Men’s Health Month / Private Swim Lessons / Group Fitness News / ...
Men’s Health Month / Private Swim Lessons / Group Fitness News / ...
June 2021
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From the Interim Manager:
Peg Campana

First I would like to thank all of the staff from SHARE and HealthWorks for providing me with a wonderful welcome to South Arkansas. My last 2 weeks have been filled with learning about the wonderful town, shops, restaurants and where to go for some good Bar-b-que. The jury is still out on that as I haven’t been able to try every recommendation yet. I still have some time. 

We are all learning the new way of life since the pandemic and it may feel different doing certain protocols. Here at HealthWorks we are committed to provide you with a sanitized facility and a safe enviroment for you to work out in. We will still ask you to check your temperature while entering the building and the Plexiglas shields will remain until we make a determination that they are not needed. Of course we will continue to sanitize the entire facility and make sure that the areas are cleaned more than usual. 

What we ask of you is to socially distant when you can and please continue to clean all of the equipment that you have used. We do provide cleaning wipes for your use. 

The latest CDC guidelines states that fully vaccinated people can resume activities without wearing a mask. We strongly encourage all of our members to wear masks but it is not required while in the facility.  

There have been some untrue rumors that have been floating around and I would like to hopefully help clear them up. The SHARE Foundation and all of their community programs are committed to provide a health & fitness center for this community. That commitment has not changed but has gotten stronger by bringing in experts in the field of Medically Based Fitness Centers. Our goal is to provide leadership and expertise in making the facility a better place for you and your family. We will be looking at adding programs, streamlining processes and training staff in different areas to enhance our offerings. 

As we move into the summer you will be seeing some of these changes. I welcome you to meet with me and provide me any thoughts you have that can help enhance out facility and programming. 

Thank you again for the warm Southern welcome I have received. I look forward to working with you. 

In Good Health, 
From your Group Fitness Department:
Summer Fun Time is here and we are bringing it! 
  • XTS is on the Team Training Schedule MWF at 5:15am and 8:15am 
  • Sign your kids up for SOO BAHK DO - all summer long on Mondays and Thursdays at 6:30pm
  • Join us in the Pool for “POP UP” Aqua Stand Up – June 12th
  • We will be launching our NEWEST Aqua Stand Up Release #29 - June 26th!
  • Introducing AQUA STAND UP FOR KIDS – Launching June 26th! (class schedule TBA)
  • Water In Motion classes are back on the schedule Tuesdays and Thursday at 9am
  • Be sure to check out new classes on Fridays including Barre’, Les Mills Core and Mat Pilates!! 
  • “Mommy and Me” Pop Up classes are coming later in June….follow us on Social Media! 
  • You can book any class via our HFC app
    See you in a class soon, 
    Rhonda Sayers
We are back to 2-hour time slots! Call the front desk for your reservation 870.862.5442.
See our KidWorks page on our website for full details: 
Home for the Summer 2021
Our student special "Home fro the Summer" is back! Get your summer membership for only $99! 
Get Healthier With Practice: Stop Chasing Fatigue and Restricting Calories
It's about progress, not perfection. Learn how to focus on process goals instead of outcomes to get the results you seek to achieve: 
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June is all about the Boys!
June is Men’s Health Month! It’s time to reach out to all of the fathers, grandfathers, brothers, sons, grandsons, nephews, and uncles in your life to make sure they are getting regular checkups and taking care of their health.  

Men are stereotypically stubborn about going to see the doctor. As they age, the risks for certain diseases and cancers becomes greater (especially if they haven’t been living the healthiest lifestyle). Heart disease, stroke, cancer, diabetes, chronic lower respiratory diseases, unintentional injuries and suicide are among the leading causes of death for men in the United States. So do what you can to limit your overall risk. You can start making changes today by: 
      - Quitting smoking 
      - Eating more fruits and vegetables 
      - Getting more exercise 
      - Taking care of your mental health 
      - Reducing your stress levels 
      - Making regular doctor’s visits 

If you feel you are ready to take action call or stop by membership today! Join online:   
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Performance-Enhancing Music: The Best Beats for your Fitness
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Men's Health Month Challenge!
From your Aquatics Team
Swim lessons improve safety as well as physical activity. HealthWorks offers PRIVATE swim lessons all year long. Get signed up today!
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