News from FMCA's technical experts
News from FMCA's technical experts
Hot Tech Fun In The Summertime
It’s summer. Time to park your RV in the shade, eat some watermelon, and just plain chill. Fortunately, technology can make all of that easier. Well, except maybe the watermelon eating, but we’re pretty sure you can do that the old-fashioned way. We can help you find that shady place to chill. The featured RVideo compares two of the most popular GPS systems out there to see which one can get you to your destination faster and more stress-free. We can also relieve the worry of knowing the levels of your water tanks and your batteries with the New Tech and Our Picks items. After all, no one needs to be stressed. It’s summer.
Safe and happy travels!
The FMCA Team
By Steve Froese, F276276
My Tank Overfloweth
FMCA received a question regarding a reader’s fresh-water plumbing system:
“Sometimes when I am hooked to city water in an RV park, my domestic water tank fills on its own. This comes at any time, although usually during night hours. It overfills the tank, and water runs onto the ground. I need some help solving this problem.”
Good question. Before we get to specifics, this is an appropriate time to offer up a quick primer on the RV fresh-water system. Let’s begin there. 

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RV Video

Garmin Vs. Rand McNally:
A Head-To-Head Battle
Of GPS Heavyweights

A GPS system is more than just a high-tech road atlas. These days, the digital devices are as essential to RV travel as headlights and cupholders. They not only tell you how to get to your destination, but they also can direct you to the nearest gas station, rest stop, or Walmart. So, which one is the best? Chad and Tara from Changing Lanes put GPS systems from two of the most popular companies side by side on a recent trip so they could compare everything from voice navigation, screen size, font size, and overall display to which one got them from Point A to Point B the best. Which one won? Find out here. And, even if you’re not in the market for a new GPS, watch the video anyway and be overloaded by cuteness from Daisy the dog.
New Tech

A discussion of new products on the market to enhance your RV lifestyle. 

Battery Monitor Kit
Dead batteries are murder on an RV’s electrical system and can kill a good time when you’re camping. However, they are easy to keep alive — IF you know how healthy they are. Fortunately, Veratron just made that a lot easier with the VL Flex Intelligent Battery Monitor Kit. It includes a real-time battery monitor that reports voltage, current, and temperature to a tiny instrument gauge, as well as the state of the charge and the battery’s overall health. Add the Veratron app and you can set alarms to alert you when various battery levels get low. Installing the device is an easy DIY project. The kit costs $229.99 for the 12-volt model or $329.99 for the 24-volt model. Adding optional sensors allows the device to also monitor your fuel or water tank levels. Check it out here.
360-Degree Dashcam
Dashcams are becoming a must-have — for insurance purposes, security, and a host of other reasons. A lot of options exist these days, but Garmin has come out with a dashcam that has your back. The Garmin Dash Cam Tandem has two 180-degree lenses, so it records everything in every direction — out the front window as well as inside your RV or towed/towing vehicle. Why is that important? Because life comes at you from all directions. With its voice command feature, you can tell it to save a video, and a built-in location and time stamp is automatically added to prove when and where you were. Price is $299. Click here to learn more.
Our Picks

FMCA's picks for tips you need now.

Bye-Bye, Black Tank
Pardon our potty talk, but technology and toilets are beginning to overlap more and more, so we thought we’d lift the lid on a high-tech option — composting toilets. Fortunately, James and Stef from The Fit RV did the dirty work for us. Watch their review.
A Good Look Inside
Most RV tank monitors offer several basic readings in 1/4 or 1/3 increments. That means if your fresh-water tank is 27 percent full, the reading probably says it’s still half full. That’s a big difference, and important to know. Garnet Instruments has eliminated the guessing game with its SeeLevel II RV holding tank monitor, which displays levels in percentages ranging from 1 to 100. Plus, the sensors for the unit are placed on the exterior of tanks, which prevents false readings from fouled sensors inside. The Getaway Couple, Rae and Jason, installed the system on their RV. See how it turned out
Benefits Spotlight

LIG Solutions

You travel around the country, but does your health insurance follow you? It’s an all-too-frequent occurrence these days to hear the friendly worker behind the desk at the doctor’s office or hospital say, “I’m sorry, but we don’t accept that insurance.” FMCA has teamed up with LIG Solutions to offer a broad range of health care coverage options for members. LIG knows the RV lifestyle and provides options specifically for RVers. Short-term plans, supplemental plans, major medical plans — take your pick. Dental, vision, life insurance. View all of your options here
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