Happy National Indigenous History Month!
Happy National Indigenous History Month!

Celebrating National Indigenous History Month!

June is National Indigenous History Month - a time to honour, celebrate and learn about the history, heritage and diversity of Inuit, Métis and First Nations people of Canada. In recognition, we are excited to share diverse voices and content from Indigenous Peoples and communities across Canada!

Don't miss this week's Re-Cap & Briefing featuring Val Courtois, Director of the Indigenous Leadership Initiative and SOI & C3 alumna, who will talk about the Land Needs Guardians program, and this important movement to generate long-term support for Indigenous stewardship.  Also, the amazing Marie Wilson, Commissioner TRC of Canada 2009-15, has written an important piece for this week's Bridge that should not be missed.
Devon is a 19 year old Inuk from Resolute Bay, Nunavut. An alum of SOI’s Arctic 2019 expedition, Devon represents a generation of youth who are helping to revitalize Inuit culture among younger generations. His friend from expedition, Emma Denton of Northern Ireland, will be interviewing him live on June 30, 2020 at 3 pm EST. You don’t want to miss it! Get reminder.
We put together a crossword puzzle inspired by terms used on our expeditions in the Arctic and Antarctic. We won’t tell anyone if you need to google a couple of answers.
With whales breaching from the water, eagles and ravens soaring overhead and magnificent cedar trees rising from the ground, the beauty of Haida Gwaii defies description.
Please join throatsingers from Siqiniup Qilauta (Sunsdrum), Lynda Brown and Heidi Langille who will share their culture & knowledge in a virtual workshop on Inuit throatsinging. This will take place on Facebook live on June 25th, 2pm EST.

What's on Deck!

Our next issue will be focusing on Antarctica! Did you know that 15 of our 36 expeditions have been to Antarctica? We will be sharing facts about the differences between the poles, storytelling from some of our Antarctic alumni, experts, and so much more! 

SOI Staff Pick:


Check out this short film called Weesahkoteeweenowuk. Produced by Judy Iseke, this beautiful film combines Andrea Menard's music, with Michif Elder Tom McCallum’s Teachings as they explore stories, songs and the Métis culture. Watch Here

Alumni Making Waves

“Our voices as youth are powerful and valuable and we need to be heard.” Maddysen Kingmiaqtuq-Devlin, Arctic 2019 SOI alum, created a conference to bring youth together to discuss climate change and policy. This was a part of SOI’s Expedition to Community (E2C) program. They created a powerful declaration written and signed by all youth participants that we encourage you to read. Read more about the declaration and conference here.

Did you know?

June 21st is not only the summer solstice, but it is also National Indigenous Peoples Day. For generations the longest day of the year has held significance among Indigenous communities and today we honour it as a time to celebrate the culture, heritage and contributions of Indigenous Peoples. 
Learn more about how you can connect with Indigenous history and culture HERE.
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