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Empowering 💪🏽 activities for early learners!
Empowering 💪🏽 activities for early learners!

                                             Issue 15  

What if all children were raised to be independent, compassionate, and open-minded citizens?
Fostering a child’s INDEPENDENCE is a powerful way to nurture their confidence in problem-solving and taking on new challenges.
This week, as adults exercise independence by casting their ballots, support your child in practicing independence @Home!
“The most important word is yet. It means you can’t do something now. It also means that you can do it later, but you just need to practice!" —Eliana, Age 4
Together, let's explore spirited suggestions for fostering autonomy at home.
Encourage your junior "tight rope walker" to place one foot in front of the other—while understanding that every child is unique and travels an equally unique road to independence!
Children may or may not recall 2020 in great detail, but they will remember moments of sure-footed self-reliance for years to come.
When Children Take the Lead,
it's Full "Stream" Ahead!
Care of Self & Care of Environment Activities:
(2–3 years)
Early Childhood (3–6 years)
Lower Elementary (6–9 years)
Tips for Caregivers
Use Tools or Symbols
Assign Titles to Tasks

Refrain from Solving Problems
Ask Questions

This Election Day, support children with Zero to Three's Voter Guide to Think Babies! Plus, explore these family-focused measures:
Multnomah County Library Bond
Measure 26-211: 
Executive Director Ruth Shelly: “Equity ran through this planning to ensure that library resources were allocated to the parts of the city that need them most."
Portlanders for Parks
Measure 26-213: The Parks Levy r
estores recreation, protects nature, and improves access.
Preschool for All
Measure 26-214: Support their future. Provide preschool for ALL!
*Tomorrow (10/24) is National Vote Early Day!
*Final day to safely mail ballots is Tues. (10/27).
*Official Ballot Drop Sites: Open til 8 pm on Election Day (11/3).
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