June Email Newsletter 2020
The Hanging Rock

From the Camp Director,

As I begin to write this article, I'm still in shock about how Covid-19 is affecting Hanging Rock and camping in general. The Board of Directors met on May 21st with Ben,Todd and myself to determine how we could make camp happen this summer. After receiving new directives from the state, late on the afternoon of the 21st, that we were not allowed to run any overnight camps in June, and after looking at all the requirements from local, state and CDC guidelines the Board determined that it would be best for this season to not run our summer camp programs. This was heartbreaking to all of the Board and Staff as we came together to make this decision. We know it is heartbreaking to all the campers and families that wanted to experience camp this summer as well. Because we did receive the paycheck protection funds, the Board agreed to go ahead and keep the Dorm R.A.'s to help with recreation and with some projects in June & July. 
Even though we will not run our summer camp programs, we still want Hanging Rock to be used. We are looking at ways to let groups and churches rent our facilities for running their own camps in July, if the directives change and allow us to have overnight camps in July. 
As of right now, Labor Day Family Camp is still going to happen we are just waiting to see what our guidelines will be at that time. We are excited to have Lee & Ben Faust joining us for Family Camp this year. 
Below, we will give you a finance report and share with you how you can help. Most importantly we ask that you pray for Hanging Rock during the rest of the year and pray for our leadership as we will have to continue to make some tough decisions in the furture. 
Even though we will not have our normal camp season, we will still have expenses that we rely on summer camp registration to pay for. Granted we will not have the same amount of expenses that we normally do, we will still have expenses. Our budget has taken a hit of over $300,000 with both camp and spring retreat cancellations. We are going to need the generosity of our indivdual supporters and our churches to support us during this time. 
Thanks for your prayers & support,
Gary Baker, Executive Director
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Canteen Open: 

We would like to offer an opportunity to serve you through our canteen. We have new shirts and sweatshirts that we ordered for the 2020 camp season, thinking positively that we would be having camp for the summer. If you would like to come and enjoy the canteen, buy some souvenirs and have ice cream or a pop we would love to serve you. Beginning June 8th canteen hours of operation will be Monday-Friday from 9:00 am - 4:00 p.m. 

From the Maintance Director, 

.I just want to take a minute to thank all the folks who have been out here to camp the past ten days or so and have been working on various projects. We had some dock floats donated to the camp by Ashlin Hasket this past Spring. Over Memorial Day weekend, the Greg Hall family and friends built a new dock for the pond! Ron Batts built the old one and it lasted quite a while, but it was ready to retire. Terry Evans and Zach Allison pulled the old dock out of the pond and the Hall’s built the new one and put it in the pond. We can’t wait for kids to use it! Thank you to all involved in the project! You guys were a huge blessing to us here at Hanging Rock.

This last week of May, New Brunswick brought a group over from their church and have been busy all week. They have been painting the dining hall bathrooms, the retreat center kitchen and the exterior base of the office building. They cleaned out our paint room which was a monumental task. They installed over one hundred yards of new fencing by the girls dorm. They took down three trees on the main camp side and trimmed up pine trees by the front entrance. They cleaned up fallen trees by the cabins, mission village and paintball areas on the wilderness side.

They worked on appliances and installed new receptacles in the kitchen. They worked on some electrical issues in the office.

They spread mulch at the playground and giant swing. They pressure washed propane tanks and helped fix the bucket on our tractor.

I’m sure there are other things they did that I have forgotten. It has been a whirlwind of work and fun!

New Brunswick got lots of projects done this past week!!!! Thank you so much to the whole New Brunswick crew for helping us out so much. Your ministry to the camp has been a blessing from God this past week.

If your church would like to bring a group out for a week of service like New Brunswick, please give me or Gary a call. We would love to have you here!

Hopefully we will see you around this summer!

All for Him,
Ben Hannum

Refunds/Finance Report:

We are in the proces of issuing $72,831.95 in refunds for those that had already registered for camp. We had already spent $33,832.12 of this to prepare for summer camp. So we are praying that we will have some parents and churches that will let us keep at least a portion of their camp fees. Our total operating budget for 2020 was $583,545.00. Last year we received  $286,060.02  from regsitrations for summer camp. We rely heavily on this amount to help offset expenses for payroll, utilities and maintenance expenses to keep the camp property in good shape for summer camp. 
We ask that you please consider donating your refund back to Hanging Rock to help us with our expenses so that we can prepare for Summer Camp 2021 without borrowing money to pay for this year. 
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Camping at Hanging Rock:

We would love to host your family this year for camping at Hanging Rock. We have 4 full-hookup sites and several electric only sites with a water fill station and a dump station. Spots are limited. You must email us at Hanging Rock to reserve your spot. Full-Hookup sites are $35.00 per night and electric only are $20.00 per night. Please email therock@hangingrock.org to get your spots. We have openings June 5-July 5. We might have some of our activities open while you are here and will have the canteen open daily. Fishing and hiking trails are always open. Come as a family and enjoy Hanging Rock. 
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