May 2020
May 2020
The Mile Marker By FMCA
Time For Plan "V"
The first half of 2020 has been filled with twists, turns, and roadblocks none of us expected.  We've had to change our lifestyle ... say good-bye ... learn to wait.  Seems it's time to ramp up our resourcefulness.  RVers already have embraced technology in a big way with GPS navigation, systems monitoring, and more.  So, along that vein, read on for ideas regarding how to avert boredom and maybe learn a new thing or two.  Travel the internet and be transported to great places — virtually!
The FMCA Team
Stay Connected, For Less
"Today, I completed the steps to use my existing Verizon hotspot and increase my data cap, while cutting my monthly cost in half.  Thank you FMCA!"

— "Tic" Wilson, F425434
With travel restrictions for so many of us, a strong, reliable internet connection is more important than ever.  FMCA members can stay connected on the road and at home for less with exclusive discounted Sprint and Verizon mobile internet plans.  Visit to learn how much you can save.
JOIN FMCA today and easily save the cost of your membership dues (and then some!).
How Do I?
How do I get the most out of my FMCA membership during the COVID-19 outbreak?

Although travel season may be limited this year, there are still many ways to use an FMCA membership.  While spending time social distancing in your RV or sticks-and-bricks home, check out FMCA's hours of online videos and educational opportunities to ensure you come out of quarantine an RV expert!

Now is also a good time to get some work done on your RV.  Most service centers remain open, and those that are FMCA commercial members often offer discounts to FMCA members.  So, FMCA members can take advantage of money-saving benefits while they get their RVs ready to hit the open road again.

Check out our recent blog post for even more ways to use your FMCA membership during the COVID-19 outbreak.
Virtual Vacation
Any time, any day, you can explore an amazing array of travel destinations.  All you need is a computer or other internet-connected device for viewing.  Here are suggestions to get started.

Reach for the stars and other space-y places.  First, access NASA's Exoplanet Travel Bureau to see what engineers have imagined planets might look like in a galaxy far, far away; the site offers downloadable posters and coloring pages, too.  Or step aboard the International Space Station.  (Bonus space fact: On May 16, look to the night sky; Jupiter, Venus, and a crescent moon will be aligned in a smiley face.)

Back on Earth, explore the beauty of U.S. national parks (type "virtual" in the search bar).  There's a reason Yellowstone and the Grand Canyon make so many best-of lists.  Tour treasures around the world, including the Taj Mahal and the Palace of Versailles.  Take in more unusual attractions as well; maybe stroll along Diagon Alley, the famed shopping district known to Harry Potter fans at the Warner Bros. Studio Tour London.

Talk to animals, though they won't see you to reply.  The San Diego Zoo's live animal cams focus on koalas, giraffes, apes, and other fan favorites.  You might check whether your hometown zoo does likewise.

How about amusement park rides?  Those who miss the thrill will enjoy these hair-raisers.  Revenge Of The Mummy, anyone?

Launch your own virtual search online.  You never know where you'll turn up!
Fantasy RV Tours
Be a part of history!  For the first time ever, the Kentucky Derby will run in September.  For only the second time in its 145-year history (the first was at the end of World War II), the 2020 Derby was moved from its annual date in May.  Spaces are still available to witness this historic event live and in-person with Fantasy RV Tours from September 3 to 9, 2020.  You'll enjoy reserved/covered seating at the race, plus go behind the scenes to see warm-ups, training sessions, horse farms, and so much more!  For additional info, call (855) 385-3622 or click here to see the detailed itinerary.
Wholesale Warranties
RV Whisper (FMCA benefit)
Newcoast Financial Services (FMCA Benefit)
FMCA University
If you're going to spend a lot of time stuck at home or in your RV, why not come out of quarantine knowing everything there is to know about your RV?
You could spend weeks taking in all the information at the FMCA University.  It offers virtual RV classes in over 50 categories.  You can earn badges as you take quizzes on the various subjects in the curriculum section.  Or, if you're just looking to educate yourself, skip the quizzes and dive right into our library of more than 700 articles written by industry experts.
FMCA's Digital Convention
We've dreamed up a way to bring you many of the same experiences you would have had at FMCA's March 2020 convention in Tucson, Arizona, which was cancelled because of COVID-19.  You can view digital seminars and product tutorials, learn a new craft or recipe, and even win some awesome prizes at FMCA's Digital Convention.
FMCA Campground, Cincinnati, OH FMCA members are invited to make use of FMCA's member-only campground at 3590 Round Bottom Road in Cincinnati.  If space is available, Family and Commercial members may stay up to two nights per month free of charge and up to five additional nights per month at a cost of $20 per night.  The campground is no longer first-come, first-serve and spots are limited.  To learn more and book your reservation visit here. 
FMCA members save at RV campgrounds throughout North America with special offers from KOA, Passport America, and FMCA Commercial Members.  JOIN TODAY to find out more.
Educational Field Trips from Your Comfy Chair
With reliable internet from FMCA (wink, wink) and the inability for many to travel at the moment, check out these 25 amazing and educational field trips from 
Fun Ways to Pass the Time
Check out this list from of 20 fun ways to pass the time from home.  An all-day jammy day?  Yes, please! 
FMCA Can Help You Pass the Time, Too
Check out FMCAdventure and let FMCA help you while away the hours.  You'll find maintenance tips, travel ideas, RV-friendly recipes, and more. 
Eat It Outside

Looking for easy-to-follow recipes to whip up in your RV galley or over a campfire?  Eat It Outside: Stovetop Recipes For Your Outdoor Enjoyment by Yvette Rodriguez includes dishes that don't require fancy cookware.  But they do provide useful ingredient info, step-by-step instructions, and handy tips.  The book is available in paperback and Kindle editions.  All recipes are original.  Yvette shares one of her favorites, Quinoa Skillet, here and here.

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