Media Kit, May 2020
An Excruciatingly Opinionated Guide to the Connecticut Shoreline
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Weekapaug Inn’s New PondHouse is the Ultimate Waterfront Pop-Up Dining Experience This Summer
Ocean House Management Collection announces its newest imaginative culinary concept, The PondHouse at the award-winning, historic Weekapaug Inn. Located on the scenic shores, not far from the Connecticut border, The PondHouse offers an exclusive farm and pond-to-plate waterfront dining experience in collaboration with the world-renowned champagnes of Louis Roederer. 
The private open-air, covered wooden structure is reminiscent of a grounded treehouse, allowing for breezes and expansive views. Its design is stylish and intimate to accommodate up to four people. Reservations are available for lunch and dinner.
The PondHouse features an interactive, savory, locally sourced three-course menu, that guests personally grill themselves on a specially designed tabletop grill, and courses are thoughtfully paired with the iconic Louis Roederer champagnes. The experience begins with a naturalist-inspired introduction about the waterfront’s natural habitat.   

Find Out More About The Pond House


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LOVE YOUR LOCAL MADISON MERCHANT DAY: Buy gift certificates, order takeout, and shop virtually or by phone at Love Your Local Madison Merchant day on Saturday, May 2. More info here.

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