But No Stop to Inspiring STEAM Learners
But No Stop to Inspiring STEAM Learners

The 2020 Detour Continues

Detour, pause, pivot—the need to innovate continues as the pandemic continues to require social distancing. At Wind & Oar, the good news is the pause has allowed for deeper partner collaborations and creative ways to engage learners. Still, no doubt about it, we all look forward to in-person project based learning in the classroom and in the shop. Communications, creativity, critical thinking, and collaboration are all enhanced when we work together in teams!
On the horizon... 3 partnerships vital to continued transformation of STEAM education.

Inspiring STEAM Learners With Hands-on Minds-on Education

Did you know that Sunday, November 8th was National STEM/STEAM Day?

Wind & Oar celebrates STEAM learning every day: 

Building a wooden boat from scratch is an innovative platform for exploring STEAM skills. Each step is an opportunity to teach and reinforce science, technology, engineering, art, and math.
Check out this time-lapse video of building a Bevins Skiff model boat. 

Math99: Makerspace Mathematics Comes to PCC

Wind & Oar is collaborating with PCC via a National Science Foundation grant to design and implement MATH 99. This new remote, hands-on course begins in January 2021 and will be guided by specially trained peer facilitators.  
The collaborating team was selected to present a preview workshop at this year's Association of American Colleges and Universities (AAC&U) Conference on Transforming STEM Higher Education on November 8th!
Kudos to the team! And be on the lookout for more about this innovative approach to math for STEM career candidates.
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