decide to take on that responsibility?
This is actually a funny question. We clearly remember being asked to “fill in” for just a couple of Saturdays and before you know it, 15 plus years later, here we are, still filling in! We really don’t remember making the 
conscious decision that this is what we were going to do. It just kind of happened and we kept rolling with it!

You've spent a lot of time around basketball over the past 15 years. Are you big fans of the game?
We are huge fans of the game. It’s really fun to watch the kids progress in their skill of the game year after year. We’ve had many opportunities to watch basketball at many different levels and enjoy them all. We’ve also really enjoyed watching our youngest daughter play at the college level for the past three years.

What has been the biggest blessing you've experienced through the program?
There are a couple of things that come to mind, but we would have to say that the biggest blessing would have to be the relationships that we’ve made along the way. Relationships not only with the kids playing basketball week after week, grade after grade, but the kids that we hire to work elementary basketball every week. 

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April 6, 2018. An Evening at CAC was a lovely night for fellowship and a warm cup of coffee, followed by a wonderful presentation by best-selling author and speaker John Ortberg. We hope you enjoyed it as much as we did! Thanks to all who volunteered and worked hard to make everything run smoothly! Click here to see more photos.  
"Bobby and I decided to send Jenna to CAC in 6th grade as a way to stay with her friends with whom she played sports. Also, we loved the Christian environment and positive atmosphere. 
The friends we have made at CAC are family. We’ve supported one another through chronic illness, surgeries, and those dreaded pre-teen and early teenage girl years! 
As our time at CAC draws to a close, there is no doubt the friendships we have made will last a lifetime. I can’t wait to see what God’s plan is for our girls. I do know they have a strong moral and Christian foundation in which to navigate life’s twists and turns."
Amy Davis,
This year is quickly coming to a close (there's less than one month until graduation) and we are already planning for 2018-2019!
You can take a look at next year's school calendar by clicking on the image above.
The calendar can also be found here on our website under the 2018-2019 Calendar tab on the left. 
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Pleasant Valley 3rd grader Leo Garrison won honorable mention at the 57th Young Arkansas Artist Exhibition for his piece titled Study of Fruit
The piece was created using chalk pastel in art class with art instructor Mrs. Chelsea Baber.
Study of Fruit will be displayed in the Arts Center for the entire month of May. 
Way to go, Leo! We're proud of your hard work!
Junior Diane DeLuca received 3rd place in the 2018 Arkansas Wildlife Art Competition for her grade level for her piece titled Winter Fox.  
This exhibit will travel across the state for the summer months. Her art piece will travel to four different locations beginning at the Witt Stephens Jr. Center on May 4th where she will receive her award and a cash prize. 
Congratulations, Diane! 
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