Dear Friends,
We wish you a warm and happy December! As we celebrate this holiday season, we focus on the importance — and joy — of giving back. Together with our Bet Tzedek volunteers (who dedicate more than 30,000 hours each year) and our incredible staff, we serve Angelinos in need, day in and day out.
As of this November, Bet Tzedek has helped 81,205 individuals and families.
This past year, we’ve ensured access to justice in four key areas. This includes securing justice for seniors and dependent adults; justice for tenants, homeowners, and unhoused individuals; justice for children and families; and justice for workers, taxpayers, and small business owners. Whether we are helping nontraditional families access food, housing, and medical care, or we are fighting for fair wages and safe working conditions, the legal services Bet Tzedek provides has transformed lives across Los Angeles County and the State.
We feel enormous gratitude for our donors, whose generous contributions make our work possible. We want to use this December news digest to celebrate some of the clients whose lives were improved thanks to Bet Tzedek and our family of supporters.
May Hampton's story
Osmin's story
Natividad's story
We hope you are inspired to make an end-of-the-year gift to better the lives of nearly 100,000 underserved Angelenos and beyond each year. 
Help Save a Latino-Owned Mobile Car Wash
We are looking for pro bono lawyers with experience in tax law to assist a Latino-owned mobile car wash worker center in negotiating the payment of a delinquent tax bill of $7,500 owed to the IRS. The carwash business has been in operation for 15 years and is a fully independent worker center with a steadfast commitment to social change through grassroots organizing. The first such center of its kind, it has done pioneering work to protect its workers and help community members. If interested, contact Director of Pro Bono Programs, Sara Levine, at 
Help Local Small Business Owners Navigate the Coming Wave of Evictions
The pandemic continues to have a devastating impact on so many of our client populations, including small business owners. L.A. County Commercial Tenant Protections are set to expire on January 31, 2023. The ending of these tenant protections means businesses with nine or fewer employees must pay any outstanding rent from March 4, 2020 to January 31, 2022 by January 31, 2023, unless they are able to negotiate a payment plan with their landlord. Bet Tzedek is urgently looking for corporate attorneys to help small business owners. If interested, contact Director of Pro Bono Programs, Sara Levine, at
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