NCARB has updated the videos about each ARE division.
NCARB has updated the videos about each ARE division.
ARE Update
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Are you getting ready to take a division of the Architect Registration Examination® (ARE®)? NCARB has refreshed our ARE 5.0 Test Prep video series with updated versions of our divisional videos.
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Each video walks you through a division of the exam, provides a description of the division’s content areas and objectives, and explains the rationale behind several practice questions.
NCARB is not making any content changes to the exam, and you can use these videos whether you are preparing to test with Prometric or PSI. The video series was initially released before ARE 5.0’s launch in 2016, and with the migration to PSI, we wanted to provide licensure candidates with an updated resource. The refreshed videos reflect the content that’s currently detailed in the ARE 5.0 Handbook and in the draft PSI version of the ARE 5.0 Guidelines.
As a reminder, the PSI version of the ARE 5.0 Guidelines has been merged with the ARE 5.0 Handbook, so all the information you need to prepare for the exam is available in one convenient document.
Using the PSI ARE Scheduler
Once you’ve migrated to PSI, you can use the exam scheduler in your NCARB Record to book an appointment with PSI. The improved scheduling process provides candidates more flexibility in scheduling, rescheduling, and canceling exam appointments. When searching for an appointment at a PSI test center, you will only see test centers near you that have availability within the next three months. If you don’t see your nearest PSI test center, it currently does not have availability within the next three months.
PSI is constantly monitoring site availability and will open more appointment times if demand increases. Therefore, you can always check back and see if new appointment times have opened. And, with the new free rescheduling, you can adjust your appointment time, location, and delivery modality at no cost.
Updated PSI Test List
If you are still testing with Prometric but would like to understand where your local PSI test centers are, please refer to the list on NCARB’s website (not PSI’s website or Google). NCARB has recently updated the list with the latest addresses for PSI’s network of test centers that will deliver the ARE. This includes new test centers in Salt Lake City, Utah, and Washington, DC.
If you are testing with PSI, the easiest way to see test centers near you with available testing times is via the exam scheduler in your NCARB Record, as outlined above.

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