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The Office of Research for Undergraduates
encourages and supports undergraduate explorations and engagement in research and creative projects in all disciplines. Through our efforts, we hope to increase participation in undergraduate research and raise awareness of the opportunities at Miami University.

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June 2022 Newsletter
Summer Virtual Workshops USS and Hughes Participants 
Anyone is welcome to attend the Workshops to be held on the Thursdays 3-4:00pm EST
Register for each workshop via the Zoom Meeting Link below.
The workshops are designed to engage USS and Hughes students to communicate their project goals, design, and findings to non-disciplinary audiences. Such audiences would include majors from other disciplines, high school students, alumni, legislators, etc.
Staff and faculty from departments and offices across the institution will be invited to provide their perspectives and students will have the opportunity to engage with one another, as they develop and share their ideas for dissemination to non-disciplinary audiences.
The workshops will also be used to develop ideas participants presented in their program applications regarding public dissemination. For USS students, a deliverable which will be completed in consultation with the research mentor(s) is expected to be submitted at the end of the summer. For example, during summer 2021 students developed research postcards. 

Jun 9 Registration      Communicating Research w/public audiences:  Telling the Story

Jul 7 Registration       Communicating Research w/public audiences:
                                    Alumni & High-school 

Aug 4 Registration     Communicating Research w/public audiences: Legislators

Sep 1 Registration    Communicating Research w/public audiences: TBD

Wednesday afternoon Lunchtime Chat & Chew [12:15-1:00pm]  Jun 15 - Aug 3, 2022
This forum is for informal discussions of student research projects so the community can learn about the diversity of ongoing summer projects. USS & Hughes Scholars students are invited to sign up as a speaker.  A Canvas Course for USS & Hughes Scholars 2022 has been launched. Information about workshops, lunchtime chats and other resources can be accessed by students and their mentors.
Anyone can attend these 45 minute discussions.
Register on Miami Event Calendar
Group Name: Office of Research for Undergraduates
Wed Lunch Chat & Chew Registration
Miami Enhanced Institutional Membership in CUR covers your cost to join
All Miami University faculty, staff, undergraduate and graduate students) are invited to take advantage of the CUR membership benefits and professional development opportunities. 
How to Join CUR
Open the CUR page   Navigate to the TOP menu,  Click Join
Then Click on the "Activate My Enhanced Member Benefits" and fill in the form.  
The Council on Undergraduate Research (CUR) Mission
Our publications and outreach activities are designed to share successful models and strategies for establishing, nurturing, and institutionalizing undergraduate research programs.  Faculty, staff, administrators, students, and colleagues from all types of academic institutions and organizations form the dynamic CUR membership.
Ohio Academy of Sciences (OAS) - Miami's Institutional Membership
You are invited to join at no cost

Miami University recently joined The Ohio Academy of Science as an Institutional Member. Because of this, you are now able to join the Academy at no cost. You must use your organization’s email when completing your Membership Registration, so the Academy can verify that you qualify as part of Miami’s membership.
How to join The Ohio Academy of Science
1. Go to
2. Begin your registration by clicking on “Click here to Register as a New Member”

3. Under the Individual Membership plan select either Professional or College Student
4. Use and pay for the membership with the discount code: MIAMI
5. Complete each part of the Membership Registration
6. Under Billing Option, please select Bill Me (pay by check). The discount code you entered will be applied to your membership and the bill will show a zero balance.
7. Complete form and click submit.

Miami Students You Are Invited to Join SOURCE
The Student Organization for Undergraduate Research and Career Exploration
Community of Miami University students who have a passion for undergraduate research. It is a place for students with any level of experience to come together and learn from each other, make connections, and share their ideas. Whether you have an interest in doing research but haven't yet joined a project or you have been participating in research for several semesters, SOURCE is the organization for you! SOURCE is open to all undergraduate Miami students regardless of major, year in school, or research experience.  Find us on the HUB

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