From the Camp Director,

Jesus took three of His disciples up a mountain to pray. And when He did, He was transfigured before them in glory. Did you ever think that this story could be a biblical example of a camp experience. (Sorry, been in camping for 13 years that is where my mind goes). 
Several campers (Peter, James, and Jon) hiked up a mountain with their Event Coordinator (Jesus). They needed to get away. They needed to go to a place to get away from all of the distractions of life, when they got to the mountain  camp, they prayed and saw God. Two other faith figures of times past appeared (Moses & Elijah). But God spoke to them and revealed that the greatest is Jesus because He is the Son of God. Faith Came Alive! Luke 9:29-35
This summer here at Hanging Rock when campers, staff, faculty & event coordinators gather. We want Faith to come alive. We are so excited to offer summer camp this summer and help young people grow in their faith. Most camps still have space, so please make sure your child can take some time away from the crazy year that we have had and let us help them make Faith come alive in their lives. 
Gary Baker, Executive Director

No Celebrate Good Times This Year

Great is Thy Faithfulness Campaign

Church Challenge - Youngs Chapel Christian Church is willing to donate $5,000 toward this campaign if we get another church to donate $5,000 by July 4, 2021. Email Gary if this would work for your church.
In 2020 we kicked off the Great is Thy Faithfulness Campaign and then we were hit with Covid-19 and had to put it on hold.  We are ready now to re-start the next phase of our projects at camp and I am appealing to all of you to seek God’s will about how much He would have you give toward this effort. 

In order to get these projects finished in a timely manner we have a game plan lined out. The first project we will do is to remodel the girl’s dorm bathrooms. We plan to do these in house using volunteers with a start date of November 2021 and ending January 2022. Total cost- $40,000. In March, we will begin to remodel our 20-year-old zipline and it will be completed by Pro Image and Associates builder, Gus Denzik. We will need volunteers to clear trees for this build. The zipline expansion will have 4 cables allowing people to zip across the ravine and then zip back. Total cost - $50,000.  Next after the zipline, will be remodelling the Hanging Rock Hilton. We will turn existing bathrooms into a meeting space and add private bathrooms to the existing sleeping rooms. Total cost- $80,000. We plan to have this finished by the end of 2022, Jim Morgan of Morgan Construction will be leading this project.

Thank you for joining together to see God’s work accomplished at Hanging Rock! 

Here is an update on the weeks that are filling up or are filled:
Adventure Camp - Full
Junior High Paintball - Guys spots are full - 3 spots available for girls
High School Wilderness (NYR) - Full
Joy Camp - 18 spots available 
Junior High Horse - 1 spot lavailable  5th-6th grade Horse- 7 spots available                                        High School Horse- 10 spots available

If you are needing help attending camp we do have scholarships available. 
Scholarship Help

Remember,June 6th is the last day for a discount. 

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Don't forget your Missions Money for Camp This Summer,
We are excited to partner with Northwest Haiti Christian Mission this summer. 
Our mission at Northwest Haiti Christian Mission is to passionately pursue Christ, as His followers, by aiding the people of Haiti in their passionate pursuit of Christ and facilitating others to engage with NWHCM in our efforts. 
Our offerings will go toward helping Northwest Haiti Christian Mission in this endeavor:  Babies bring so much hope and promise to the world. Here at NWHCM, babies are an important reason we do what we do. Last month, over 60 babies were born in our Birthing Center. Only 36% of all births in Haiti occur in healthcare facilities, however only one-fourth of those births are even attended by a skilled healthcare professional. 

Most rural areas have no access to health care at all causing many mothers to walk miles to reach a facility that sometimes is poorly staffed and ill-supplied. That's why NWHCM started the Birthing Center Program over 21 years ago to ensure mothers all over the rural Northwest Zone of Haiti have a safe and clean place to give birth to their babies.
Registration Is Open

Terry Evans Memorial project,

We lost an incredible volunteer and former Board Member to an accident. To honor him we have started the Terry Evans Memorial Project Fund. Terry had a vision for an indoor arena to use when weather was bad and to expand our horse camp program to a year round program. So, instead of a fully enclosed arena we are going to put a covered pavillion over the white fence riding area. To date, we have been given $4,410 to help with this project. We are still gathering estimates and will announce a total when those estimates are in. If you would like to be a part of this project you can donate below and mark it for the Terry Evans Memorial Project or send a check with that in the memo. 

Thank You!!

Thank you all for the overwhelming donations of cereal, you have gone above and beyond with those donations!! Thank you also for the donations of paper towels, laundry soap, dish soap and ziploc bags that have come in. We are still collecting these items if your church wants to set up a collection spot for them. 

Summer Camp Needs List

If you see something that you can donate, please contact the camp and let us know you are donating that item. If you want to donate money for an item you can do that online and designate that item in the memo or send a check.

50 Bunk Matresses ( $90 each)- $1000 donation has been made so far
Indoor/Outdoor regulation basketballs
Playground balls
Ping pong paddles
Band-Aids, Antibiotic Ointment 
Feminine Hygiene Products- all types
Rod and Reel Combo Set fishing poles
Large and Extra Large Life jackets
Dish Towels, Dish cloths- have gotten some donations, can always use more
Laundry Detergent- huge need  & Mr. Clean Magic Erasers
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