Shannon Whitworth and Woody Platt offer up their Valentine’s Day Tips
Shannon Whitworth and Woody Platt offer up their Valentine’s Day Tips
Mountain Love Song
Shannon Whitworth and Woody Platt offer up their Valentine’s Day Tips
If you’re looking for a sweet spot to spend your Valentine’s Day, then Transylvania County is the natural choice. The waterfalls. The high peaks. The windy paths, which can transition from thick evergreen foliage, even in winter, to quiet forest glades are about as close to fairytale romance as you’re going to get, absent animated bluebirds and a friendly unicorn. It’s pretty easy to fall in love in Transylvania County; it’s maybe even easier to fall in love with Transylvania County. Just ask the locals.
Wife and husband Shannon Whitworth and Woody Platt are widely known for their impressive multi-hyphenate artistic careers (she is a singer-songwriter as well as a celebrated visual artist; he is Grammy®-winning bluegrass musician, professional fly fisherman, and was a founding member of the Steep Canyon Rangers). But at home in Brevard, they are also dedicated parents and passionate advocates for what makes the place they live so special.
As they gear up for a very special dual concert at Brevard Music Center’s Parker Concert Hall on February 28th, we asked them about what makes Valentine’s Day in Transylvania County worth singing about:

 1. With Valentine’s Day approaching, what are your favorite romantic spots around Transylvania County?

My idea of the perfect Valentines Day is heading into the woods or hitting a trail that leads to some wonderful water.
Woody: I love the waterfalls and rivers, both the obvious and the more tucked away. Nearly every walk or hike you take in our county can lead you to a romantic location.
2. What makes a good date night in Brevard/Transylvania County?
Any recommendations for visitors?

Shannon: Picnic on the parkway or a hang at Headwaters Outfitters with a food truck and taproom along the river.
Woody: A late afternoon fly fishing trip, bike ride, or hike followed by live music at 185 King St.
or a visit to one of our many local breweries. Also, good food is everywhere.

Is there a particular song or songs you would choose for a Brevard Valentine’s soundtrack?
Shannon: This is hard. There are sooo many good love songs. “Dimming of the Day” is up there on the list for sure.
Woody: You Are in Love with Me written by Shannon. She would never suggest it, so I will :)
4. You and Shannon have a concert together at the end of the month at Parker Concert Hall. What can audiences expect?

Lots of husband and wife dynamics accompanied by some amazing musicians.
WoodyA concert made up mainly of Shannon’s original music. Lots of vocal harmonies. Really great band of musicians around us, including Grammy®-winner Barry Bales of Allison Krauss and Union Station on bass. Daren Shumaker on mandolin and banjo/multi-instrumentalist Bennett Sullivan.

5. What do you think makes Brevard such a great source for music?
Any particular local details that influence you?

This area has always been a source of inspiration for me. The first time I came here in the late 90s I felt it and still do. There is a sense of peace and quiet that you can have access to and that is where the colors and lyrics start to funnel in.
Woody: Brevard’s music scene has been evolving for years. We have enjoyed being a part of it and also watching the evolution. Our community is so supportive of the arts it is no surprise that the scene is so healthy. The mountains and the rivers, the fish and the birds — all influence and provide inspiration.

Head this way for more information about where you can cozy up with a special someone for Valentine’s Day in Brevard.
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