ARE Update
In this issue: a new and improved exam calculator, enhancements to the exam whiteboard, Prometric’s mask policy, and NCARB's progress addressing technical issues.
New and Improved Exam Calculator
New and Improved Exam Calculator
In an effort to continuously improve the tools available to Architect Registration Examination® (ARE®) candidates, NCARB is releasing a new calculator within the ARE software, which will be available during exams beginning August 30, 2021. The new calculator includes an enhanced interface, a history feature that will log all your calculations, and improved memory functionality so you can store multiple values at the same time.

You can test out the new calculator today through the ARE Demonstration Exam. To improve your experience on test day, please take the time to become familiar with the enhanced functionality prior to testing. 
Enhancements to the Exam Whiteboard
In addition to the new calculator, NCARB is also releasing enhancements to the exam whiteboard, which will also be available during exams beginning August 30, 2021. The enhancements include an undo/redo option, allowing you to work more efficiently within the whiteboard, as well as an ortho feature allowing you to constrain lines to the vertical or horizontal directions. You can activate the ortho feature by holding the shift key while drawing a line or shape within the whiteboard.

You can test out the enhancements to the whiteboard today through the ARE Demonstration Exam. To improve your experience on test day, please take the time to become familiar with the enhanced functionality prior to testing.
Tech Issues
NCARB and our test delivery partners, Prometric and Zoomorphix, continue to address technical issues for both in-person and online exams. The overall proportion of candidates reporting tech issues is now 9 percent overall. Online tech issues have declined and are now being reported by 23 percent of candidates.   

The majority of technical issues for online testers are caused by short lapses in internet connectivity from an online tester’s service provider, which results in Prometric halting the exam delivery until a new internet connection is established. You can decrease the likelihood of a potential need to restart by ensuring your internet service can support a consistent stable connection throughout the duration of your examination appointment. If you are testing online, be sure to follow all recommended guidance—including disabling all antivirus and internet security applications—prior to launching your ARE appointment. Learn more about the dos and don’ts for taking ARE 5.0 online.

All online test takers should complete a free test run appointment that allows you to verify your online proctoring setup, including your testing environment, meets the necessary Prometric requirements. A test run can be scheduled at no cost through your NCARB Record. 
Illustration of three cogs representing overall, onsite and online reporting of technical issues.
We’re continuing quality assurance reviews of both Zoomorphix and Prometric updates that should improve the overall performance of the ARE and will be deployed in early fall. Over the past month, the majority of exam administrations (approximately 77 percent) were delivered at Prometric centers, while the remaining 23 percent were taken online. 

If you experience a technical issue, immediately notify your proctor and then contact NCARB within 15 days. Remember, if you’re unable to complete the exam due to a major technical issue, we will work with you to reschedule the division at no cost.
Masks Continue to Be Required at Prometric Test Centers
Prometric continues to require all individuals at their testing centers to wear an approved face covering for the duration of their time at the location, including test takers and test center staff. This provision will remain in force, even in jurisdictions that have recently adopted less rigorous COVID-19 policies. If you are not in compliance with this policy, you will not be allowed to sit for your scheduled appointment, will be marked as a no show for the appointment, and will not receive a refund.

Prometric’s COVID-19 policies shall remain in effect until further notice. Learn more about Prometric’s requirements.

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