the latest news from SHARE
the latest news from SHARE
June 2014
SHARE Update
News from the SHared Access Research Ecosystem
SHARE (SHared Access Research Ecosystem)
Elliott Shore
Elliott Shore, photo by Jon Erickson
ARL, in conjunction with AAU and APLU, is pleased to be entering a new phase in the development of SHARE (SHared Access Research Ecosystem). With the selection of the Center for Open Science as a technology partner in the SHARE Notification Service, coding will shortly begin in earnest. Over the next several months, the Notification Service will be moving from concept to prototype to beta. Concurrently, ARL, AAU, and APLU will continue to flesh out the long-term vision of a robust repository ecosystem, of which the Notification Service is the first component.
As SHARE’s momentum builds, we hope to keep you abreast of the latest SHARE developments, discuss particular successes and challenges, point out resources you can use to engage in on-campus discussions with key stakeholders, and, perhaps most importantly, continue to build the spirit of community on which SHARE’s ultimate success depends.
Thank you for your ongoing support of SHARE, and please let me know if you have any questions about the project, its scope, or its implementation.
Elliott Shore
Executive Director
Association of Research Libraries
Center for Open Science
image © COS
What's New?
SHARE Selects Center for Open Science as Development Partner for Notification Service
SHARE and the Center for Open Science (COS), a Charlottesville, Virginia–based nonprofit technology start-up, have agreed to form a partnership to build the SHARE Notification Service. COS’s mission to foster openness, integrity, and reproducibility of research is well aligned with SHARE’s objectives. The Notification Service will make use of the Open Science Framework (OSF), COS’s existing, free, open-source platform designed to connect the scholarly workflow.
Andrew Sallans, COS partnerships manager, has participated in SHARE’s Technical Working Group since November 2013. “We are excited to partner with ARL, AAU, and APLU on this important community effort,” Sallans said. “This is a great opportunity to collectively build a solution that will serve many stakeholders across the entire research process.”
What's Next?
SHARE to Develop Prototype of Notification Service
With the selection of the Center for Open Science as its technology partner, SHARE now moves into active development of the SHARE Notification Service. The first stage of this process is the construction of a prototype. We will test the prototype over the summer with a diverse set of repository platforms, institutions, funding agencies, and publisher sources. The aim of the prototype is to process notifications for at least 50 research release events.
We are pleased that among the committed participants for the prototype phase of the project are arXiv, California Digital Library, Columbia University, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Virginia Tech, Wayne State University, US Department of Energy, and CrossRef.
Looking forward, we expect to revise the SHARE Notification Service prototype and expand participation, based on stakeholder feedback and working group insights, in the fall.
If you are interested in learning more about what participation entails, please contact us.
SHARE Knowledge Base
SHARE Knowledge Base
Learn More
SHARE is a complex project with a vision that is strategically focused—e.g., short metadata blasts sent to interested parties when papers are published or objects/data posted—while simultaneously ambitious—making the entire inventory of research assets more discoverable and more accessible, thereby enabling the research community to build upon these assets in creative and productive ways.
We recognize that understanding SHARE and talking to campus administration, faculty, and researchers about it may feel somewhat daunting. Fortunately, there are a wealth of resources at your disposal to help you better comprehend and communicate the ins and outs of SHARE, including:
  • SHARE Knowledge Base—provides short, non-technical answers to key SHARE questions ranging from “Who is behind SHARE?” to “What is SHARE doing about data?” If you or someone on your campus has a practical or conceptual question about SHARE, the Knowledge Base is likely to have your answer.

  • EDUCAUSE Review article on SHARE—Tyler Walters and Judy Ruttenberg describe SHARE’s first project, the SHARE Notification Service, as well as the other three layers of SHARE that will be developed in tandem with the Notification Service: a distributed content and registry layer, a discovery layer, and a content-aggregation layer that moves beyond curation and discovery to facilitate data and text mining.

  • SHARE Notification System Project Plan (PDF)—details the first in a series of activities to be undertaken by SHARE to ensure that scholarly research outputs are discovered and built upon in a manner that facilitates and accelerates the research process.

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